Answers to all of your questions about CBD syrups


Considering how CBD is becoming more and more popular these last couple of years, several different types of products have started showing up on the market. Products such as natural oil remedy, vapes, and even syrups. In this article, we are going to focus on everything you need to know about CBD syrups and have all of your questions answered.

CBD syrup has become so popular today that it can even be compared as other worldwide products and is usually mixed with other drinks, with candy or even in makeup products. However, since the whole CBD industry is simply growing too fast, a lot of different companies and products have shown up on the market which can be pretty confusing for consumers, especially if you have just found out about CBD. When you go to the store and you see that there are hundreds of different products that have different CBD values, it can be hard to choose the perfect syrup for yourself. You probably want a CBD syrup that it is easy to understand, effective and easy to use.

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These syrups are mixtures of CBD and various other ingredients that can come with different flavors and colors. They are usually used as an addition to a fizzy drink so you can consume your dose of CBD in a much tastier way. Sometimes people even add the syrup on food such as pancakes. If you want to avoid complications, you can easily just take it directly just like you would with regular cough syrup.

It is even possible if you have access to CBD oil to be combined with a syrup base and then add it into certain beverages or foods to easily consume your daily dosage. It is recommended that you use such mixtures into carbonated drinks for the best effectiveness and taste.

How should I dose CBD syrup?

There is no concrete rule or recommendation for daily CBD dosing since the potency of the syrup depends on the company that produces them and the place you buy them from. CBD syrups or other CBD liquids such as oil or vapes are often measured in both milligrams or in ounces. While the concentration of CBD in the products is measured in milligrams, most bottles with CBD contents are measured in ounces.

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It is very important that you pay attention to how much milligrams of CBD is inside of a product, especially in syrup bottles. This will tell you how potent is the syrup, so you can easily decide how big your dosing should be. If you are looking for much bigger dosages throughout the day, there are CBD syrups that can contain more than 400 mg of CBD concentration. Keep in mind that most companies and manufacturers recommend that new consumers of such products shouldn’t intake more than 13 mg of CBD per dose. However, people with much slower metabolisms or previous experience with such products and those who want a much stronger effect may consume a much higher dosage.

Before you do anything, it is best that you first speak to your doctor or to a physician so they can advise you on your syrup dosage. If you are under other medication, you should also consult with a doctor to find out if cannabidiol can mix up with other drugs.

Note: if you are getting dry mouth after a dose of syrup you should either reduce your daily dosage or mix it with a fizzy drink to avoid such a problem.

According to Creating Better Days, you should always look for CBD syrups that have less than 0.3 percent THC so you avoid any legal problems.

Should I mix it with alcohol?

Believe it or not, many people mix their syrups with alcohol drinks or cocktails and it is completely healthy. A lot of companies even try to market their syrup as a much safer alternative to codeine which can be dangerous when combined with alcohol. Not only that, but CBD is not addictive in any way no matter how much you drink it.

Even though with enough consumption of CBD you can get an effect of drowsiness, it is impossible to overdose on it, impair your senses or halt your abilities to properly function. CBD syrup is probably one of the safest substances you can use today.

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Does CBD have a psychoactive effect?

Considering that CBD comes from the same plant that THC comes from, which has a psychoactive effect, it is normal that many people think that CBD must also have a psychoactive effect on people too. However, these two compounds that can be found in hemp have completely different effects on the human body. It is also important to note that while both compounds come from the cannabis family, CBD comes from the hemp plant which contains very small amounts of THC, while THC comes from the marijuana plant which has huge amounts of THC.

In other words, THC is the compound that is found in weed, so when you see people smoking joints, they are smoking the marijuana plant. This compound is what makes people feel high and it can cause several side effects and addiction. It has been proven that after smoking THC you can have increased anxiety, dry eyes, dry mouth, and even paranoia. While vaping, eating or drinking CBD you won’t experience any kind of mind-altering effects or the type of effects you get out of marijuana.

Where do I buy CBD syrups?

This is a great question, and it can be quite confusing about where to find such products. Most CBD products, including the syrups, can be mostly found in your local pharmacy, but they can also be found in various healthy food shops or official company retailers. You could also do some searching online and find several CBD product related sites. Keep in mind that you must do some serious researching first before buying from such websites because not all of them under FDA regulations. Find out about which manufacturers are reliable and then buy from them.