8 Essential Questions To Ask On Your First Date | Get To Know Someone Better

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First dates can be fun, but only if you know the right first-date questions to ask. Indeed, you don’t want to spend this precious time talking about work and the weather. First dates call for questions that are interesting but not too personal. So, to help you avoid any awkward pauses and keep the conversation going, we’ve curated a list of the top 8 questions to ask your date.

If you are ready to ace your first date and see if a second one is in order, keep reading!

1. What do your Saturdays usually look like?

Whether you’re a social butterfly or like to spend the weekend lazing on the couch with Netflix, asking about your date’s Saturday routine is a great way to start a casual conversation. And it will help find out more about how they enjoy spending their weekends, their priorities and interests, and their take on socializing.

While this is a light and nice topic, it also helps determine if you two are compatible and, maybe, just meant to be together. After all, you both spending Saturdays binging on the same shows and going for long walks on the beach can’t be a coincidence, right?

2. What’s the most amazing place or country you’ve traveled to?

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Love traveling? Chances are, your date does too. Sharing about the trips you took last summer is a great way to get them talking. For instance, you can ask about their favorite country that they have or want to travel to, their favorite local holiday spot, and the ultimate place where they like to go to unwind and relax.

Talking about traveling also helps determine the kind of places they are comfortable at, and if the date is going well, you can always invite them to hike your favorite trail together, right?

3. Do you have siblings?

A good way to know about someone’s character is to ask about their relationship with the people closest to them, like their brothers and sisters. Do they have fun-loving childhood stories to share? Can you sense drama or a little bit of resentment? Not only does asking about siblings on your first date hint that you are looking for a genuine connection, it also helps you determine how their past has been and the life they have lived.

However, make sure not to push too hard if the conversation feels too personal for them. The topic of family and siblings can be very sensitive for some, but if someone is ready to open up, there might be some heartwarming revelations.

4. Would you rather…

Would you rather get a cold or be stuck in traffic for three hours? Would you rather live in a treehouse or on the beach? Would you rather be loved by all or feared by all?

There is so much you can ask and know about a person with these questions. The best part is that the conversation can be as serious, deep, or casual as you want them to be, depending on the mood. These questions are incredible ice-breakers for first dates and help you avoid any awkward silences that last a few seconds too long.

5. Are you local? Where did you grow up?

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Many people move to different cities and countries for education and jobs. Is your date one of those people? Find out if they are from somewhere else and ask them about where they grew up. It’s a great way of keeping the conversation going, and you might even get to hear some funny and interesting stories that only the locals talk about. For example, if you are talking to your potential Japanese bride, you can ask her about Japanese wedding traditions.

Share where you grew up too and discover similarities and differences in your birthplaces. Did you enjoy the same candy as kids? Would your families have very different Sunday dinners? Was it snowing or sunny on Christmas? There’s so much to talk about, you might need to order yourselves another drink!

6. What kind of music do you like? Do you like going to concerts?

We all love music, making this first date question an effortless way to start the conversation. Maybe you both recognize and love a song playing in the background. Ask your date if they have a favorite genre or band.

And if you are a concert person, make sure to ask them about that as well. Who have they seen playing? What was the best live performance they’ve ever seen? All this can help you get to know each other better. Plus, if the conversation is going well and you’re feeling the spark, why not hint at getting some concert tickets for the following weekend?

7. If you could have dinner and drinks with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be? Where would you take them?

If you aren’t a fan of small talk, get more creative with this question. We guarantee you’ll find out more about the person than you expect.

People love to talk about the ones they admire the most, so don’t be surprised if your date starts gushing, eyes lit up. Based on their answer, you’ll find out more about their values, beliefs, and interests. Ask them where they would want to take them and why. Sushi with Bill Gates? Seafood pasta with Oprah? Their choice of restaurant is a topic of discussion in itself!

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8. Do you have a busy week coming up?

In case you are already swooning over your date and want to know more about them, this question is a sneaky opening to ask them out on that second date. Did they say they’re not that busy and are free Friday night? Congratulations! That’s a hint that they’re interested in meeting you again too! Plan your second date on the spot or promise to call them during the week to confirm where you will meet next. Give a specific date and time you will call, so they know you genuinely enjoy their company and are serious about seeing them again.