Cao Son Nguyen – The Pianist Who Records Vietnamese Cover Songs

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The name Cao Son Nguyen has been searched on YouTube quite a lot these days. You might be wondering, why is that? Well, it is because he is one of a few artists who record and post covers of Vietnamese songs. It all started several years ago when his parents encouraged him to learn how to play the guitar.

How Cao Son Fell in Love With Music

When he was a teenager, Cao Son’s father brought home a digital piano. At first, Cao Son was not very surprised about it, however, once he touched the piano keys, he instantly felt inspired by the sound they produced. The learning process was easy since he understood the basics of learning how to play the piano – for him, the key was to carefully review the details, understand the instructions, and work hard in perfecting his piano skills. This is what he used to easily conquer the piano. So, how did he become the “prince” of Vietnamese cover songs?

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The Beginnings of His YouTube Channel

As a pianist, Cao Son often used to search for piano cover to listen to. However, he noticed one major problem – it was easy for him to find those for popular international songs, but it was incredibly difficult for him to find covers of popular Vietnamese songs. He came across a few cover songs, but that was all.

That is when he decided that he will create a YouTube channel where he would post Vietnamese songs that he covered on a piano such as the ones found at His first recording was a song of a famous band called 365daband. Shortly after posting the recording, he was overwhelmed by how much positive feedback he got. Likes and comments started piling up, so he decided to continue recording cover songs and until now, he has covered over 100 songs. It is also worth mentioning that he learns and records the songs by himself, which only further shows his dedication.

His Education and Achievements

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At the moment, Cao Son is attending his second year at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the International University in Ho Chi Minh National University in Vietnam. His dream since he was in high school was to become an engineer and now, he is on the right path to achieving that. He has won a lot of achievements in his life, including a 2016 award for “The Best Similar Piano Cover” at the Kawai Musical Instruments Piano Contest, a 2018 award “Silver Play Button” from YouTube, and he also got an award by the METUB Network. He has also attended various events organized by YouTube, made a guest appearance at Steinway & Sons festival and meetings. He also made a guest appearance at the Lang Lang’s Piano Concert hosted by Hublot.


As you can see, Cao Son’s love for Vietnamese music has made him incredibly popular amongst people in Vietnam. If you want to listen to some of his incredible piano cover songs, you can check out his YouTube channel for some amazing videos!