Care Knees- How Does Weight Loss Change Your Life?

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If you are on a weight loss journey or have recently lost weight you know how exciting it can be to see your body evolve. Each and every person has their own genetics, body style and looks that make them who they are, but there is no harm in wanting to be the fittest and slimmest possible version of yourself.

If you have gained weight due to a negative lifestyle or somehow your health got away from you, we have the insights on how to keep up healthy habits to stay in shape. 

Losing Weight Changes Your Life

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The American Psychological Association did a study on people who have lost excessive amounts of weight, they tend to gain back at least a small percentage within the following year. The motivation to lose weight can be so intense that you shed the pounds quickly, but it is hard to keep the habits that allowed weight loss in the beginning.  

Being at an ideal physical size and having the ability to move well improves your life tremendously. You can walk around on vacation, play with kids or grandkids and have extra amounts of energy to enjoy your life. Not only do the active parts of your life change, but you feel more confident in your skin. You are able to dress in clothes that flatter you and you feel great in social situations.  

Studies have found that once people lose weight their mindsets shift and they don’t keep up the regimen that helped them get fit in the first place. With an understanding of the fitness, nutritional and mental adjustments, you will see how you can lose weight and keep it off. 

How to Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

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There are many factors that go into staying healthy; from the basics to the additional tips and tricks that will help you feel motivated and give that extra incentive, we are here to help you in your journey to be your best self.  


Nothing is a temporary fix, when losing weight and changing your life to become healthier there is never really an end goal. It is important to not only set goals but specific intentions. Do you want to eat more vegetables? Or maybe you need to incorporate four days of a workout routine and stick to it. Make it a lifestyle, not just something that happens for an eight-week plan. 


As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. The importance of quality food you put in your body will change everything. Fruits, vegetables and good protein sources should make up the main part of your daily eating.

We encourage utilizing a food tracking app, to see what foods you are putting in your body and the calorie intake that goes along with that. This will make you more aware of how much you are eating and you can start to be more in tune with your body. 

There is always a place for treats and snacks, but it is important to not indulge too often. Find healthy foods that you enjoy so you never feel like you are restricting yourself. And of course, enjoy that treats you like every once in a while. 


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Fitness is not just a gym membership, incorporating a healthy lifestyle is all about being active. We recommend finding a fitness routine you can stick to, whether that be a cycling class, boxing, yoga or weightlifting. Adults are encouraged to get at least 75 minutes of moderate exercise a week and at least 150 minutes of intense exercise.

So you should plan your days to get that moderate exercise, maybe playing with the kids in the yard, going for a walk with a loved one or a leisurely bike ride. And then plan out those more intense exercises, whether that be at a Soul cycle class or a running group. 

Extra Motivation in your Fitness Routine 

Along with the big, fitness ad nutritional changes, there are some habits you can incorporate you to keep you motivated in your fitness journey. Though extra is not necessary, it could be a mental push that gives you the extra incentive to keep up with your habits. 


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Supplements like protein powder, pre-workout and vitamins and minerals can help you achieve the look and fitness level you are looking for. If you have a hard time getting protein in your diet a whey protein powder may help you get that additional amount to help you build lean muscle. 

If vegetables or fruit are not your favorites, supplementing with vitamins can give that extra boost of help that helps you have more energy and helps your body work at optimal function. There are many companies that mail them to your door via a subscription or you can do research on your own. 

Pre-workout is something many people can take or leave. But, if you have ever had that day where you just don’t have the motivation to go to the gym then a pre-workout may be for you. Supplement stores can guide you in the right direction for the pre-workout that would be best for you. 

Waist trainers is one of the best websites to feel motivated as well as help your body look its best. Training your waist is a process that allows you to look slimmer and it helps you lose belly fat as well. If you want that additional boost in seeing your body transform and that will help you mentally be motivated, then it may be time to invest in a waist trainer. 


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Instagram is littered with influencers who pose as people with knowledge that can change your life, but usually, they are just an attractive physique. If you need true motivation and help on either the fitness or health side, we recommend getting a registered dietician to make a meal plan for you or find a certified personal trainer to help you with your fitness routine. 


We know losing the pounds and keeping them off can be hard, but hopefully, these tips and tricks have inspired you. Make sure to set intentions around your goals and everyday trust and believe in yourself more than you are the right path.  

Do not get discouraged during off days, just take it as a learning experience. We are here to support you through our fitness and health posts. Let us know how you have implemented healthy changes in your life!