Sofia Vergara: Actress, Entrepreneur, Star


If you scroll on Instagram a lot, you might see a lady by the name of Sofia Vergara in your reels. This Colombian American actress who was born in Barranquilla is a household name, largely because of her work on the TV show “Modern Family”, which ran for 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020 and saw Ms. Vergara receive Emmy award nominations four times for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy role.

It is estimated that in 2024, Sofia’s net worth has grown to $180 million. This is no surprise, as Vergara has done more than just star in major US TV shows. Below is a look into her career and rise to fame, alongside her successful endorsements.

Early days and rise to fame


Sophia’s career started in 1998, she hosted Colombian TV Shows however following the murder of her brother, her family relocated to Miami. Whilst in the US, she hosted “A que no te atreves” (“I Dare You”). Which was a Spanish-language game show and she also played one of the four principles in the Comedy “Chasing Papi” (2003).

She went on to land one of her largest roles as Gloria Pritchard Delgado in 2009 in the hit show ‘Modern Family.’ The fame from this role landed her in the eyes of movie directors, that landed her roles in films such as Machete Kills, Hot Pursuit and Bottom of the 9th. She also featured in animated movies such as The Emoji Movie and Happy Feet 2. Aside from acting Sophia also progressed her career into the commercial industry.

For her hit role in Modern Family, Sofia made an estimated $2.6 million from 2009-2011 alone. Her earnings have only increased throughout her career, with Hot pursuit in 2015 bringing her a total of $5.5 million. Aside from her high-status roles in the films, Sofia has been highly successful in the projects she has worked on.

Acting aside

Long before Sofia became an actress, she was laying the foundations for financial success, by launching Latin World Entertainment in 1984.

She’s also made business ventures into the world of fashion, having launched a Kmart clothing line in 2011, a collaboration which came to an end in 2015. This collaboration brought an estimated $19 million Sofia’s way. Three years later, she put out her own fragrance and jewelry collection (So Sofia) into the world. Still hungry to grow as a businesswoman, she teamed up with Walmart in 2019 to launch a denim brand, Sofia’s Jeans. In 2019 alone, Sofia is said to have made $41 million.

In 2020, Sofia was set to be back in front of the camera gain, but not as an actress. Instead, it was announced that she’d be appearing as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” Although world events delayed her appearance, fans can now see her giving her opinion on the acts and, generally, enjoying the AGT experience. This career path brought Sofia an estimated $10 million in just the first season. It Is no wonder Sofia is known as a savvy businesswoman alongside being one of the highest paid actresses.



Sofia has used her celebrity status to achieve numerous successful endorsements. From the age of 17, Vergara worked on commercials. Her first being in the 1989 advertisement for Pepsi. This ad set Vergara’s into the spotlight which eventually led to her career today.

In 2011, Sofia returned to Pepsi advertisements, raking in a total $3.5 million in the process. Her most notorious advert yet. As it features one of the world’s top football players., David Beckham.



In 2014, Sofia features in a 30-second spot using her wealth and status to compare their product, not only in English but in Spanish as well.  This 30 second AT&T Fiber advertisement slot brought Sofia a whopping $2.75 million. This advertisement featured in the 2022 Super Bowl, which previous years revenue stood at $485 million.

Jackpot Party

In 2022, Sofia starred in a summer advertising and social media campaign for the gaming company to help attract new customers and generate excitement in the existing Jackpot Party casino slots community.

Head and Shoulders

As a successful and powerful businesswoman, Sofia took a chance that no-one else was doing and created a long-lasting partnership with Head and shoulders. Not only does Sofia feature in these commercials, but some also feature her beautiful family alongside her. This This overtime has grown massively, bringing Sofia an estimated $4 million. Thus, proving it was a wise business choice from Sofia that has paid off.

In the money

You might be wondering how much all these ventures have netted Sofia Vergara and the truth is it’s a tidy sum. Thanks to all her licensing and endorsement deals — one endorsement has been the SharkNinja coffee maker —, she became Forbes’s highest paid actress for the eighth year in a row in 2019. So, it is no wonder that by 2024, Sofia’s Net worth stands at an impressive $180 million.

Sofia Vergara is a household name and has come a long way since her early days hosting TV shows in Colombia. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur and actress and is married to Joe Manganiello.