Dosage Chart Guide For Hemp Extracts: CBD, CBN, and CBG


If you’ve explored hemp extracts like CBD, then you’ve probably come across a wide range of products. Each one is unique in its own way, whether it be the type of extract blend or the amount of the active ingredient in a particular bottle or dose.

When you first begin exploring CBD or other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, you may feel overwhelmed by the many product variations and dosage suggestions.

This guide aims to put those anxieties to rest by providing clinically sound dosing information for users looking to take hemp extracts for any number of reasons.

The simplest approach to finding the right hemp extract dose based on your specific needs and body weight is to explore the Cannabiva Dosage Charts for CBD, CBN, and CBG.

These charts are designed to provide simple calculations and specific milligrams-per-day suggestions depending on your weight and whether you are a first-time user, a regular daily user, or someone looking to take a cannabinoid extract in the maximum dosage range for therapeutic support.

Studies show that the key to success with plant-based hemp medicines is to take an optimal dose and to do so consistently on a daily basis.

How To Start Taking Hemp Extracts

First time users of hemp extracts that include cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), or cannabigerol (CBG) should begin with low doses. This allows you to assess the effects and effectiveness of your dose.

More importantly, these first few days of low dosing allow you to identify any potential side effects, adverse reactions, or sensitivity to hemp.

While CBD and the other minor cannabinoids mentioned above have a very low incidence of side effects, there is a possibility that a small number of people will experience negative reactions to taking even low doses.

If you begin taking a concentrated hemp extract and experience any unwanted effects, it is suggested that you immediately discontinue use. Side effects and adverse reactions are transient, meaning that they will pass once use is discontinued.

This guide provides specific first-time user dosage suggestions for cannabidiol, cannabinol, and cannabigerol below.

In short, you’ll want to follow the suggested first-time milligram dosage amount and slowly introduce it to your daily regimen.

After a few days, you may already find that you are experiencing benefits for various health concerns, with effects that include lowered stress and anxiety levels, decreased pain sensitivity, improved mood, an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep, and better digestion, among others.

If you have not experienced any negative reactions to your beginner dose, you can begin slowly increasing your daily dosage. This process, as described in the aforementioned extensive dosage and usage guides, is referred to as titration and allows you to reach your target daily dose levels without the risk of serious side effects.

Finding Your Ideal CBD Dosage


Cannabidiol is one of the most popular alternative medicines available today and is used by millions of people worldwide.

Clinical studies show that it can be effective for relieving anxiety related conditions after just a single low dose, but most studies indicate that regular use over a period of weeks lends to its most noticeable benefits.

CBD is effective in doses below 100 milligrams, as well as in high doses up to 400 milligrams taken daily.

First time users of CBD should begin with a dose of 25 milligrams to 50 milligrams ingested daily.

Your preferred CBD oil, softgel, concentrate should have detailed nutrition information on its product label indicating how much cannabidiol is in a single dose. Adjust your serving or dose accordingly to ensure you stay within the 25 mg to 50 mg range during the initial titration period.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • First time users should take 25 mg to 50 mg of CBD per day for the first few days. Do not exceed 0.25 milligrams of CBD per pound of body weight during this initial period.
  • Regular daily CBD users can work their starter dose up to 0.5 mg of CBD per pound of body weight.
  • Maximum strength doses of CBD are applicable to those looking to take CBD daily for therapeutic reasons. Taking up to 1.5 mg of CBD per pound remains within the safety thresholds for CBD.

Users taking CBD in doses as high as 1,000 milligrams per day have reported benefits and a low incidence of side effects.

However, if you intend to take doses that exceed the maximum strength suggestion of 1.5 mg per pound of body weight, it is strongly recommended that you do so under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.

Finding Your Optimal CBN Dose


Cannabinol, or CBN, is a popular cannabinoid often taken to help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as a nighttime sleep aid.

It is naturally occurring in hemp and can be found in small concentrations in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD blends. It can also be purchased as a stand alone pure CBN isolate.

If you are taking a spectrum CBD oil, it probably already contains some CBN, but more than likely in concentrations from 0.5 mg to 3 mg per dose serving.

Here are some best practices to follow if you are looking to take a pure CBN isolate or would like to add additional CBN to your daily dietary regimen:

  • First time users and those intending to take a mild strength dose of cannabinol can start with 0.03 milligrams of CBN per pound. This is equivalent to 3 milligrams of CBN for a person weighing 100 pounds. From this level, new users can titrate and increase their dose as needed.
  • An average daily dose of CBN is about 0.08 mg of cannabinol per pound of body weight.
  • For maximum strength therapeutic doses of CBD, users should look to take up to 0.3 mg of CBN per pound of body weight. For an individual weighing 100 pounds, this would be the equivalent of 30 milligrams of cannabinol daily. For someone weighing 200 lbs., 60 mg of CBN would be considered a maximum strength dose.

The Right CBG Dose

Cannabigerol is also known as CBG. It’s one of the more scarcely concentrated cannabinoids found in hemp. This means that while most full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil blends may contain CBG, the concentrations are more than likely very low, averaging less than 1 mg per dose.

While this amount of CBG certainly supports the synergistic entourage benefits of CBD oil, some users may find benefit from taking an increased dose of cannabigerol.

Taking CBG and CBD together is safe and suggested for synergistic entourage benefits. But before you begin, consult the CBG dosage chart to identify your optimal dose based on body weight and therapeutic need.

The following guidelines will help you to get started.

  • It is recommended that first time users begin with a low, mild strength dose of 0.03 mg of CBG per pound of body weight. This will ensure that supplementing your diet or augmenting an existing CBD oil dosage regimen will be safe and minimize the potential for side effects.
  • After several days of use, you can increase your dosage slowly until you reach 0.08 mg of CBG per pound. This dosage range is suggested for users looking to take an average daily dose.
  • Maximum strength users who intend to use CBG for therapeutic value can continue increasing their dose up to 0.3 mg per pound of body weight. This would be equivalent to 30 milligrams of CBG daily for someone weighing 100 pounds or 45 milligrams daily for someone who weighs 150 pounds.

Summarizing Dosage


While multi-spectrum CBD oils already contain other cannabinoids, these concentrations are often found in small amounts. Thus, supplementing your existing dosage regimen with minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN is recommended for those looking to further enhance the benefits of hemp extracts.

Be sure to review a comprehensive dosage chart for your preferred cannabinoid to ensure proper dosage.

While CBD, CBG and CBN are safe to take with few side effects reported across scores of clinical studies, some users may have preexisting sensitivity to certain cannabinoids that may lead to discomfort or adverse events.

Discontinue use or contact your physician if you experience anything out of the ordinary when using hemp extracts or adding higher doses to your diet.