Buy Chairs to Suit Your Restaurant – Guide 2024


Not only must restaurant chairs be comfortable and durable, but they must also suit the style of your restaurant and set the tone of your business. If they are not in keeping with the type of restaurant or its theme, the chairs will stand out – and not in a good way!

The seating style depends on the restaurant concept, available space, customers’ staying time, and decor. The restaurant name, menu,  and even the music you play all need to relate to each other. And chairs need to be a part of that picture.

Do the Chairs Suit the Size of Your Restaurant?


For smaller restaurants, chairs without arms will take up less space and maximize the number of chairs that can comfortably fit in your eatery. If you’ve chosen large chairs for a small space you won’t be able to fit in a lot of seating or accommodate a large number of diners at one time.

Less seating, and fewer customers, mean lower profits. So a compact chair is best for smaller restaurants. When you want to move things around, foldable chairs can be a good option. With larger restaurants, you can indulge in chairs that take up more space, even armchairs. And if we’re talking about size, always check that your restaurant chairs fit comfortably under the edge of the tables.

Does the Restaurant Seating Fit-In With the Decor?


Restaurant chairs should complement the decor, and not detract. For example, if your eatery has a Western theme, you shouldn’t introduce Queen Anne dining chairs. And if you have a sushi restaurant, then heavy, upholstered armchairs are probably not the way to go.

If the restaurant decor revolves around pastel colors, then bright red chairs will jar with the surroundings. So choosing the right seating for your restaurant should go hand-in-hand with the interior decorating choices you have made.

 Are the Restaurant Chairs Suitable for Your Establishment’s Volume of Traffic?

People of different weights and sizes will be sitting in your restaurant chairs. The chairs are going to be pulled, dragged across the floor, rearranged, and maybe even rocked back and forth. Unlike residential chairs, restaurant seating is subject to heavy, constant use. Restaurant furniture needs to be functional.

And if you have a high volume of customers, especially if it is a family restaurant, your restaurant furniture from needs to be made to last. Chairs with fabric, and vinyl finishings must be easy to wipe down and highly resistant to abrasions. Restaurants that welcome an older audience, with a select number of diners, can indulge in chairs built more for comfort and appearance.

Do You Need Outdoor Restaurant Seating?


Your choice of restaurant furniture will be different if you have outdoor seating. You want to be able to maintain your chairs in good condition for a long time. If you have outdoor seating, you’ll need commercial furniture that can be stored at the end of the day. Perhaps stackable or foldable chairs.

You’ll also need to choose outdoor restaurant furniture that will not deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, and heat. Outdoor restaurant seating should be easy to clean. If your restaurant only has indoor seating, then there are other factors to consider.

What Is Your Customers’ Average Staying Time?

Depending on the style of your restaurant you might want diners to linger, or you might want them to move along and make room for new customers. Customer staying time is important when considering restaurant furniture. The style of chair will influence how long people stay. So if you have a fine dining establishment or a cozy casual eatery, you could opt for soft chairs. And if there is high customer flow, like in a fast-food restaurant, durability will be more important than comfort.

What’s Your Style, Classic, Modern, or Contemporary?


The seating in your restaurant will fall into one of these three broad categories – classic, modern, or contemporary. And it is a good place to start when you’re choosing seating. Modern restaurant furniture usually has clean straight lines without ornate details.

It is often made of modern materials such as metal, fiberglass, modern resin, bronze, stainless steel, or chrome. But the main feature of modern restaurant seating is the minimalist design. Contemporary restaurant furniture is similar to modern seating as it has clean lines and is made from modern materials. But contemporary restaurant furniture has more flair.

The design can be influenced by current trends. Classic restaurant seating has all the bells and whistles. Picture Versailles, or Bridgerton, with chairs featuring trimming, heavy fabrics, and a romantic, indulgent appearance. The style, function, and finish of your restaurant seating is going to affect how diners feel when they sit down to eat.