Choosing Pizza Oven for Home Use: Pro Tips and Recommendations

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Perhaps every enthusiast of Italian cuisine dreams of having a pizza oven at home, which will allow them to cook their favorite dish any time. Now is the time to make this dream come true. The modern market offers such a wide variety of models that each buyer can get a product to their taste and budget. In this article, you will find all the information you need about portable pizza ovens to help you choose the perfect tool.

Furnace Types

Let’s first figure out which types of ovens are produced by modern manufacturers. First of all, they differ from each other in the power source. Some of them can be used indoors, while others are designed exclusively for outdoor installation.

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Charcoal and wood

According to stoves that run on coals, pellets, and wood are classic. They can reach extreme temperatures (900-1000°F), which is considered ideal for making traditional Neapolitan cakes. Besides, any dish cooked in such an oven acquires a characteristic smoke flavor, making it even more delicious. The main disadvantage of wood-burning tools is that inexperienced users might find it difficult to heat them up to the required temperature and keep them warm throughout the entire cooking time.

Gas and propane

Gas ovens are much easier to maintain and operate than wood-burning ones, so they are somewhat more popular among non-professional users. They are usually equipped with comfortable knobs with which you can adjust the temperature. Some models can be disassembled into several parts, so you can clean the burners in case they get clogged. However, they do not give the dish a mouth-watering smoke flavor.


As the name implies, such models combine two types: wood and gas. Many people choose to buy hybrid ovens precisely because they offer great versatility and flexibility. True, as a rule, manufacturers include only one burner in sets, for example, a gas burner, and you will have to buy the second one yourself, if necessary.


Electrical appliances are designed for indoor kitchens. They are mains-powered and suitable for beginners. Unfortunately, they do not heat up to such high temperatures as wood-fired counterparts. Although it takes a little longer to cook pizza in them, it does not make the dish less tasty. These ovens take up little space, fit easily on a kitchen table or countertop, are lightweight, and have the greatest portability.

Grill insert

It is a unique type of appliance that is a special addition to your existing grill. Depending on the model, they can be used with wood- or gas-fired grills. These inserts are installed on top of the heat source and are suitable for preparing dishes other than pizza.

Other Important Factors

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Of the types listed above, you can only use electric stoves indoors; the rest (wood, gas, hybrid, and grill inserts) are intended exclusively for outdoor picnics. However, choosing the type that suits you is only half the battle. Here are some more important criteria.


The oven and cooking chamber sizes should be selected based on the diameter of the pizzas you usually cook. The most popular models tend to fit one 12-13-inch pie. It is enough for a small family dinner. If you plan to throw big parties with friends, pay attention to more spacious devices. Some can hold several pizzas simultaneously, which significantly reduces the overall cooking time for dinner.


Professional and near-professional equipment can reach very high temperatures. Ideally, a Neapolitan pie should take no longer than 60-90 seconds to bake, which means the temperature inside the oven should be around 800°F or higher. There are many models in stores that meet these standards. At the same time, practice shows that you can get excellent pizza without extreme temperatures. For home use, an oven that heats up to 400-700°F is suitable.

Together with the manufacturer’s specified temperature range, you should also pay attention to thermal insulation and ventilation. If these features are poorly implemented, the oven will heat up for a long time and consume a lot of firewood, gas, or electricity. A quality device heats up quickly, keeps warmth efficiently, and is economical.

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Since you choose an oven for home use, portability is a very important criterion. You should be able to move the appliance from place to place or put it in the closet during the off-season. Some models are lightweight enough for you to carry them yourself. More bulky devices should be equipped with comfortable handles or wheels. Those ovens with large dimensions should have removable parts, such as burners or chimneys; then, it will be convenient for you to carry and store them.

Price and brand

The price range greatly varies depending on the manufacturer, the capacity, and the size. As a rule, both budget and expensive professional ovens can be found in each brand’s product line. A small countertop appliance for home use can cost no more than $50, while a roomy wood-fired model price can be higher than $1000.

Often the reason for the high cost is the popularity of a particular brand, which, at the same time, can serve as a guarantee of quality. Sometimes, it is better to overpay for a good build than to spend money on buying parts later. Famous oven manufacturers include BakerStone, Ooni, Betty Crocker, Blackstone, Camp Chef, Mont Alpi, etc.

Don’t Forget About Accessories

As you can see, it is not so difficult to buy the right device for you if you know what to look for. Use this article as a practical manual, then you will definitely not be mistaken with the choice and will not get lost among the huge assortment. When buying a pizza oven, pay attention to the accessories included with it.

Of course, you will have to pay extra for a set of additional tools, but it’s worth it since popular brands make quality products. You really need a thermometer (some models have a built-in gauge), a baking stone, a pizza peel, and a brush. If all this is not in the set, it is recommended to order the necessary accessories along with the oven.