Best Fishing Sites in Canada

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People have various hobbies and they are a great means to people not only to relax but also to practice their skills. When Canada is in question, it should be mentioned that people there have a lot of choices in terms of hobbies an activities that are offered to them and one of those is fishing. When fishing in Canada is concerned, there are hundreds of perfect places for people to go fishing and each one of them offers great natural and sports choices in terms of fish being hunted there. So, we will try to find out the best places for the best fishing in Canada.

  1. Elbow, SK

If you are looking for a place that has it all in terms of fishing, the best choice may be Lake Diefenbaker. The reason for this is the fact that the fishing season on this lake lasts throughout the entire year and that the choice of fish that can be caught here is marvelous. More precisely, you can try to catch sturgeon, trout, northern pike, walleye, perch and many more.

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  1. Great Slave Lake, NT

This is also a place where you can go fishing throughout the entire year. So, it is perfect if you would like to get on a boat and catch fish, but it is also perfect for winter fishing, which is cherished by true lovers of this sport. The fish types that can be caught there are trout, northern pike, whitefish and Arctic grayling. The lake is also famous for some enormous fish and they live here due to the fact that the depth of the lake goes to 614m.

  1. Selkirk, MB

If you decide to go fishing there, and you should try it, the best place to do so is from May to September. During this period, you may try to catch some of the famous channel catfish.

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  1. Port Hardy, BC

This is one of the most popular locations since it offers a great time span for fishing that goes from July to September. People also love this location due to the fact that it does not only provide a great choice of fish but it also provides great nature that makes the entire experience better. When we are talking about fish that can be caught there, we can mention halibut, herring, and salmon.

  1. Lake Louise & Banff, AB

The nature of this lake and the entire area is so magnificent that it makes the fishing experience unique. However, we should point out that the fishing season here lasts from June to September. Also, we should mention that the people go there to try to catch brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, etc. it should be mentioned that this is a perfect place for all fly fishers.

  1. Nipigon, ON

It is recommended to go fishing here either in spring or in fall. The place is famous for trout, and it also holds the record of the largest trout caught, it had 23kg.