Buyers Guide: How to Choose CBD Vape Juice

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CBD e-liquid, also known as CBD vape juice, is just like any other e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes, the only difference being that it is infused with cannabis as opposed to nicotine. It can be used in both e-cigarettes and vaporizers (vapes) and is considered by many to be a very convenient and beneficial way of consuming cannabidiol.

Vape products are abundant on the market, so knowing and ensuring you are using the best one might be difficult. Clear regulations on CBD juice are yet to be established, meaning it is ultimately up to the consumer to determine and decide what is best for them. There are numerous factors to take into consideration when deciding on what to buy, but here are the most important ones you should consider.

  1. Is the oil homogeneous?

Looking for a liquid that is well mixed and does not separate into layers is important since this separation leads to uneven dosages, making it difficult to control how much CBD you intake. Cannabidiol refuses to mix with many e-liquid bases, so make sure you choose one that is the same throughout.

  1. Is the liquid cloudy or clear?

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The clearer they are the better the quality since the best vape juices are crystal clear and allow light to pass through without a problem. Bad products will look cloudy, murky, and thick. This feature is easily noticeable and immediately apparent, so always check the e-liquid’s cleanliness before using it.

  1. Will it work in your vaporizer?

Liquids that are not homogeneous and are infused with vegetable glycerin can cause damage to vape tanks, even rendering them useless. Always choose a liquid that is homogenized and proven to work in any type of vaporizer. To learn more about this, you can visit

Keep in mind that disposable vape cartridges although convenient, are not refillable or recyclable, and might not work with every type of battery, so opting for e-liquid bottles is probably better.

  1. Is the CBD responsibly sourced?

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You want to ensure that you are not inhaling any product that has microbiological contamination, pesticides, or residual solvents. Transparency is important when dealing with any CBD provider, so make sure that the person you are buying from has all the necessary quality documentation that showcases that the product meets the standards.

  1. Does the product meet label claims?

The industry is still young and regulated minimally, which unfortunately leads to numerous companies undercutting CBD content and falling short on label claims. This is because the cost is based primarily on the milligrams of Cannabidiol used in every product. As a paying consumer, it is important to determine and confirm whether or not the label claims are met and this can be done by asking for test results done by third-party laboratories. Don’t buy the product if the manufacturer is unwilling to show them. 


Remember that it is completely up to you on what kind of product you want to use, but the best way to do this is to make an informed decision. Vaping CBD can be fun and enjoyable, but you can maximize its effects and your experience by choosing a vape juice that meets all your needs.