How to Score Points with Your Next Theme Party

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Party time! Although some people love to organize parties, others simply hate it. We get it. There is a lot of stuff to take care of, and there are a lot of details you have to go over. Are you choosing a theme party?

Awesome. However, a theme party takes more care than a simple birthday party. A theme party is not only about the food and drinks. You also have to think about the music, decorations, and costumes. And as a good host, you want to score on all of these points. Luckily, you can, by using these tips on throwing a successful theme party.

One point for good music

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When you throw a theme party, it’s kind of obvious that your music should fit the theme. You can do this by collecting theme-based songs in a music list. You can even involve your guests and ask them to add some songs as well. But then, how are you going to play the music? It should consist of a good bass so you can throw some dance moves. It should also be loud enough to sing along.

That’s where a good music system comes in. You can, for example, use a Sonos surround system to make your guests enjoy the music in every corner of the room. You can also choose to rent a karaoke machine for some extra fun.

Two points for the decoration

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Sure, decorations such as balloons and party garlands are mandatory. Without them, your party isn’t complete. However, you can also choose to take it one step further. Imagine: a Disney theme party. You walk into the room, and there are fragments from Disney movies all over the walls. On your right, there is Mowgli with Balou, and on your left, you see Simba dancing on a tree. Now, that’s what I call a Disney party. The best part is that it’s quite simple to make this happen. All you need are a couple of white walls and some projectors matching your walls. If your walls are painted or decorated, you can also use greenscreens.

Bonus points for your costume

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It’s time to steal the show! Whatever theme party you throw, there are more than enough party clothes to choose from. From a colored training suit to hippie clothes from Make sure that your outfit is the bomb. After all, you’re the host of the party. And remember: a perfect costume requires more than just clothes. You can use a wig, accessories, and makeup to complete your look. Do you want to be sure that your guests put effort into their outfits as well? Arrange a contest in which the best costume wins a prize. Mark my words: it works every time.

I hope these gadgets and tips will help you arrange a party to remember. Every birthday is worth celebrating, and a little party never hurts anyone. Good luck and enjoy your upcoming theme parties!

Karaoke night

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Of course you can hire singers for your theme party, but isn’t it much more fun to sing all by yourself? You can also expand a karaoke evening with a theme. Have the guests come dressed as their favorite artist. The atmosphere is already good and then the singing should also be successful. Karaoke is guaranteed to be fun!

Some things to keep in mind at a karaoke party is that everyone has the space to perform a song. What you often want to prevent is that one uncle is singing hazes all evening. The atmosphere is often created precisely because everyone has their share in it.

Onesie pajamas

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Huh, a onesie, what’s that? Those are the pajama-like suits that people wear when they don’t expect visitors on a Sunday evening. Wonderfully comfortable and soft, but also very nice for a theme party. With a onesie you are comfortable and out of your comfort zone at the same time and everyone looks nice and clumsy. So the atmosphere is already set upon arrival. It’s a bit like everyone comes to a party in their pajamas, so this theme immediately makes for great photos at the photobooth!

If you want, you can also specify this theme a bit more by asking people to come in a ‘sort of’ onesie. Think of themes such as animals or a certain color. A problem that you will run into is that not everyone just has dozens of onesies at home, of course…

Black and white theme

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Everything this evening is black and white. Not only the pictures on the wall and the streamers, but also the outfit of the guests. The guests are dressed in a combination of black and white attributes and you can dress up the room with black and white balloons. A nice extra effect with this theme party idea can be a blacklight. With this lamp, the white accents of the outfits turn magical purple.

This theme is our number one because it is the most popular. This probably has to do with the low-threshold dress code. After all, everyone has something black or white in their closet. Another useful thing about this theme is that you can still go in any direction with it in terms of music.

An extra idea is to dress the birthday boy (or bridal couple) in a different color for this party. This is not necessary, but it can put the person extra in the center of course!

Underwater theme

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The best party under the sea surface. You convert the banquet hall into a space that resembles an aquarium. Think of fish on the wall, blue waves (made of paper, huh ;)) and maybe an inflatable shark (the one from the swimming lesson).

Your guests come dressed up with snorkels and diving masks, or of course as a mermaid. Now just a good lifeguard or sailor and you are complete. It is nice that you can quickly brighten up this party with attributes that you may already have at home. And if the location of the party is outside or in a marquee that can get wet, you might find it interesting to have a water balloon fight!