New Dungeon Mounts and How to Get Them


Despite the fact that this year, the game turned more than 20 years old since its launch, few users have abandoned their favorite pastime. Regular updates and replenishment of the list of proposals with new missions allow you to spend time exploring World of Warcraft again and again.

The range of mounts includes about 800 types, and each of them is interesting. Collecting them becomes another chance to get points and speed up your character leveling. It is not worth stopping at the achieved level, since the developers are offering new pets.

Regular users are once again convinced that the developers don’t want to stop at the achieved level, but create interesting plot twists. Characters using pets in battles will be able to tame new animals. It won’t necessarily be difficult to replenish your collection, so take the chance with!

New mounts that anyone can tame


Inexperienced users face various problems during the game, so it may seem to them that WoW is against them. Active users know that the success of their mission largely depends on their skills and abilities, so they easily overcome all obstacles.

Everyone dreams of getting a new pet in their collection, so you should take a closer look at the new products. The main difference between these mounts is that they are quite easy to tame. You won’t have to spend a lot of time if your choice fell on the following mounts:

  1. Spinemaw Gladechewer. This animal has been familiar to everyone since the drought, but today you have an opportunity to tame it. It doesn’t require much effort, because it is enough to lure the pet with the remains of Anima on a stick. You should look for it in the western part of Ardenweald. The chance of dropping exceeds 78%.
  2. Arboreal Gulper. A ride on this unusual frog will become a reality, since it is not difficult to get this animal. The player will need to plant a mushroom in wet clay and wait for a Gulper to fall from Humon’gozz (it is better to attack with a small company). The probability of catching this interesting pet is 100%, so take this opportunity.
  3. Wildseed Cradle. It is rather difficult to call this flower a pet, but fans of unusual mounts will be able to replenish their collection with an inanimate specimen. The process of obtaining this animal takes some time, since you will need to collect all the items from Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit.
  4. Callow Flayedwing. The animal doesn’t look very attractive, but you shouldn’t judge it by its appearance. You can get this pet out of its egg a few days after obtaining it. Chimeras flying over the ground are a great way to get what you need.
  5. Gorespin. Players won’t have to fight bloody battles to get a new exhibit in their collection, since it is enough to destroy a rare mob. The chance of getting Gorespin is very small (about 2%), but maybe you will be lucky.

Everyone has the opportunity to replenish their collection with new animals, but it is still worth preparing for meeting your new pet. Users will need to familiarize themselves with the location for searching a suitable mount or obtain information about the seller.

Whichever method you choose, there is still a chance for an unexpected meeting with a new pet. Today, there are about 800 mounts in the game, so it’s hard to miss this opportunity. In some cases, you will have to make some efforts, but the result is definitely worth it.

You can also defeat difficult opponents and get an animal with the help of some tricks. For example, an attack of Humon’gozz will finish faster if you have the support of other team members. As a result, each of the participants in the battle will become the owner of an Arboreal Gulper.

Use the benefits of characters to your advantage and go in search of new companions in the mysterious Dungeons. Here you can find rare species of animals and tame them without risk. Follow the prompts on the screen and pay attention to objects that are dropping from the backs of chimeras.

How to get a new mount


There are no clear instructions for catching mounts, as it all depends on your choice of pet. You can add the following animal to your collection in various locations, including dungeons. However, you should prepare yourself for unexpected plot twists and pay attention to clues.

The collection of mounts will come in handy to increase your chances of defeating bosses and other missions. Pet raids will also be more successful. The characteristics of the mounts are very different, and the ability to get a specific representative depends on your class.

Fans of the game probably know about the opportunity to tame a pet from a seller. In this case, you will need not only to pay the proposed price, but also to find a place of sale. You can get hints on the following steps by studying information in guides and overviews.

Inexperienced players can also get support on the website It offers opportunities to speed up your character’s leveling and achieve the set goal much faster. Seeking help from like-minded people and enjoying all the benefits will be easier.

Players who are not willing to spend gold coins to buy a mount can use other simple methods. The difficulty of completing tasks depends on the abilities of the animal you are looking for. Common options for obtaining mounts are:

  1. Getting an award. Completing levels, dungeons and participating in raids allows you to get rewards for your skills. Options for prizes are indicated in the descriptions of awards, and the probability of mounts dropping ranges from 2 to 98%. Rare species of animals will be a great addition to your collection.
  2. Collecting items. Some pets hide from the eyes of players, so you can search them for a long time. Collecting items at levels and compiling all the collection will help you speed up the process. After collecting, you can get hints about the location.
  3. Reputation points. You can replenish your collection with a new sample thanks to the constant leveling up of your character. Complete tasks, improve your level and get ready for getting a reward. There are many ways to earn points, so there is no generic option.

Cases when new mounts fall on your head cannot be considered rare, but it is worth remembering that rare animals cannot be obtained this way. Watch out for chimeras and birds so you don’t miss this opportunity. Collect eggs and add new mounts to your collection.

How to use pets


World of Warcraft is a new world where each user has to choose a class of their character and fight opponents. The capabilities of some characters are somewhat limited, but leveling up allows you to improve your gaming experience and defeat difficult opponents.

You can increase your chances of winning and earn gold coins by collecting unusual mounts. Mounts are most often used as a vehicle that increases the mobility of the player’s character. You should not refuse such an opportunity, because the mobility of your hero becomes the key to your success.

It is also worth remembering that mounts can be more than just transport. Some hunter pets become a reliable defense for a player who loses due to lack of experience. The safety of your character becomes the main task of your mount, which protects its owner in battles.

In addition, a collection of rare animal species helps you to stand out in the game space. Unique exhibits become the hallmark of the player who owns them. Finding new samples takes some time, but it can improve your character’s defense.