3 Most Popular Accessories for Beginner Smokers at a Smoke Shop!

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Thanks to a slew of new laws around the U.S that have decriminalized marijuana, the herb has been a hot topic in public discussions and debates over the last few years. Closet weed smokers who used to hide their enthusiasm for marijuana now have the confidence to step out and talk about their interests.

Having the freedom to incorporate marijuana into your daily life after almost a lifetime of smoking in the shadows is really cool. Stoners can now celebrate their lifestyle and enjoy it in peace instead of hiding it.

Big business hasn’t been left behind either. All kinds of shops, brands, and designers are all trying to capitalize on the recently legalized industry.

The market is full of beautiful and functional smoking accessories made for both casual smokers and passionate marijuana lovers in mind. It is believed that a time will come when weed products could rival the global alcohol industry.

With all this public noise around marijuana, it’s not hard to see why millions of beginner smokers are also attracted to the world of marijuana.

However, with all the stigmatization that was associated with marijuana, there never used to be as much information about the plant and how to interact with it for the best experience. For this reason, newbies can find it very hard knowing where to begin.

The truth is, the smoking accessories used that you can find from The Freeze Pipe will primarily define the quality of a stoner’s smoking experience.

If you’re looking to give cannabis a try or have used it recently and it has really piqued your interest, here’s a list of accessories we think are important for every beginner smoker to kickstart their stoner lifestyle.

1. Rolling Papers

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Although there are plenty of ways to experience marijuana nowadays, none is as classic as the joint. Smoking a joint is perhaps the best way for beginner stoners to have a taste of the high life before venturing off into more complex accessories such as dab rigs.

However, to prepare a nice joint, you need rolling papers.

Rolling papers are great for rolling both marijuana and tobacco. They are thin cigarette-sized paper sheets that come in a small cardboard pack and are often sold in smoke shops, weed dispensaries, and even gas stations. Rolling papers are often made from wood or plant fibers. Some of the plants used include sisal, rice straw, hemp, and even flax.

Once you unpack your rolling paper, you’ll notice a thin glue-like strip that helps keep the joint tight. It’s almost the same adhesive material you’ll find on an envelope. The adhesive used to make rolling paper is not toxic, so that’s not a concern you should be worried about.

Rolling papers are available in different sizes. Most come in a ‘singles’ size, which produces a cigarette-sized joint. However, you can also get a larger joint from “king-size” or “foot-long” rolling papers.

Rolling papers are highly preferred because they are cheap and can be bought with pocket change. They are not suspicious since they’re also used to roll tobacco and are discreet in that you can easily fit them in your pocket and are.

2. A Smoking Pipe

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A smoking pipe is a device with a tube on one end and a bowl at the other. People have used pipes for thousands of years. The oldest pipe, which is made out of animal bone, is believed to have originated sometime around 9000 B.C.

As you can expect, pipes have changed a lot since. Today, you can find pipes made out of wood, glass, metal, and even ceramic.

As a newbie, smoking weed is going to be a lot easier with a smoking pipe. You don’t have to wait to hang out with someone who knows how to roll a joint so that you can get high. The one tricky part about smoking pipes is choosing the right one for you.

There are many types of smoking pipes available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and prices, so much so that you might find yourself becoming a collector.

The most common smoking pipes for stoners are hand pipes. They are small, easy to use, and come in different shapes and designs. Water pipes are also quite ubiquitous. There are two types of water pipes: bongs and bubblers.

Bongs are big in size, while bubblers are much smaller and compact. They’re like a crossbreed between a bong and a hand pipe. However, both pieces have water chambers to filter and cool the smoke to provide smokers with a smoother toke.

But don’t expect to find pipes at a gas station. You can only find them at a reliable physical or online smoke shop.

3. Weed Grinders

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Whether you vape, take bong rips, or roll joints, you must always arm yourself with a proper grinder when it comes to smoking weed. The purpose is simple: chop up your weed and grind it so it can burn smoothly.

Some people use scissors, while some choose to use their fingers. Other people don’t see the point and prefer buying pre-ground weed. However, no method is more effective in breaking down your weed than a grinder.

Weed grinders are made out of different materials such as wood, titanium, aluminum, and plastic. Expect to find manual grinders, and thanks to innovations in technology, electric grinders. You have to twist and turn a manual grinder to get the job done.

Electric grinders, on the other hand, are automatic and will do the job for you instead. Some can even dispense the weed and roll it for you. But as you can expect, electric grinders are on the costlier end of the spectrum.

Finding a Good Smoke Shop

There are a lot of smoke shops packed with accessories of all shapes and sizes in many states across the country. Walking across those glass-filled aisles can be overwhelming for any beginner. However, with the accessories highlighted above, it’s going to be much easier for you to figure out what type of item you’re looking for in just about any smoke shop.