8 Creative Marketing Ideas To Attract New Customers

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Since tens of thousands of competitor sites are fighting for a place under the sun, it is difficult for young brands to not only win but simply to survive! Cool modern marketing ideas cannot replace the unique, stylish design and user-intuitive interface. But a marketing campaign is what drives traffic and attention to your resources. We all need new, unhackneyed ways to engage consumers to the fullest. We need creative marketing!

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Now we will tell you about 8 unhackneyed ways to attract the attention of a potential buyer on the Web.

1. Use unique videos

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Videos are a good way to build your brand!

If you’re ready to use video to reach potential customers and attract attention, use Hippo Video, the popular full-fledged video marketing platform. It makes it easy to create videos and embed them in emails, post on social networks, and add to websites.

Moreover, to attract additional traffic and stimulate sales, you can add lead forms, polls, and quizzes to videos.

2. Be creative when making your content and publish on a big platform

Most people, seeing reports about themselves, simply post a link with a comment: “Wow, they mentioned me in that publication”. This does not work; first of all, because platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn do not «like links» and lower them in the ranking.

Therefore, the first step is to use a photo or video; they draw attention and occupy much higher positions.

The second thing to do is write a story with an emotional beginning, followed by a short narrative that can hook the reader with something. Make sure your PR pieces are really read, maybe even think about using a service like prnews.io to spread your message to multiple publications.

3. Ask clients to become your “lawyers”

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Word of mouth will always be one of the most powerful marketing tools. Use your database of satisfied consumers: ask them to leave reviews on the Web that will catch the eye of potential customers during the search.

The Podium review management platform allows you to send review invitations, respond to reviews, and track ideas, messages, webchats, and customer reviews on more than 20 websites – all in one dashboard! Companies that use Podium receive 15 times more reviews and increase local traffic.

4. Track competitor activity on Amazon

Tracking sales on platforms like Amazon is a fairly well-known strategy for small business retailers. But there is a much more creative option: you can spy on competitors’ marketing campaigns to find out how they are succeeding!

Track the sales performance of competing companies, get alerts when their product sales skyrocket, and then find out which marketing and promotions have spurred those sales.

5. Post presentations on SlideShare

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If you do not have enough time and ideas to find valuable content, there are always some presentations of your company that you already created in PowerPoint and then carefully archived; so why not post them on SlideShare?

This website has more than 70 million visitors that can find your content and become your customers.

6. Create an interesting brand identity on Twitter

You have probably seen these viral tweets of bright personalities representing not only individuals but also companies. You can create a successful brand face that will help to present your product or service to the entire target audience on social networks.

7. Use game mechanics in your loyalty programs

Game mechanics, integrated into the loyalty program, can raise the customers’ interest on a completely different level.

The easiest way to use game elements is to hold contests. But avoid being trivial, since the customers won’t take you seriously. Well-thought contest programs can add an element of the show to the routine shopping process.

The benefits must be valuable and achievable, and the conditions and restrictions worked out in detail. Otherwise, you run the risk of involving not your clients, but prize hunters!

8. Use Facebook Live Broadcasts

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Facebook Live is one of the most popular Facebook features, and with the right strategy, it can work wonders for your marketing campaign.

How you can use Live Video right now:

  • Personal brand development;
  • Announcement of upcoming events and new products in stock;
  • Lead generation;
  • Direct sales.

Some of the benefits of Live Video on Facebook:

  • Commenting – here, commenting is much more convenient than on Instagram.
  • Saving videos – unlike Periscope and Instagram Live, here, the video is saved in your community’s feed forever.
  • Live commenting – each person can view comments during the broadcast in real-time. This enhances the engagement of viewers.