8 Best Bags Models for Woman in 2024

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Bags, along with shoes, are women’s best friends. What are the models that you absolutely must wear? Here are 8 models of bags that every woman should have in her wardrobe to never make mistakes and always look the best. And if you are missing some, this is the right time to buy it, because online you can find great deals.

So let’s find out the models that every woman should have to never misses a look: from day bags, chosen in simple and easy to match colors, to the precious clutch bag, passing through the oversized bag suitable for weekends and travels and the crossbody bag to show off with style at disco parties. Find out which bag types should not be out of your wardrobe.

1. A Black Day Bag

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A timeless classic that should not be overlooked at all. The black day bag is a Passepartout accessory that can be combined with any outfit, whether it’s for work or university or leisure. Black is a must-have color in every season: this is demonstrated by the many black bags for spring/summer 2024 that are suggested to us by the main fashion brands like the Sac De Jour Bag.

2. A Nude Tote Bag

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Just like black, the bare shades of ivory, cream, taupe, and sand are a must-have in the field of bags. Choosing a neutral-colored tote bag, in fact, turns out to be an excellent strategy to move away from the total black trend and give a touch of brightness to the outfit, especially in view of the hot season. One model that will surely satisfy this need is a bag on sale called Muse bag.

3. A Daytime Clutch

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A maxi clutch, preferably with an envelope or in any case with an easy closure and minimal lines, is a must-have model for every self-respecting fashion victim. This type of bag, in fact, is practical and functional but undoubtedly gives an immediate touch of glamour and originality to your daytime look, especially when it comes to leisure time.

4. An Oversized Bag For The Weekend And For Your Travels

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Having an extremely capacious bag with soft lines (particularly suitable to contain anything!) is an absolute prerogative for every woman who leads a dynamic and lively lifestyle. The oversized bag, in fact, whether it’s a shopper or a maxi backpack like the one suggested by Yves Saint Laurent in its spring/summer 2024 collection, is ideal to have everything you need with you while you’re on the go and for the weekend.

5. A Minaudiere or a Precious Clutch

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A metal-tone minaudiere or a precious clutch, decorated with jewel applications, is fundamental in a woman’s wardrobe: this type of extremely chic and refined bag is suitable to complete a ceremonial look rather than to enhance an elegant and refined evening outfit.

6. An Extravagant And Glamorous Bag

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Fashion is, first of all, a game, a means to express one’s personality and, why not, sometimes don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s why we suggest, as a therapy for the spirit and mood, to buy and keep in your closet a whimsical and eccentric bag, even a little crazy, to show off in those days when you feel at the top or to immediately give personality to a basic look. There are many extravagant bags suggested for spring/summer 2024.

7. A Vintage Bag

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Each of us should own a vintage bag or, at least, a model that reflects the retro and irresistible mood. An old leather bag rather than an expensive “jewel” handed down from generation to generation is what it takes to firmly assert your own style, unique and personal.

8. A Shoulder Strap For The Most Glamorous Evenings

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There’s nothing better than a super glamorous shoulder strap to go clubbing or hanging out with your friends, to keep on hand and absolutely comfortable and practical, as well as trendy, especially if chosen in a “mini” version.

So here are all the models a woman should wear, the most iconic ones, the ones that every girl should have in her closet and that if you are smart, you can find online on sale.
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