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Sporting events have always attracted fans from all over the world. Today it has become popular to bet on sports. This is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and intuition. There are many companies that offer customers favorable betting conditions. For example, the sportbooks portals presents a rating of the world’s best bookmakers.

On the site, each registered user is given the opportunity to follow competitions in the most popular sports online:

  • soccer;
  • volleyball;
  • handball;
  • basketball;
  • billiard;
  • water polo;
  • tennis and much more.

Betting on sports is based solely on sporting interest. For financial gain, most betting customers are accustomed to betting.

Secrets of winning bets

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To achieve the desired winnings, it is necessary to adhere to special rules and principles. It is possible to win a good deal by betting if:

  • the user is sufficiently informed about the essence of the game and its rules;
  • there is information about the composition of teams, their physical preparation and morale;
  • have experience in applying and using pre-match analytics (in this case, the scores24 website can help);
  • be able to be guided by the comments of expert staff and forecasts of specialists;
  • be able to competently carry out an analysis of the games;
  • constantly monitor the line of the bookmakers’ offices and changes in odds;
  • use your own or a special strategy for a positive result.

Among the wide variety of sporting events represented, the soccer championships are considered the most topical. It is in these competitions that the majority of registered users place huge bets.

Best bookmakers

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When betting on sports, it is important to take into account the fact that you can play with a 100% positive result. All you need for this is to cooperate on favorable terms with the bookmaker. Among the most popular bookmakers can be distinguished:

  • PariMatch;
  • Melbet;
  • League of Betting;
  • BetCity;
  • Bettery;
  • 1xStavka;
  • Wineline;
  • Leon;
  • BetBoom;
  • Marathon Bet and others.

Each service has proven itself in a good way. The conditions are very favorable, the interest rates are small. Withdrawal of funds is possible at any time of day and at any card.

The criteria by which the rating was made:

  • reliability and security of the service;
  • integrity and transparency of all transactions;
  • availability of a special license, confirming legitimate activities;
  • fast withdrawal of funds;
  • user-friendly interface of the website;
  • odds, line and coverage;
  • possibility of reading the information in different languages;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • real user reviews;
  • popularity and demand among clients.

By keeping his own statistics, each player has the opportunity to develop a personal strategy by which to bet in the future. This will require regular recording of all important information about a significant sporting phenomenon.

Statistics in betting: what is important to know

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The sites offers its users to get acquainted with the forecasts and statistics of the future and past matches in detail. Based on personal experience, all the obtained information can be used to your own advantage.

To make a successful bet, we recommend to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. History of previous meetings of the opposing teams (it is not necessary to dig up information for several decades, it will be enough to use the data for the last few seasons. On their basis, it is easy to make assumptions and calculate the odds of the future match).
  2. Statistical data for the current season (often this criterion is similar to the previous season, but it can in no way indicate the future outcome of the game. It is not necessary to judge the past results, but it is also not recommended to ignore this information. Observe – the main rule of success!).
  3. In what condition are the players before the confrontation (this criterion needs to be studied in detail, as it includes the position in the standings, the absence or presence of injuries, qualification and penalty of players).
  4. Physical condition and form (a positive outcome of the match depends directly on the mood and well-being of the players. If one of the participants is not in the mood, there will be an atmosphere of discomfort and insecurity in the air).
  5. The significance of the upcoming game (each game for all team members must be motivated, otherwise the hope for a positive outcome will melt before our eyes).

The more information is studied in detail, the more the probability of correctly guessing the outcome of the event increases. Statistics and analysis make it possible to make more accurate bets on the final outcome of the game, as well as on such points as the number of goals, the exact score and others.


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Bookmaking companies are the best option to develop your intuition and enjoy watching your favorite sports games. They help you to improve your skills competently, accompanied by the best experts and experienced players. Registration does not take much time, all you need is to have a current email address, a new login and password to create a personal account.

Keeping up to date with the latest sports news and making productive bets will become even easier with this portal. Bookmaker’s offices are available to users both in the PC version and from a mobile device. This is a great way to keep up with the latest news from the world of sports and earn money on bets. To know more read on

Favourable bets

Single bets are more profitable than combinations. Although at first glance, combinations may seem more attractive than single bets. Constant betting on combinations will make you lose money faster because the chances of failure increase. In sports, there are many circumstances (athletic and unsportsmanlike) that can disrupt any outcome, no matter how predictable it may seem. The worst losses are caused by arrogance. Don’t make hasty and impulsive decisions.