Jagex Gives More Details About Forestry: The New Woodcutting Expansion in OSRS

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Forestry, an upcoming Woodcutting skill expansion, was initially introduced during the 2022 game jam. This expansion aims to enhance and diversify the Woodcutting aspect of the game, providing players with a new solo skill experience.

Whether you’re interested in earning OSRS through Woodcutting by cutting valuable magic logs in the Woodcutting guild or seeking to level up quickly by chopping teak logs in Prifdinas, it becomes essential to have trees to yourself and avoid other players. This often entails hopping worlds or requesting players with OSRS accounts for sale to switch worlds as soon as you spot them.

The reason for the desire to solo Woodcutting activities stems from the current mechanics of the game. When multiple players are cutting the same tree, the tree’s resources can be depleted more quickly, resulting in a waiting period for it to respawn.

By having exclusive access to trees, you can optimize your efficiency in terms of both earning OSRS GP and gaining experience. Without other players depleting the resources, you can maintain a steady rate of woodcutting, ensuring a continuous supply of logs and maximizing your rewards.

Thus, in the context of the upcoming Forestry expansion, it becomes even more crucial to have trees exclusively for yourself. This will allow you to fully benefit from the new Woodcutting content and optimize your progress in terms of both wealth accumulation and skill advancement in your beloved game.


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During your woodcutting endeavors, there is a possibility of roots spawning alongside the trees you are cutting. While you may be accustomed to occasional interruptions caused by finding nests or clue nests during woodcutting, encountering roots presents a unique opportunity. When roots spawn, it becomes advantageous to shift your focus from the tree to the roots themselves, as doing so can yield several benefits.

By switching to chopping the roots, you can experience increased experience gains compared to cutting the tree alone. This means that engaging with the roots grants you a higher rate of skill progression, allowing you to level up your Woodcutting skill more efficiently. Additionally, chopping the roots may yield anima-infused bark, a valuable resource that can be used for various purposes, such as crafting or exchanging for rewards.

Moreover, there is a chance of obtaining additional roots alongside the anima-infused bark. These roots can have their own uses within the game or potentially hold value in the player-driven economy. By actively targeting and chopping the roots, you not only maximize your experience gains but also have the potential to acquire valuable items that can be traded or utilized to further enhance your gameplay.

When roots spawn while woodcutting, it is advantageous to shift your attention and start chopping the roots instead of the tree. This approach allows you to earn more experience, obtain anima-infused bark, and potentially acquire additional roots, thus optimizing your woodcutting gains and potentially benefiting both your skill progression and your in-game wealth.


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You probably already know this NPC from the herb runs and Farming skill, where you use him to deposit farming tools and note farming items to have fewer bank trips. The Forestry Leprechaun serves a similar purpose: to save you time and allow you to take fewer bank trips and focus on training your skill instead.

And even if you’re training your skill through one of the drop methods, which involves shift-clicking whole inventories of logs instead of running to a bank and depositing them, you’ll still benefit from the Leprechaun’s random spawns because you will have gathered resources from roots and other forestry events as well as potential nests.

Struggling Sapling

Instead of waiting for the tree to respawn when it gets depleted, sometimes you will get to interact with a struggling sapling which you will need to help grow back into the tree you can start cutting again. You will have to use certain ingredients from your forestry kit for each sapling, and each sapling has an optimum combination of ingredients that you should use to make it grow.

For your effort, you will gain one of the forestry’s new items – anima-infused bark, woodcutting XP, and leaves which depend on your Woodcutting or farming level, according to which one is higher.

Flowering Bushes

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Some events depend on whether you have specific items in your forestry kit, so if you’d rather not encounter them, avoid carrying the related item in your forestry kit. Such is the case of the bee on a stick which can be carried around in your forestry kit so that you can encounter the flowering bushes event.

During this event, you must match the pollen from compatible bushes to help them grow fruits. The reward for this event is the strange fruit, which you should get your hands on as an early and mid-level ironman since it can replace the anti-poison and antivenom potions which can be obtained only later in the game.

Otherwise, you could also pick and sell it on the grand exchange since the fruit can only be obtained through special events or stealing from fruit stalls using the pickpocketing skill.


In short, Forestry will bring you more incentive not to hop worlds when other people are woodcutting the same tree that you want to cut and overall make training the skill more sociable by encouraging interactions and cooperation amongst the players to complete specific events faster.

The expansion also brings new items, which you can conveniently store in your forestry kit so that you occupy a single slot in your inventory, similar to how you can store fishing tools in the tackle box, for example. You will also get access to new boosts and quality-of-life improvements meant to make the woodcutting skill more social and enjoyable while allowing you to woodcut just as before if you decide the solo version is a better fit for you.

You can make consumables such as tea on special forestry campfires with ingredients you gather from the forestry kit. Jagex initially stated that these ingredients would be tradeable so that you could earn some extra OSRS GP through the Woodcutting expansion.

These items will give you specific boosts that could help you save up or earn more OSRS gold, such as increased clue scroll drops, saving up on ammo and runes, or getting more slayer XP and points from superior foes.