5 Ways to Check if Your GPU Was Modded For Crypto Mining

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It’s quite daunting and complex to find and choose a reliable and strong GPU, mostly due to the fact that you can find a wide range of options available on the market. Nonetheless, if you’ve already purchased one for the purpose of coin gathering, you may be wondering if it is modded for this purpose.

Fortunately for all individuals that found themselves in the same or a similar situation, our article below could help you learn what you should check to learn if you can utilize it for your own digital currency mining. Before you learn what you’ll want to do, let’s first learn whether or not you could utilize a second-hand GPU for cryptos:

I Purchased it Second-Hand, is it Suitable?

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The initial thing that you must know about any GPU is that every single part of silicone does have a specific functioning time. What does this suggest? Well, it basically suggests that you won’t be capable of using it forever, mostly because there is some heat damage that occurs when this particular component is being overused – and it’ll definitely build up over time. This is why you’ll want to inspect for signs of damage.

Keep in mind, if the accumulated heat isn’t dispersed as soon as possible, it could end up permanently damaging the silicone components, hence, all manufacturing organizations and brands have to think of innovative and new solutions for cooling their GPUs down. However, this isn’t the only solution, managing the accumulation of heat could assist you with avoiding the issues you may experience later on.

Nonetheless, since you’ll be utilizing it for gathering cryptos, a wide range of experts recommend that you don’t add a second-hand GPU into the picture mostly because you won’t be able to get the execution needed.

And, since there is no way of determining how it’ll work when you place it in your PC, you could end up wasting a lot of money, especially since you ended up buying a new GPU once you determine that the one you have doesn’t function.

How Can I Ensure That I’m Purchasing One For Mining?

Now that you know that you shouldn’t utilize the second-hand GPU you purchased, nor that you should even consider purchasing one, you’ll probably want to learn whether or not you’re buying an option that is suitable for mining the constantly popular cryptocurrency. To help you determine this, there are some things that you’ll want to check, including the following things and characteristics:

1. First Things First – Look at The Hardware

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Before you do anything else from our list, the initial thing to look at is the hardware. After all, the components that are mainly manufactured for coin gathering purposes are different from the traditional options available on the market, which is why you’ll need to be quite careful.

For example, a GPU for cryptos may not have any additional USB jacks that are utilized for displaying an image on a monitor, which basically means that it isn’t made for gaming or usual purposes.

The PCB needs to be examined as well, mostly because they’re most affected by high temperatures, hence, if it isn’t high-quality, it could get damaged over time. The remains on the panel are also important to look for since they’ll indicate if it has already experienced high-temperature pressure. All of these features are important to look for, especially since they can either make or break your cryptocurrency mining efforts.

2. Comparing is Extremely Important

We live in a technologically-driven period, which is why it’s crucial that you compare every single segment of the new GPU. After all, there will be so many options on the market, thus, to assure that you opt for something suitable and budget-friendly, don’t forget to make a comparison of the options you’re thinking about purchasing. Also, some may not be compatible with different mining programs, hence, you should read more information on the software you might want to use as well.

3. The BIOS Cannot Be Overlooked

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People that choose to mine most commonly employ a new BIOS so that they can completely transform the routine while mining. By being able to optimize it, you could reduce a wide range of things including recollection timing, but you’ll also be capable of boosting the speed of the clocks. Hence, when searching for a suitable option for yourself, you’ll want to make sure that you know which BIOS is employed and whether or not you’ll want to adjust it immediately or later on.

4. Learn The Benchmarks of The Component

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As you know by now, GPUs that are manufactured for the purpose of mining can have worse performance than the ones that aren’t for this purpose. Since you’ll need to run different processes at all times, they could end up getting damaged, or even worse, the performance could reduce, meaning that all your efforts will be for nothing. Hence, it’s quite important to learn the benchmarks of the option you’re thinking about purchasing.

5. Reviews Are Crucial!

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If you bought a, for example, washing machine in the past, you’ve most likely read the testimonials and reviews left by people that have previously bought a specific model.

Reading the reviews won’t only reveal whether or not it’s high-quality and functioning properly, hence it’ll also help you determine if the component you’re thinking about purchasing is worth the money you’ll be spending on purchasing it.

It’s worth mentioning that if there are more negative than positive testimonials, it may be more suitable for you to skip purchasing that specific GPU, mostly because it’ll be quite clear that it isn’t reliable, functioning properly, or anything else that could hinder your from mining efficiently. Thus, once you’re done with checking the aforementioned characteristics and features, read the reviews left by previous customers.


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As you probably know, purchasing any high-quality and new PC component isn’t cheap, and the same could be said for a GPU that was precisely manufactured for mining cryptocurrencies. In order to make everything easier for yourself, you may want to follow our guide from above.

So, since you’re now aware of the things that you’ll want – and must – check, don’t waste your free time. Instead, make a list of some options that you’re thinking about purchasing, and then while keeping all of our tips in mind, determine which one is the best and most suitable for your needs.