How to Download Photos and Videos off Instagram 2024  

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The popularity of Instagram keeps growing by the day because it is a perfect social platform where the users can share photos and videos in a matter of seconds. However, many users find it hard to download the videos and images that they like and consider appealing.

There’s probably a reason why Instagram wants to prevent users from downloading other people’s images and we totally understand it. It’s about protecting the privacy and we salute it, but there are occasions when we want to download an image of products that we want to look at later or to simply save the video that we want to show to someone.

However, if you want to share the video you downloaded, make sure you check the copyrights because you wouldn’t want to step on someone’s toes. Be very careful about these things and protect yourself from the headache. Make sure you choose only trusted software for downloading and websites that allow the users to download it online. However, if the photos you want to download are from your timeline, just simply follow the tips below. You can also turn your Instagram photos into a personalized photo book with just a few steps. Head over to PrintedMemories and learn how you can immortalize your most favorite Instagram photos.

How can you Download it?

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Well actually, it is pretty simple. is a web tool that was made for one purpose only – help the users get the wanted videos and images in a matter of seconds. There is no need for installing software, you just need to open the post, photo or a video that you plan to download, then copy it and save it to the clipboard, paste it where it says “Paste Instagram link” and then download it when it’s done.

By downloading your favorite Instagram videos this way, your computer will be protected from viruses and malware, not to mention that it is pretty easy to use. You don’t need to be technologically savvy to be able to do it.

Copying the link is a piece of cake if you already managed to establish your presence on Instagram. But, if you are looking to improve the number of followers that you have on your account, services like can help you with that. Downloader is also flexible, so you can use it on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is very secure, so you can be sure that your privacy is protected all along. The connection is encrypted, making your browsing perfectly safe.

By using this Instagram Online downloader, you’ll be able to download an unlimited number of videos and images. The great thing about it is that it’s completely free and available anytime you need it. The only thing you need is a good Internet connection and you’re all set.

Other Ways of Saving the Content

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Sometimes, when it’s not necessary to download videos and images, you can also save it in a few other ways. One way is to take a screenshot of the content you need for later. If you’re using your laptop and you are using Google Chrome browser, then you will need to open the post, press shift, Cmd and 4 to initiate the tools for screenshots.

After that, you need to use it to take the full image area and then release it. This is everything you need to do to find the wanted image in your folder “downloads”. This is perfect for occasions when you need to save if the information about a concert, some other event, or a product, discount or anything else and do it fast. It will save you time because it can be done in a second or two. This is particularly helpful when you’re in a rush and need things to be done quickly.

In case when you want to take a screenshot with your iPad or iPhone then you will need to press the volume up button and the side button at the same time. Of course, depending on the model, this may slightly vary, but you can do small research based on your model and find out the exact way. Anyway, you probably used it many times before, so it is good to have a reminder of this option whenever you need something saved and do it really fast.

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There is also the option of bookmarking so you can save it and view it whenever you need it. This is a very easy process, so you only need to open the post and that the icon ” bookmark” which can be found on the right bottom of the post. This is all, the post is now saved. Also, you can choose the option “save to collection” so you can organize your bookmarks more. When you need to open your bookmarks, you need to open your profile, tap on the three bars on the top right and tap the option “saved”. Here you can organize the bookmarks into favorite collections.

If you need to download all the information from your profile on Instagram, you will need to open your profile from the browser, then click on the settings icon that can be found next to the option “edit profile”, after that you will need to click on the option Privacy and Security. Once you do that, choose the option request download (it is right under Data Download). You will be asked to type in your email and password, and that is all – you will receive an email with the data you requested.

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If you want to do this through the app, you will need to open your profile, tap on 3 bars on the top right, choose the option “settings”, then security and choose the download data option. You will be asked to fill in your email and password. After this, you will receive the data you requested.

These are very simple ways of saving the content that attracted your attention and that you want to check out later, share or show it later to some of your friends. Instagram is a platform that we all love and with all the interesting content that can be seen there, it is no wonder that people want to save some for later. Try these ways and we are sure you will be thrilled by the simplicity of the process.