Cheapest Alternatives For Your Workout In 2024

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The new year usually means the revived motivation to get into shape and start your workout routine. However, if the price of a gym membership is putting you off from signing up and burning those calories, then here are some excellent ways you can save money and still have a top workout.

Start Walking

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This is one method you could use in your everyday life. Stop getting on that 5-minute bus journey or the 10-minute Uber ride and walk to and from work where possible. Set time aside in your weekdays/weekends and utilize your surroundings. If you live in the country, take a walk through the fields, or in a big city, you can vary your route to different streets or blocks.

Walking is a great way to burn those extra calories without even realizing you’re doing it. It’s also extremely cost-effective as you don’t need any equipment or even any specific clothing – maybe just take a comfy pair of trainers. Over time you’ll begin noticing a difference in your life, and those extra flights of stairs will be no challenge at all!

Keep an Eye Out for Passes or Coupons

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A host of local gyms will have 1-7 day passes and trails available for non-members. Keep a close eye online and sign up for your local gym’s newsletters as they’ll be more often than you think. Make the most out of passes and coupons as they can perfectly complement your at-home workout. You could end up going to a local gym more often than you think without the commitment of a lengthy contract or having to pay a high fee each time you visit.

Look for Good Trainers on Social Media

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The days of buying fitness DVD’s are long gone. Now an array of fitness routines are available through various social media channels. For in-depth workouts, YouTube could be your best bet with extensive sessions available for you to try yourself at home for free!

If you’re after a slightly shorter workout, then lookout for some great trainers on Instagram for your inspiration. Many will also provide lifestyle tips, as well as workout routines.

If you’re looking for another tech to accompany your home workout, then there are also various apps such as a 7-minute workout, which could help provide structure and motivation to your sessions. If you have an old Nintendo Wii lying around, then the WiiFit board and software could also be a great way to add a little more enjoyment to your workout.

Sign up for a Fun Run

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Having a goal in mind can be a great motivator to get fit. There are many apps available that will get you from the sofa to running 5k in hardly any time at all, including Couch to 5k and RunKeeper, which not only schedule your workouts but can also track your runs via GPS. Search for your local fun run (they’re usually free), have a date to work towards, and begin your training.

You can also join your local running clubs, which are also generally free of charge. They will often have beginner’s groups, so don’t worry about fearing that you won’t be able to keep up with the group. Being able to breathe in the fresh air and the ability to vary your route can be a great motivator compared to a treadmill at a gym with the same surroundings. Simply get an upbeat playlist of your favorite songs and put on some comfy trainers and you’re good to go.

Find a Sport you Enjoy

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Finding a sport or activity that you enjoy doing can be a big incentive for leaving the house in the early hours or late after work. If you have a passion for football, join a local 5-a-side league with your friends. Into tennis? There are hundreds of tennis courts available to the public, and you can find your local venue here.

If you prefer badminton or squash, it’s usually quite cheap to hire a badminton or squash court from your nearest sports center – mainly when it’s split between you and a pal! If there’s a sport you like to watch on TV, then why not give it a go yourself – you might find a new activity which you never thought you’d enjoy and you could also meet some new people too. The options are endless, and there’s usually a sport for everyone, which is accessible in your local area.

Have a Home Workout

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Have a spare room, garage, or a big enough space in your house? Why not invest in some of the essential gym equipment such as dumbbells and a bench so you can have a workout at home?

Although the initial investment can be slightly more than a monthly gym membership, over time, the money you’d have saved could be a small fortune. The fact that you also wouldn’t need to leave your house to complete your workout could also be a great motivator to keep up with your schedule and routine.

Exercise and working out doesn’t need to be expensive, however, if you have set up your equipment at home and find yourself suddenly struggling with that unexpected emergency bill, then a loan from a responsible lender such as Mr Lender could be an option for you.

Workout Together

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Having someone else to share your workouts with could be a significant influence on you to achieve your goals. Whether it be a friend, family member or partner, by combining your workout schedules, you could save money by using a friend instead of a personal trainer to give you that little boost and maximize your session by pushing you further (although of course, their professional knowledge is unlikely to be of the same standard).

By using the above options, you could find yourself saving hundreds or even thousands instead of paying that expensive gym membership. Of course, these options won’t be for everyone and depending on the extent of the equipment you use on your workout, your overall goals, and general preferences, a gym membership might be best for you. But for everyone else, alternatives are available if you put in a little thought and get a bit creative.