Five Amazing Tips for Surviving your Baby’s First Hairstyle

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Decisions regarding the babies are always worrisome, especially if it is the first child, and the parents are not aware of a lot of things. Everything related to them goes by the thought, is it good for them, are we not supposed to do it, what shall be the best for them. This text, though, is dedicated to the parents who are worried about the child’s haircut and have been searching for the answers to a lot of questions, including is it right to cut a baby’s curls?

It doesn’t matter if your baby is very hairy since birth or has freshly developed curls after a time, they should be cut after a while. Haircut for an adult would be a great time, trimming and cutting out your hair in beautiful shape, pampering yourself, but for babies, it is quite the opposite. Babies may not like getting their hair cut for the first time, or might be too naughty to sit in a fixed position throughout the process, here is what can be done, if you are having second thoughts about taking your baby for a haircut.

1. Best time to get the first hair cut

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There isn’t any barrier to the age that when a baby should get a hairdo. It merely depends upon the hair growth a baby has. Some babies have pretty good hair growth, and it starts getting in their eyes in some time. These babies should be taken for a cut within the first year. But then, there are babies who have slightly less hair growth, and it would take almost two years for them to have long locks, and so, there would not be a need to cut their hair for as good as two years.

Also, your preference matters, and you may take your baby for the first hair cut whenever you want. Well, it is generally believed and said that baby hair, when trimmed, grows out thicker and denser after that, thereby leading to the baby’s good hair growth. So, some mums prefer a haircut before one year of age, so the baby’s hair grows out stronger and beautiful. There is no appropriate baby’s first haircut age, and you may do as you prefer.

2. Preparation is always better

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Babies who start recognizing their near and dear ones get scared when a new face arises at sight. It is even more challenging if someone is all up with some scissors and other accessories. So, it is always better to attempt some preparations all the while before a hairdo.

You may be wondering when I should cut my baby’s curls for the first time? But, now that you have the answer, let us also discuss the preparations you should be making. Make sure to not go alone for the cut with your baby. If the baby finds a known face or two, it will carry a sense of soothing, and the baby wouldn’t freak out.

It would be great if any of the family members get a buzz cut along with the child, and the baby sees how it would go, so he or she wouldn’t freak out. This would be a great start and also avoid using words like cut or trim if the baby understands words.

Another way you can prepare your child is by giving them a fake and funny buzz cut in a bath. You can pretend to give them a haircut, making it all funny and playful, so they perceive it as a playful process, rather than a daunting one.

3. Have a backup always

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Preparation is essential, but you never know how a child would reach to the experience. It is different how kids perceive things, and also different for each of the children. In such a case, the first question which strikes you is, how do I keep my baby calm during a hair buzz? And we cannot agree more with your concern. So, here is what can be done in order to distract them.

● Electronic gadgets:

Children today are more fascinated by phones and iPads and everything they contain. So, in case your child is all about the technology, and a gadget fan, you can carry one and play it out in the salon, so your child gets entirely engrossed into the phone, ignoring the scissors on their way.

● Favorite toy

Children have their warehouse of toys, and then there is that one toy they love the most. Every kid has their favorite toy, and you sure know which one is yours. Carrying their favorite one with them is always better to keep them distracted.

● Snack

A snack is another way to get your baby all engrossed. It would keep him/her diverted while they eat their meals.

4. Choose the right Haircut Products

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Scissors can be scary, but then kids would love a different experience. What we mean here is the trimming process rather than the cutting process. Slimline pro li is the best product in the market in the category of trimmers. Children would love the sound it makes and the way it cuts off the curls. Children usually find it playful, and this is when they get along with the cutting process easy.

5. Prepare yourself to prepare your baby

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You should take notes of your baby, as in, a new hairstyle must be avoided if the baby is hungry and tired. Make sure your baby is well-fed and not sleep-deprived and then take him/her to the salon. With all the do, we hope you will now find the perfect way to get your child a buzz cut.  Even the trip to the hair salon must be relaxing for baby, so we recommend to walk or use the stroller to get to salon. If you are interested to find the right stroller for your baby, you can check babypointhub.

If your child is not ready, we suggest you do not force the process onto them. You must let your child be for a while, and then you can prepare them very well, following which the trimming experience would be excellent.

You can keep all the above pointers in mind to survive your baby haircut, where you are not preparing to tackle your baby for unnecessary events.

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