7 Tips to Get Rid Of Cockroaches in the House

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Many of us, with the mere mention of cockroaches, have goosebumps and an unpleasant sensation. But, unfortunately, no one is safe from the appearance of these insects in the house.

Even if you are very clean and tidy and your neighbors do not, sooner or later cockroaches will appear in your apartment if preventive measures are not taken in time. And if you have already found yourself with baleen pests, check out tips on how to get rid of cockroaches in the house with the help of folk and special means.

Where do cockroaches come from?

If your apartment is constantly kept in perfect order and cleanliness, then the resentment at the appearance of insects in such a dwelling is quite understandable.

There are several options in this case:

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  • They come to you from your neighbors. If the residents of neighboring apartments are not very clean, the appearance of pests is understandable. Sooner or later, they can begin to fight them, and then the insects will be forced to look for a new habitat, that is, they will flee to you.
  • They can penetrate into a dwelling in several ways – through open windows and vents, through cracks in the ceiling, between partitions, between floor and wall, through a ventilation shaft, through sewer pipes.
  • A cockroach can be brought to your house by guests or by yourself, for example, from work. Naturally unintentionally. If pests are noticed in your workplace, be sure to shake out your bag and clothes before going home;
  • A cockroach can arrive by mail. Now shopping through online stores is very popular. We buy food, clothes, and household appliances. You cannot know the conditions under which the goods were stored before entering your home. Perhaps an uninvited guest got into the package box.
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  • You can also bring a cockroach from the supermarket along with your purchases. Large stores are the ideal habitat for these insects. Therefore, carefully inspect the goods before loading them into the bag.
  • If we are not talking about a private house, but an apartment building, then cockroaches in it are found on stairwells. It is possible that he got into the apartment through the front door at the same time as you entered or left the house.
  • In other cases, the appearance of insects may be associated with unsanitary conditions on the premises due to irregular cleaning of sink, pile of dirty dishes in the sink which is regularly left overnight, with irregular removal of garbage, storing it for a long time in an open bag or storing filled bags at the front door etc. are the biggest reason for entering the cockroaches in the house.
  • With the presence of permanent access to water and high humidity. Cockroaches can live without food for more than a month, but they need water. Therefore, if the house has a constantly leaking tap, you regularly take a shower and leave wet drops on the floor and the sides of the bathroom or shower, thereby creating favorable conditions for pests.

If the meal is not tied to the same place. It is very bad if you or your relatives are used to carrying food throughout the apartment and eating in front of a TV or computer. The crumbs will be distributed throughout the house, which will undoubtedly please cockroaches.

How to understand that cockroaches appeared?

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Usually, red or black cockroaches start in apartments or houses. Redheads are smaller and have an elongated shape, black ones are larger, with an almost round body. Many say that it is much easier to breed black individuals, as they do not lay eggs so often.

Cockroaches are nocturnal residents; therefore, they can’t always be seen during daylight hours. The main signs that your home is infected are:

Small black dots. If you notice such marks on skirting boards, on the kitchen countertops or in cabinets, it’s time to start a fight in the bathroom. Black dots are the products of the life of cockroaches. Often close to them you can find small scales or pieces of wings;

In private places, for example, in the corners of kitchen cabinets, under the sink, under the baseboards, you can often find an oval elongated light brown “larva.” This is the cockroach masonry with the future offspring.

Cockroaches Are Dangerous

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The neighborhood with these vile insects is not only unpleasant but also dangerous to health. Scientists have proven that they are carriers of many dangerous diseases, for example, salmonellosis, hepatitis, typhoid fever, etc.

If you left an open container with food on the table, and a cockroach ran along with it or worse, left your feces on food, this can cause poisoning or an upset stomach.


Small scales of the chitin layer of the cockroach can cause exacerbation in allergy sufferers and seizures in asthmatics;

The favorite habitat of cockroaches in the kitchen is household appliances, especially one that does not move from place to place. The ideal appliance is a washer. Inside it is always moist, warm, and there are leftovers of food. Insects live in the body of the device, pollute its insides with the products of their vital activity, which ultimately leads to the failure of the equipment. A similar situation can happen with the oven and the refrigerator;

Black dots left by a cockroach on a book or documents relevant to you are almost impossible to trace without a trace.

Similarly, they can spoil the kitchen tablecloth, upholstery, and other textiles;

And the worst thing is that an insect can crawl into a sleeping person’s ear or nose. Most often this happens with babies.

Overview of Folk Remedies

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  1. Use of chemicals: It is immediately worth noting that folk remedies are less effective than special chemicals including, Borax, Boric acid etc.
  2. Aerosols from cockroaches: If folk remedies are powerless, use special medications.
  3. Gels: Gels are convenient and appropriate to use if it is not possible to leave the room after it has been treated with aerosols.
  4. Traps: If there are few cockroaches in the apartment, they did not have time to give offspring and there is a suspicion that some individuals just made their way to your house, traps will be an effective means of struggle.
  5. Crayons and powders: The most affordable at the cost are special crayons and powders from cockroaches.
  6. Ultrasonic Repeller: The repeller is a rather expensive device, which in turn does not kill insects, but only helps to create unacceptable living conditions for them.
  7. Pest Control: The last and most effective measure is to call the appropriate services. Professional at DrakePest.com will carry out high-quality processing of rooms with more powerful and effective drugs and also give at least a one year warranty. But it is essential to understand that all your attempts will be in vain, and the effect will be short-lived if you do not carry out prevention and destruction together with your neighbors.