Best Places to Buy Area Rugs Online in 2024

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You will notice that currently, there are hundreds of places online where you can easily buy your area rug. However, how well do you trust these platforms to buy your quality area rugs? For something that can really set the tone for your room. You may not want to gamble with quality or purchasing from sites that are not reputable, right?

Well, southwestern area rugs 8×10 (source:×10/), offers some of the top choices for durable and decorative rugs and ideal sizes. Yet, it’s only one among the several online sites you can find durable and exciting rugs online. This piece will expose you to other best online sites. These are sites you can rely on to offer you some of the best area rugs you can find in the market.

Online sites to find the best area rugs

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Urban Outfitters

This brand does not like to live under limits when offering trendy, warm, modern, and cozy items. Renowned for its clothing line, this megastore features some of the durable curated area rug options. 

Moreover, most of their rugs feature a reasonable price making it the perfect avenue to start your search.

They feature most items in their online platform, and it’s really easy to find your way around their official site.


Yes, this renowned megastore offers some of the best area rugs, just head down to their site and start browsing. They feature the most stylish, trendy, and modern looking area rugs. Their collection includes modern, transitional, and traditional options.

The site allows you to easily navigate through the available options or maneuver to your preferred options. Moreover, it automatically suggests similar items once you key in your favorite option for easy comparison. 

Besides, they offer excellent customer service with most of their products featuring free shipping and reliable tracking. Making Wayfair one of the most convenient online shopping lines for your area rug.

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It seems Walmart never wants to stop offering you quality items for the best price. This mega-retailer features a growing range of area rugs to match any budget, style, or room. It always strives to be your best destination for brilliant and affordable home decor. With great collections like Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home line, they offer inspired options that will certainly transform your space.

Besides, with little effort, you will navigate their online platform to get what you want. You can easily browse through it to make a comparison of available options.

You will be amazed by the tons of options this site has to offer on area rugs. They feature trendy yet low-budget area rugs that range in sizes, including the larger 8inches by 10inches. Furthermore, you will find Target exclusive area rugs for a more signature appeal.

Moreover, there is a lot of sifting through if you are hunting on their online store. Therefore for fast navigation going by brand names makes for the fastest option. Besides, they offer the most variety on their online platform for the most satisfactory experience.

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West elm

West elm makes one of the best retailers for wonderful area rugs selection. Their rugs feature more abstract, subtle, and environmentally friendly designs. Most area rugs in their collection are either wool, wool blend, or Jute, making them extremely stylish and warm looking.

You will also find that several of their rugs also adopt their signature colors. Their signature colors include cream, subtle blue, and grey infused with splashes of yellow or orange. This means that their rugs will most likely match your room decor.

Moreover, they feature reasonable prices on these items, and you can easily maneuver through their site. They also offer 10% of the total order on shipping.


For one of the biggest online retailers in the world, Amazon never disappoints. Yes, they feature amazing area rugs, and you can never fall short of finding one that meets all your needs. Their wide selections guarantee you will only have trendy area rugs options that can truly warm your room. 

Moreover, they are budget-friendly, ensuring you select the ones that fit your budget. Navigating through their site is quite a breeze. Simply type what you are looking for, and it automatically responds with your item and similar items on that range. There may or may not be shipping charges depending on your location or availability of promotion options.

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For area rugs that can transform your room experience, it’s important to buy from trusted online stores. They offer the best customer service and guarantee a risk-free experience. These online retail stores guarantee to offer you the best area rugs at reasonable prices. More importantly, they are trusted to offer a risk-free experience.