How To Maintain Your Facial Plastic Surgery Results – 2024 Guide

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As the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) correctly points out, choosing to undergo facial plastic surgery is an investment into yourself.

You are willing to invest your time and your finances to look and feel your best and do your best in life.

You don’t want to get all the way through the process of having facial plastic surgery only to make choices that undermine your chance for getting the best results.

In this post, learn exactly what to do to maintain your facial plastic surgery results over time.

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Follow Your Surgeon’s Care Guidelines Precisely

Your surgeon should give you detailed instructions to prepare for your plastic surgery procedure and equally detailed guidance for what to do post-procedure.

It is vital that you thoroughly review this guidance before your procedure and take steps to modify your post-procedure daily life accordingly.

Your surgeon may instruct you to get certain prescriptions filled, to take certain steps to care for your skin at and near the surgical site, to schedule rest days and to avoid things like heavy lifting for a period of time.

These instructions are provided to you because your surgeon wants you to experience all the benefits of your procedure. Your choice whether to follow them will help ensure you are completely pleased with the results.

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Protect Your Skin With the Right Products

As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) explains, maintaining your facial plastic surgery results doesn’t end when your surgeon clears you to go back to your normal daily routine.

You can also impact how long your results last – into the years – by the care routine you adopt.

Using the right skin care products, applying sunscreen any time you will be outside, protecting your skin from sun and wind, staying well hydrated and practicing good home skin care can all play a part in ensuring you are able to maintain the youthful appearance you crave.

Do not Smoke, Vape or Use Nicotine Products

A new research study published through the Journal of the American Medical Association Facial Plastic Surgery (JAMA) shows that smoking and vaping impair wound healing in equal amounts.

Use of nicotine and/or tobacco products in any form can slow down wound healing by narrowing blood vessels and restricting blood flow to the wounded areas. These chemicals also cause blood cells to cluster and clump.

Lacking sufficient blood flow and circulation to and from the wound sites, the tissue can actually start to die off instead of knit together and heal. To get the best results from any facial plastic surgery procedure, it is important not just to cease smoking or vaping prior to the surgery.

It is equally vital to stay smoke or vape-free after the surgery.

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Pursue the Healthiest Daily Habits

It is no secret that drinking enough water, getting sufficient exercise, eating a healthy and varied diet and getting a good quality and quantity of sleep each night is the best way to stay healthy.

Of course, there will be a period of time following your facial plastic surgery procedure that your surgeon will ask you to refrain from certain types of activity and exercise. It will be important to comply to give your body time to heal.

After you are cleared to resume these activities, however, you will also need to continue drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, managing your stress and making sure to sleep well each night.

These habits allow your body to stay strong and healthy and to heal itself each night as you sleep.

And while enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage is generally considered to have a neutral or perhaps positive impact on health, you want to steer clear of over-drinking.

In the short term, drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate you while dilating your blood vessels and impairing your sleep. Over the long term, over-drinking can actually cause skin discoloration and premature aging.

Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight

As the natural process of aging continues and the body’s production of certain hormones slows, it is common for people to gain a pound or few here and there.

While a small degree of weight gain will likely not make a noticeable impact, a more significant degree of weight gain may distort your appearance and cause you to be less happy with the results of your facelift surgery.

The same holds true for losing weight after a facial plastic surgery. This is why your surgeon will encourage you to reach or come close to your goal body weight before scheduling your facelift procedure.

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Consider Non-Surgical Skin Procedures to Enhance Results

Today people have more options than ever before to fight back against the natural process of aging, correct bothersome skin issues and enhance their natural appearance.

By making appropriate use of non-surgical procedures such as fillers and injectables, laser treatments, non-surgical facelifts and fat removal processes can all help to maintain the results of a facial plastic surgery procedure for many years afterwards.

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