20 Astonishing Facts About Aruba

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Every destination has its own attractions and beauty, but Aruba is one such destination that not only has scenic landscapes, sightseeing attractions but also there are many things about this island that the majority of the people don’t know about.

Are you interested to know some fun information about this exciting island? If yes, then read on! Many people know that Aruba is home to stunning white-sand beaches and lush Maine life, but there are some interesting facts about Aruba that we want to tell you. The location of Aruba is very near to the USA and Canada, due to which the majority of the tourism comes from both of these countries.

Apart from the beautiful beaches of Aruba, there are also rugged terrains that offer the best of adventure time to the tourists. Ideal place for relaxation and bliss. There are many hidden gems on this island that are yet to be explored.

The ones who are planning their trip to Aruba anytime soon must know some interesting information about the island. Then, when they arrive there, they have much knowledge about the island and can explore the different places.

List of Astonishing Facts about Aruba

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  1. The inhabitants who first came to the beautiful island of Aruba were Caquetío Amerindians from the Arawak tribe. It is said that they had migrated from Venezuela to Aruba. This island is rich in culture due to its varied history.
  2. In Aruba, the island’s currency is Aruba Florin, but US dollars are also widely accepted on the island. This is easy for the travelers who come to Aruba as they don’t have to convert their money in order to use it on the island.
  3. The climate of Aruba is tropical, but it is pretty sunny most of the year. The best part is that this island is quite windy, so the temperature is warm, but the trade winds cool the temperature down. Therefore, for the people, the heat in Aruba is quite bearable.
  4. Aruba is part of the ABC islands group, which was earlier called the Netherlands Antilles. The other islands that are part of the ABC islands are Bonaire and Curacao. Amongst the other islands of the Caribbean, Aruba is said to have the most beautiful beaches.
  5. The language spoken by the people of Aruba is very diverse as most of the Arubans speak more than three languages: English, Dutch, Papiamento, and Spanish. The native language of Aruba, Papiamento, is a blend of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, Arawakan, and African languages.
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  1. Official slogan of Aruba is One Happy Island. This slogan fits Aruba perfectly as this island is filled with happy vibes, warm people, fantastic beaches, and great food. The people of Aruba are very content and extremely warm people.
  2. The Archaeological Museum of Aruba is home to objects which tell the story of the origin of the island and the rich culture. The objects in this museum date back to 2500 BC. Make sure to visit this museum when you are in Aruba.
  3. In the Caribbean, only in Aruba, there are many wrecks that can be found near the coastline. You can try diving here to explore the wrecks and the lush marine life of the island. It is quite an adventure to explore the unknown sea.
  4. The flamingos of the Flamingo Island are only four in number, and they have been brought to the island to attract tourists. The Flamingo Island is quite famous, and many tourists come to especially to see the beautiful pink flamingos.
  5. The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad which is a Dutch name that means orange town. Also, there is only one international airport in Aruba which is Queen Beatrix International Airport. The island is well connected from flights from all around the world.
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  1. More than 18% of the island is a National Park that has natural pool formations, flora & fauna, and a lot more to discover. When you visit the island, you must go to see the wonderful Arikok National Park.
  2. In Aruba, there are a lot of cuisines that you will get to taste. Flavours from all around the world can be found here, which makes it quite a delight for food lovers as they can taste different cuisines here.
  3. You can freely gamble in Aruba that too tax-free. If you love gambling, then you can surely try your hands on the wonderful casinos on the island.
  4. The crime rate on the island is very low, which is an excellent thing for the tourists as they can be at ease when they are on the island. There is nothing much to worry about when you are on the One Happy Island.
  5. In Aruba you will get to see beach tennis which is quite an exciting game that is played on the beach. This game is a perfect mix of tennis and of volleyball. So, make sure to play this game when you visit the beaches of Aruba.
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  1. The Aruba Aloe is the most famous on the island, and it is also exported. A wide range of products is made like sunscreen, beauty products, and medical gels from the aloe vera. Tourists can visit the Aloe vera factory of Aruba to know more about it.
  2. Most of the buildings and houses in Aruba are Dutch inspired, but there are also modern luxurious properties in Aruba. Tourists really love the Aruba vacation rental as there they can get the Caribbean living experience. There are various vacation rental options for tourists at www.VacationAruba.com where they can choose according to their budget. Find your home away from home at vacation rental in Aruba.
  3. Aruba is a tiny island as it is only 178.9 km2. However, although the island is relatively small, there is nothing that you will not find at this beautiful destination, along with the happy vibes. The landscape of Aruba has both rugged as well as plain terrains which are even more incredible.
  4. Aruba has a national cocktail, and that is the Aruba Ariba cocktail. This unique cocktail is a mix of vodka, rum, cocoa, creme de banana, orange juice, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. When you visit the island, make sure to try it out as you will fall in love with it.
  5. The people who visit Aruba for ten years in a row are awarded, and they also get featured in the local paper. The people who visit Aruba 20 years in a row get the title of Aruba Goodwill Ambassador.
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Here were all the 20 astonishing facts about Aruba. Are you amazed? Isn’t it so amazing that a small island can have so many attractions and hidden treasures? Unfortunately, there are many tourists who are yet unaware of this beautiful destination in the Caribbean where you can relax and have a great time.

While visiting Aruba, make sure to explore the other side of the island, where only a few tourists travel. We are sure that you will have a great time in Aruba after knowing some of the astonishing facts about the One Happy Island.