Best Time to Visit Canada

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Canada is a popular tourist destination. There are a lot of advantages to visiting Canada in every season of the year. For many people, the best time for visiting is during the fall, between September and December. Un that time of the year, the weather is cooler but still suitable for a nice vacation.

The most amusing attraction in Canada, especially during the fall, are many festivals and celebrations. However, each part of the year offers you some amazing experiences. Also, Canada is a big country, and there are some differences in economy and weather from state to state.

Canada has a lot of varieties in weather conditions. Some cities may have a normal temperature for fall, while some others like Montreal are already in cold temperatures. In some parts of Canada, winter could last until April.

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Canada is usually most crowded with tourists during the summer when there are higher temperatures. While some rural parts are not crowded even in summer, you should get your reservation if you are going to visit some of the big cities, like Toronto or Montreal.

Canada is full of diversity and has a lot of different events throughout the year. In January it is best to visit the Niagara Falls because of the Winter Festival. Also, each January in Toronto, there is an event called Winterlicious, where you can try some of the best food from the great chefs.

In February, the ski season is full, and there is a number of winter festivals. You should visit the Voyager festival to see snow sculptures and skating. Also, there is a Quebec Winter Carnival which lasts for 17 days.

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March is also very cold, during this time visitors are still coming for skiing. From many events, there are two most famous. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver, and the maple syrup production in Quebec and Ontario.

April in Canada is best in Toronto, where you can visit the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival. In May, spring finally arrives in Canada so you can enjoy the outdoors. Also, there is a Victoria Day celebration and the Canadian Tulip Festival.

June and July are the best months for visiting the national parks. Besides beautiful nature, you can go to many festivals, such as the Banff Summer Art Festival, Jazz Festival in Montreal, or to see a Calgary Stampede.

Maybe the best event in August is the Edmonton Folk Festival. While with September, the weather is changing and it`s getting colder. The Vancouver Fringe and the Toronto International Film Festival are the most famous events in Canada during September.

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In October, Canadians are celebrating their Thanksgiving. Also, there is the Canadian version of Octoberfest in Ontario. November is the time when we are preparing for Christmas, and there is a lot of parades in that order. If you would like something different maybe, there is the Ottawa Food and Wine Show, where you can try some of the best wines in the world. In December, there is an event similar to Black Friday, Boxing Day, which is the biggest shopping day in Canada.