Best Places to Watch the Newest TV Shows

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TV programs have entertained people from the inception of it. Previously people used to sit together and watch those as there were very few people who had TVs in their home. People also had time for them after their jobs, and that’s why they used to watch TV together.

One more reason for this was there were limited options for TV series at that time. But since the inception of cable TV and private TV channels, the number of concerts increased drastically. As different people have different tastes and preferences, they want to watch different types of programs.

The Need for Online Platforms

As different TV programs evolved due to different tastes and preferences of the viewers, that’s why they need different platforms too to watch them. Not only this, many production houses create good TV programs. But there are also threats to the movies and TV programs to get pirated.

That’s why, in the modern era, there is a need for different platforms to telecast these shows. Not every channel has its prime time slots to provide for every program. For this, many of the production houses also prefer to release their shows on online platforms.

Time is a Constraint Now

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As people used to sit together and watch TV, they used to have time for their own. But the modern era is the time of multitasking. That’s why people are busier now than their ancestors. On the other hand, if there are kids at home, you can`t always watch what you want.

That is why you depend on the online platforms where you can see your favorite series whenever you want. These online platforms make the shows available to you wherever you want. Maybe you are traveling by bus or a train; still, you can enjoy the show if your smartphone has a proper internet connection.

Top Online TV Show Platforms

There are different online platforms which offer newer TV series from time to time. As per the viewership points, some platforms have scored the maximum viewership points.

1. Amazon Prime

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Amazon is an online marketing site where people generally go shopping. But they also have introduced an online TV platform to stream different series that are exclusively available only on Amazon Prime. If you want to avail of the services of Amazon Prime, then you have to subscribe to their plan against a particular amount.

They have many original video story series along with a vast collection of movies. The shows are of very high quality, and the viewership ratings are also very high. Amazon Prime not only gives you offers for shopping and makes TV shows available to you, but they also provide you platforms to read books, music streaming of unlimited numbers and also provide an area for photo storage.

2. Hotstar

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Hotstar is an online platform provided by the Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, which is a subsidiary company of Star India Pvt. Ltd. This app is available in Google Play Store, and you can download it easily. Hotstar offers you different shows of their different TV channels to see time and again.

There are also some original series available in Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. The unique feature of this app is that it is an excellent provider of live sports events. Hotstar also provides the latest American Shows, Live sports, latest Blockbusters, and so on.


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As many people like MSN, so there is VUMOO for them. It offers you different TV shows and movies without signing up. It provides you shows to watch, irrespective of the country it has been made, genre, and the rating of IMDB.

4. Sony Crackle

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Another online platform provided by another famous TV channel is Sony Crackle that has been termed as one of the best movie sites for movie streaming. This site offers you movies to see online for free. There are different types of shows available, like comedy, drama, action, anime, etc.

5. Rainierland

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An online platform that allows the viewers to watch different shows that have been broadcast recently without any login and registration. Here you will get TV shows which are newly added. All the TV shows available here have high viewership ratings, and these shows are categorized as per the points.

6. CineBloom

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With an extensive collection of TV shows and new movies, CineBloom is one of the best online platforms to watch TV shows and movies. You also can avail of the services of this platform if you don’t want to sign in and register your profile. You can stream the TV shows by Ustream that is far faster and more convenient than the other streaming options.


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Starting from the past days, until the recent TV series, all of them are available here at It has made a separate collection for the enthusiasts of the TV series. The interface is very user-friendly and is very easy to watch. You need to subscribe to a plan to wait for your favorite TV program. It also allows you to watch programs with lesser ads.

8. Soap2day

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If you want to watch TV programs as per the year of release, genres, the popularity of the program, then you must have to visit Soap2day for the best TV series experience. You can search the required TV series by its name. There is no need to sign up for you to see the programs. The programs run here without many intervals for the ads, and thus the viewer gets the best experience from it. It also allows you to watch the latest movies released and live sports events so that you don’t feel the need for a TV.