The Best Paid Essay Writing Service for College Students in 2024

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When the issue of an essay writing service is discussed, most people quickly jump to the conclusion that students are simply looking for a paid essay writing service such as Orderessay writers of which will do all the hard work for them.

However, it is not exactly true. In other words, it is possible to discuss the topic of a paid essay writing service in a broader context. For instance, educational resources where one can learn how to write a killer essay can sometimes be described as a paid essay writing service even though one will not receive a sample paper after registering on the website.

While the majority of students are looking for an affordable essay writing service as they have no idea how to deal with such assignments or can’t even answer such question as how long is an essay, it is time to introduce them to resources with the help of which they will learn how to improve their writing skills and avoid placing an order on the website of an academic essay writing service. Here’s the list of these educational resources.

  1. Coursera

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This is a great educational tool one should use no matter whether they want to find out more about essay writing or coding. There are lots of useful courses one can take. What is particularly great is that one can move at their own pace and complete assignments when they have enough time for them. To submit impressive essays, one needs to develop their creative writing skills. Here are a few Coursera courses to take into account.

  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Style. During this course, you will learn how to develop your own writing skills and make certain your tone of voice is recognized even on paper.
  • Academic English: Writing. This course will be useful to every single student dealing with academic writing assignments. You will learn how to complete such tasks better and avoid searching for an affordable essay writing service online to assist you with the assignment.
  • Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative words, emerging technologies, and global audiences. Having completed this course, you will learn how to tell a story in today’s world so that everyone pays attention to it.
  • Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself. The key objective of this course is clear – to teach students how to tell about themselves in written form. Having completed it, addressing your request to a paid essay writing service will no longer be relevant for you.
  • Writing For Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest. It is no secret that grabbing the attention of a younger audience is the hardest thing to do for a writer. Having mastered such skills, any academic writing task will be a piece of cake for you.
  1. College Websites

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A lot of useful information can often be found on the website of your educational institution. If you are experiencing difficulties with academic writing, don’t rush to place an order on the website of a reliable essay writing service. Instead, check out the resources your college can provide you with. The same goes for admissions essay writing.

Start by looking through the list of the most common app essay topics. You can easily find this information on the university website. Then, think about some under-researched issue you can dwell upon in your piece of writing, and get down to the process of conducting a research study. This way, you will be able to stand out from the crowd by submitting an original application essay.

  1. Services that Offer Sample Essays

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If you feel like you need an example to adhere to in the process of writing an essay but have no idea where to find one, there are lots of reliable services that offer sample essays for an affordable price. They will write them from scratch for you. What is more, such services offer a  guarantee that these sample essays are original and you cannot find them on any essay banks websites or something like that. Surely, there is a zero plagiarism-guarantee as well. Having such a sample essay in front of one’s eyes helps students better understand how to meet all specified requirements, as well as how to structure and format a piece of writing.

  1. Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is a really cool and open educational resource which both educators and learners can make use of. There is a lot of educational content ranging from computer programming to essay writing, so you will definitely find the course you find interesting to take. Every course is well-structured, and there are tons of practical exercises, educational materials and even instructional videos.

The latter have become very popular among students, as this is a great way to acquire new knowledge. What is more, the resource has an app which you can download and get full access to all the courses you are taking on-the-go. Khan Academy is a superb open educational tool which any student can use as an additional resource in the process of studying. You can even continue studying while commuting to college as all necessary course materials, as well as your progress will be saved in the app.

  1. Academic Earth

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Academic Earth is a superb resource where you can find useful study materials from the courses at some of the most prominent universities in the world including Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, MIT and Princeton. There are more than 1,500 lecture videos you can browse through to find a subject or a course you are interested in.

What is more, those videos are grouped into categories, such as the name of the educational institution, the subject of the course or the scholar who is giving the lecture. In addition to that, you can also download these videos. Another cool feature you should definitely make use of is the list of curated playlists that are based on students’ interests. This way, you will be able to discover something new within the field you are interested in.