Things To Consider Before A Conference Room AV Installation


Conducting meetings and conferences with face-to-face or remote teams can be very difficult, particularly if you do not have all the right measures for the same. And meetings with in-house team members and clients are a daily requirement for all businesses. Using innovative and high-end audio and video conferencing technology can make communication easier for each participant.

If you are looking forward to making audio and video conferencing a great experience for each attendee, you must adopt high-end technology and install a top-grade AV system in your meeting room.

Conference rooms are important, and to make them more well-rounded, we at Biamp focus on enhancing the audiovisual experience for each participant. We are focused on making the meeting and conference experience one of a kind for you by offering the right audio and video meeting solutions. You can optimize your team’s productivity, motivate the team, and create an environment of inclusiveness among all with a comprehensive meeting experience.

Today, we are going to discuss the perfect conference room AV installation solutions that will help you make your team meetings more inclusive for all the attendees. If you are looking for the most extraordinary audiovisual communication solution with unparalleled management ease, read on to learn more.

You can go for conference room AV installation and meet the requirements of your huddle room, small, medium, and large conference rooms. Having the right kind of unified communications platforms will help you create an inclusive working environment with a higher degree of team productivity.

Must-Have Features for the Conference Room AV System Installation


An AV system is nothing but an audiovisual system made to make meetings more interesting with a higher degree of voice and video quality. There is a range of audio and video devices available to enhance team communication and collaboration. You can use them in different kinds of

When it comes to an efficient AV system, there are some factors that you need to have in order to make your team meetings more productive. Some of the most amazing features that you need to look forward to are mentioned below:

1. Beam Tracking Solutions:

The first and most important thing in a high-end AV system is the beam tracking solution. It ensures to increase in the audio system manifold as it intelligently mixes and tracks the voices of the speaker around the room. So, every participant can have a better audio experience and can focus more in the meeting for enhanced output.

2. Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The technology used in acoustic echo cancellation is to minimize echo across the room to improve voice clarity throughout the meeting room space. And consequently, it reduces background noises and helps in effective participation among meeting attendees. In the case of remote meetings, the acoustic echo cancellation feature helps a great deal.

3. Burst Power Mode:

The next amazing feature you must have in a conference room AV system is the burst power mode. It helps to manage the audio signals manifold, particularly when they become more animated and can create recurrent confusion. Having the right conferencing equipment is important if you want to have more team participation and enhanced productivity.

4. Single Cable Solution:

It is true that when it comes to a conference room AV system, it is very important to ensure that you can reduce the number of cables as much as possible. With the right kind of conference room AV installation, you can minimize the usage of a large number of cables and streamline the experience more for you.

Audio-Visual Conferencing Products You May Use

  • Complete Room Solutions
  • Audio Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
  • Amplifiers
  • Preamplifiers
  • Conferencing Cameras
  • Conferencing Bars
  • Loudspeakers
  • Mixing Amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Paging Stations
  • Sound Masking Generators
  • Video Processors
  • Wireless Presentation Systems
  • Music Sources

Where Can You Use an Audiovisual Conference Room Solution


Every company requires a good quality meeting room system that is compatible with different communication platforms. If you are looking to eliminate the traditional meeting room issues, you must embrace the right technology and make audiovisual conferencing a great experience. So, no matter which industry you belong to, you must embrace unified communications platforms and hardware. Here is a list of the spaces you can use AV conferencing solutions.

1. Huddle Room

Professional AV systems with Devio’s Auto Setup feature are great for small collaborative spaces. You can quickly validate device connections, adjust the sound levels in the room, and allow instant access to all the peripherals in the small huddle room. Having a high-end audiovisual system allows you to motivate your team and expect a higher output from them.

2. Small Conference Room

Allow your team to communicate clearly with a top-of-the-line conference room AV system. It is known that real motivation and productivity come from team meetings and communication. A small meeting room is a space for that. So, install the best meeting room solution with products like Devio SCR-20, Devio SCR-25, and Desono C-IC6 Loudspeakers and allow your team to have the best communication experience.

3. Medium Conference Room

As you have a bigger team and want equal participation from each one of them during team meetings, you must ensure to use the right technology. You must keep all the attendees focussed on the issues being discussed in the meeting and ensure a higher output. You may use a Parle microphone for a higher degree of clarity in their voices and make tee meetings more inclusive.

4. Large Conference Room

You must never compromise on the audio quality during a team meeting. You may use Tesira solutions to mitigate the acoustic challenges easily and ensure a higher degree of audio quality. You can also ensure flexibility in a large conference room by using accessories like EX-UBT.



If you want a fully compatible solution for your conference room AV installation, you need to get in touch with us at Biamp. Whether you have a small meeting room or an extra-large one, we can offer you the best solution to turn your audiovisual meeting experience into a great one.