How to Find Answers to Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Doctor


Regardless of what type of problem we have, in case we need some answers, the best choice is to consult the expert. It is the most basic thing to do, and in most situations, what troubles us is determining which expert to ask, as there are plenty of them. In these types of situations, we usually tend to ask someone we know, as we feel more confident about it, and we can expect an honest answer. Now, there are some issues where everyone can get a little shy, even though there is no reason for that, and usually, that happens when it is about something personal, as some health issue, for example.


Speaking to the doctor about your health issues and concerns is something that everyone should feel comfortable doing, as it is their job to help us, no matter the problem. And while you may not think twice about scheduling an appointment for those typical everyday issues and illnesses, there is a whole category of health-related issues that can seem embarrassing but only at first glance. These types of issues can be very difficult to discuss in person with a doctor, especially for those who get easily ashamed and are a shy type in general.

Rather than sweep those issues under the rug and ignore them altogether, as among all other problems can cause even worse health issues, there are ways to find answers to the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask the doctor. Let’s take a closer look.

Can You Do a Phone Consult Instead?


Sometimes the real issue is looking a doctor in the face while asking those embarrassing questions. The solution to this could be as simple as requesting a phone consult/appointment instead so that you don’t feel as exposed and on the spot. Many of today’s doctors are offering this type of appointment, and even though there are skeptics who believe that this type of consulting can not be sufficient, it’s good to have this option available.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush


Perhaps you’ve tried asking doctors embarrassing questions in the past but only end up beating around the bush, never quite coming out and asking the real question. Going in circles and asking a question without actually asking one is what we all do when we feel uncomfortable, but when that happens, we cannot expect to get the best advice as the doctor cannot possibly offer one since they don’t know what troubles us. That is why we all need to remember that doctors are not mind-readers and they aren’t a detective, so they need us to be as honest and up-front as much as possible.

Use Online Resources – Technology Allows You to Be Discreet


Technology has also given people access to information at levels never before seen. Today one can easily use online resources, apps, and even virtual doctors to ask those embarrassing questions discreetly. The one important thing to point out here is that you have to be sure you’re using reliable sources. The internet is great in that as it offers so many resources, but knowing how to spot good quality information is a skill and takes some practice.

And it’s not just about questions, as one can also use resources, such as tracking and monitoring apps and websites that will allow them to stay on top of their health more thoroughly. You can look into options like AskIris for this kind of functionality. Technology has made it possible for people to take greater control over their health as it provides access to information and tools from home at any given moment.

Maybe You Need a New Doctor?


Then there is the simple fact that if we feel too uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask our doctor questions, it may be that they aren’t the right medical professional for us, and it is time to find someone who suits us more. There needs to be a level of trust and comfort between doctor and patient because it is the only way to have a real and honest conversation and get the necessary help. It can’t be forced; it needs to happen naturally. If someone has never felt that way with their doctor, it could be that they aren’t the right match, and it is better to find someone else. It may be worth looking around for a new doctor with whom you can connect in a much better way and have a much better feeling.

Some people end up sticking with a doctor simply because they feel it’s rude to replace them, but there is nothing rude about it since our health and how we feel should be in the first place to us. We don’t have control over who we connect with, and it’s not a slight against the doctor we don’t feel comfortable with. For other patients, that doctor may be perfect, and they may think that it is the best specialist in the world. When looking for a new doctor, try speaking to friends and family about their own experience and the doctor-patient relationship, and ask them if they have someone they could recommend. That could help a lot with choosing the best doctor, the one that suits you the most.

Remind Yourself You Aren’t the First


Another tip is to remind yourself that you probably aren’t the first to ask these questions, and every specialist heard them a lot of times in their lives. Doctors consistently say they have “seen and heard it all,” and this is very true. Very little shocks them or phases them, and they are pretty much used to everything. So, even though the question may seem completely embarrassing, unique, and strange to you, to the doctor, they have likely dealt with it many times over. That means that there is no reason for overthinking and being embarrassed because they heard it all, and we need answers that can be crucial for our health.

Stop Rushing Through Appointments


When we feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in a situation, it is normal to want to rush through it and hurry up and be done with the appointment. Rushing is never a solution, and because of it, we cannot gather the crucial important about our health. The problem is that we may not ask our questions properly, and our doctor may not get a chance to offer the best answer, which is crucial in most cases. The answer to our questions is the main reason why we are in ordination, and we should not leave without it if we want to get better and improve our health. We need to take our time, jot down some notes and questions in advance and refer to them to make sure we listen to the responses. That is the only way to make sure that we do not forget to ask something that can help us a lot and be sure that we are living the ordination with necessary information.

Being Embarrassed Is Doing You a Disservice


Telling yourself that nothing should be off-limits and that doctor’s ultimate priority is your health can make things feel much more comfortable. Focusing on how embarrassed and uncomfortable you are, does health and well-being a disservice, and because of that, it is crucial to avoid thoughts like that. Questions are valid, and they are normal, and the doctor has likely answered them before. If it is necessary to repeat these things in the head during the appointment, then that’s what you should do because it is the only thing that matters, and that is important. Without asking the right questions, there are no good answers, and that is what we need to think about once we get into ordination.