Best Bucks Party Ideas

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Your best friend is getting married and you were chosen for the honor of organizing his bachelor party. The best and most stressful feeling ever! Coming up with ideas is easy, coming up with great ideas is hard.

First things first, write down the important stuff. Who are you going to invite, how many people will come and what’s your budget? Depending on that you can start writing things down and making the plans.

Don’t worry about it, we are here to help you come up with the best idea and helping your buddy have the best time before he enters a new stage of his life. Here are some amazing ideas for the best buck’s party your friends have seen!

Shooting Range

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Is there a better way to get the adrenaline going than to feel your testosterone rising on a shooting range? This activity requires skill and it’s not a typical bachelor party. Gather your friends, the groom to be, leave the alcohol at home and go see who’s the best one!

Adrenaline Activities

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This is another great adrenaline party idea. If you have a bigger budget, you can go over the top and try skydiving, jumping out of a plane or tone it down with an amusement park. Just a tip, roller coasters and alcohol don’t mix. You can also try escape rooms or create one yourself with hot girls and even hotter clues.

Private Poker Room

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A gentleman’s night, filled with entertainment, expensive cigars and high stakes. Rent a private poker room where you can your friends can enjoy. This party can be planned on a budget as well! You won’t need to spend too much money on it. Grill steaks, buy some good beer (Don’t save money on beer. Ever.) and play some Texas Hold’Em.

Strategy Games

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Get everyone involved in a team-building strategy games. You can start it with a game of paintball or laser tag, catch your breath while playing the newest computer game and you can end the day in an escape room that leads to a private space filled with good alcohol and great girls.

Rent a Penthouse

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This is probably the best option for a buck’s party. Rent a huge penthouse, get the alcohol, turn the hot tubs on. Ivy Models Party Ideas can give you some ideas for the extra entertainment. Getting strippers is an amazing idea, but step it up! Try imaging the scene – great lights, even better music, girls dancing around you and your buddies and hot topless waitresses handing you your drinks. It was about time a woman encouraged you to drink more instead of counting your sips! Check Ivy Models Party Ideas for more of this!

Private Dining Room

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The toned-down version of a penthouse. But this can be an amazing experience as well. You can combine it with wine tasting and let the bachelor have the best last meal. Combine it with good cigars, good whiskey and fine girls. Get the best chef in town and make them prepare a finger-licking steak. Is there anything you haven’t tried before, but you want to? The chances to order it is now!

Advanced Drive Day

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If your buddy likes driving, racing and to feel like flying, you can have a driving day. There are a lot of places that offer the F1 experience. It is a lot safer than to do a street race. Go-karting is a great idea as well if you are trying to stay in your budget. Feel the adrenaline for a few hours and end the night in a bar.

Fear Factor

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No, not the wedding. As the saying goes, on the bachelor party, the guest of honor has to suffer. If they are afraid of heights, go bungee jumping or skydiving. If they have a fear of sharks, throw them in a cage and let them see how big sharks actually are. There are a lot of other fun and scary activities that will make your buddy scream like a little girl. Hug them after it, guys need hugs as well.

Sports Day Out

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If your buddy is a sports kind of guy, plan a sports party. Start the day by playing his favorite game and when you have no energy left, continue the party to a sports game and then in a bar. The last man standing is the winner!

A Trip to Vegas

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A trip to Vegas screams bachelor party. There is no place better on Earth than Vegas for all night of partying, drinking and having the time of your lives. No matter what your favorite activity is, what type of person you are or what kind of group you want to entertain, Vegas offers it all.

Just remember, what happens in Vegas, does not really stay in Vegas. Be smart and be safe.

In case you are planning a party on a budget, you can bring Vegas to you. Plan a poker night with music, entertainment, booze and some Ivy Models.

Road Trip

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What’s better than getting in the car and driving to your favorite location? Or, if you are adventurous enough, don’t pre-plan. Get in the car and let the fate decide where you are going. On every intersection play a game to decide where to turn. After a specific amount of time, for example, 4 hours, stop there and party in that place. You can make a weekend or a whole week of partying for the best buck’s party!

White Water Rafting

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This type of activity requires no knowledge, experience or sobriety. There are a lot of organizations that offer pre-planned guided rafting and you can have the time of your life. Gather your buddies and prepare for one of the best buck’s parties.

Planning a buck’s party can be nerve-wracking. You want the soon-to-be husband to have the best time while he’s still free and can make choices on his own. Whatever you choose, don’t stress too much about it, you won’t remember it. And the parts that you do, you will wish to forget and never mention them again.

That’s what a great bachelor party is – a lot of booze and wrong decisions! Enjoy!