7 Reasons To Hire Cloud Accounting Services For Your Business

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With the recent events driving more businesses towards digitization, business owners will have to adapt faster to the modern changes if they want to grow and thrive in the market. Part of these changes is the reliance of more businesses on modern solutions that mostly involve the use of web services. This is because businesses now understand that they have to create and maintain an online presence to reach more potential consumers and expand their market.

Web services based on the cloud are now growing in demand, along with automation tools. Both of these not only help to make business processes more efficient, but they also optimize and future-proof the business itself. If you’re already using these types of software programs for your business, you probably already know how indispensable they’ve become for any business process.

But have you considered using them on the financial side of your business too?

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Meet The Cloud

Cloud technology, or cloud computing, is a web service delivery method that uses multiple servers called to store data, distribute information, and execute functions over the internet. This type of web service is more advanced and is now being used in more online tools and applications. In many ways, it’s more reliable than hardware-based web services, and allows convenient remote access to its users.

Now imagine using this technology on your financial tools in business, specifically, on your accounting tasks. A cloud accounting service will make your financial process simpler but more modern. It’s almost like hiring chartered expert accountants like the ones at https://www.pagekirk.co.uk/.

Still not convinced? Here are the best reasons why cloud-based accounting software and its services should be included in your business tools:

Live Feed Access With Real-Time Information

If your business has multiple financial accounts, a cloud-based accounting service will let you streamline your access to all of them. You’ll also be able to see your accounts live, and see real-time changes, all in one system. How convenient is that?

Getting an overview of all your accounts will also become easier, which will make your financial planning and administration easier across all departments in your business.

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24/7 Remote Access

The biggest difference that a cloud-based service offers is remote access. Because all your data will be stored virtually, all you’ll need is an internet connection to access them. So regardless of time and location, whether you’re at home or on a holiday trip, as long as you have the internet, you’ll be able to see your accounting information.

Shared Access

If you have business executives or officers that have to see some or all of your financial details or reports, providing them access is also easier. You can simply authorize them to access your company’s cloud account. This will give them the same kind of live access you get, although on a different level depending on what you allow as the owner.

This is also useful when you have to provide updates to your stakeholders periodically about the company’s financial performance and activities.

Machine-Learned Auto-Allocation And Automation

If your business accounts have repetitive tasks or transactions, your cloud software can learn from them and use them to predict or even automate your future tasks.

This is helpful when you need to figure out where to allocate your resources, as the cloud can automate the process for you based on what it has learned from your activities.

Automation, on the other hand, will significantly reduce workload and speed up your process. This means you also save time, and your business can run efficiently without requiring more workers.

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Quick, Custom Reports And Analytics

Do you remember how tedious it can get when accounting reports had to be done manually especially back in the day? You don’t have to do any of that anymore. If you have cloud accounting software, you can get a full-detail management report with just a click of a button. So even with emergency or short-notice meetings, you can generate the report you need in just a matter of minutes.

This is possible because your accounting software has access to all the financial activities happening in your business, and will consolidate all the data you require into reports, as well as produce analytics data to help you improve your business process.

Better Security And Reliability

Unlike the traditional desktop-based accounting software, cloud-based accounting services have better data protection and more security layers. This includes encrypted data transfer, backups, and user activity tracking, among others.

If your computer crashes, or in the worst-case scenario, your office gets robbed, flooded, or burned, you won’t have to worry about losing all the files you worked on as they’ll be stored safely on the cloud.

In other words, security risks are minimized with cloud-based accounting. If security issues ever arise, you won’t need to worry either because that’ll be for your provider to handle.

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More Savings

As a company, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to reduce your overall expenses. Well, here is another piece of good news for you. Hiring a cloud accounting service will help you do just that.

Although the service is often subscription-based, you won’t need to hire IT staff, buy other software programs and more hardware, or spend on maintaining them. These, and the workload reduced by the automation process, mean fewer costs, more savings.

If you’re operating a large-scale business, you’ll get even more savings because manpower and equipment expenses are a lot higher for bigger businesses.


The future is digital, and for businesses that want to stay in the competition, digitization is a must. Even though that might sound like a death sentence if you’re not that tech-savvy, it’s actually not. Although cloud-based accounting software programs are powerful technical tools, with the help of service providers that specialize in them, which is essentially just like outsourcing, you won’t need a lot of technical knowledge to modernize the financial side of your business.

The sooner you make the switch, the faster your business will become more efficient.