7 Famous Celebs Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous

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We’ve all been beginners in what we do now, but sometimes the beginnings aren’t that bright for some of us. When we start something new and want to become a part of some industry, which can be pretty rough. It is known that people do everything to escape from the difficult past and choose an easier way to earn enough for a better life. Many celebrities known to us started their careers as part of the adult film industry, but not all as actors. Some of them were cameramen or set designers, but still, most of them choose to be the main stars.

For example, what do you think when you hear the name, Paris Hilton? Her family owns a well-known hotel chain, but that is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear her name. She had her own reality show, an attempt to be a DJ, made a documentary about her difficult past, but still, the peak of her fame was the adult film that made her much more famous. There are a lot more of them, and their work can still be found on websites like TopPornSites.net, no matter how hard they try to remove them, and hide that part of their past.

Most of them have chosen to live with that, no matter what people are talking about. They made recognizable careers, and provided us with exceptional work, as movies, music, fashion, and a lot more than that. And at this point, we should mention one person, that today runs the world together with her family!

  1. Kim Kardashian

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Paris Hilton stylist had a very similar way of becoming famous. It is not very difficult to guess who it is. What is the easiest way to become a famous star from a closet organizer? Kim Kardashian gained worldwide fame when the adult video accidentally leaked.  She is now a well-known businesswoman, producer, actress, and model. She has hundreds of reality shows that have made her family famous.

And yes, her father is the most popular lawyer who helped OJ Simpson, and her stepfather is Bruce Jenner, who was a popular athlete until he decided to go through gender transformation and become Kaitlyn Jenner. But, that tape, with Ray J, made her famous. Evil people say that her mother leaked it on purpose, but we can never know that side of the story. What we know today is that Kim and all her sisters are popular for something, but if there wasn’t that tape – who knows? Maybe they would be some people we’ve heard of, but never knew what they do for a living.

  1. Jackie Chan

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Some names on this list would completely surprise you, for example, Jackie Chan, who is known for his Kung Fu movies.  He was part of a Chinese porn comedy in the seventies. He actually was a rickshaw driver and had a few sexy scenes featuring. But, he didn’t think it was a big deal, since a lot of actors are looking for their place under the sun, and nothing is wrong if it helps to find your purpose. According to many who have already seen this movie, it’s pretty entertaining and funny, even though it was made back in the 70s.

  1. Jon Hamm

Img source: imdb.com

Funny fact, before he became a TV star, John Hamm worked as a set designer in soft porn movies. Can you imagine that the actor who rocked Don Draper in “Mad Men” was a part of this industry too? Lucky for him (or sadly), he didn’t start as an actor, but he fixed the sets to look like they looked – if you know what we mean. Also, he took a part in a cringe dating show, and the video is available around, so we can say that we would better watch him as an actor in the adult industry, instead of those weird shows.

  1. Bella Thorne

Img source: guim.co.uk

She directed an original movie for a popular pornographic website. But, we recognize her for her music, especially the fact that her songs are one of the most used sounds in TikTok videos. So, even though she wasn’t acting in sexual roles, she was a part of this industry somehow, and she is worth mentioning in this list, together with all the other celebrities here.

  1. Sylvester Stallone

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Who would believe that the popular Rocky was once a softcore adult movie star? This was his acting outbreak, and he didn’t earn a lot for that work. He was lucky to have the chance to start with the break-out project that launched him in the stars – the main role in the Rocky franchise.

  1. Cameron Diaz

Img source: wikipedia.org

She was trying so hard to deny her past and erase all the available copies of her work in the adult industry, but it’s not easy like that, especially when everyone owns it on tape or CD, and they can re-upload it when they want to do that. But, Cameron already made a name for herself and her big roles in movies, so it’s not worth even mentioning what she was doing before that.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Img source: wikipedia.org

Do you believe that? The popular Terminator and recognized comedy star? He also has a bright political career, but years ago, he was posing nude for gay magazines, and he did that more than once. But hey, he supports that group, and it’s good to know that. The points go to his side this time.

The bottom line

As we said, not every beginning is pleasant. Sometimes the things can be too harsh, especially if the person doesn’t have a lot of chances to show what they know, and they need to take the harder path to accomplishing their wishes.

These actors and celebrities are an example that the past doesn’t always define us, even though it will be part of our existence forever. But, look at them – they all have what to show today. And their careers aren’t even influenced by what they were doing in the past.