Fox Violet is Changing the Game for Dark Pop-Rock


Fox Violet is a band of a recognizable dark pop-rock sound with gentle and catchy vocals. Many people recognize themselves in their songs and enjoy the sounds of guitars and synthesizers.

The lyrics of the songs are woven into the soul of these young musicians, with the audience eager to hear it. Their songs tell stories about unique life experiences that audiences can relate to. Some of their best songs are about how life’s miseries break a man into tiny pieces but push us to reassemble, get up and move on.

Many music connoisseurs are putting Fox Violet in Indie folk-rock direction, but this group is increasingly leaning toward dark pop. The songs are more mature, more determined, clear, conceptualized, with a sharp message that they send to society.

”Fox Violet exists because we were all looking for a new way to create music without any kind of boundaries, one that incorporated a vision of no-holds-back music where we could be instrumentally wild and lyrically as questioning and unapologetic as we wanted.

We live in a dark time, and we live in a weird city, we do not want to shy away from that. Fox Violet is as much about dissonance as it is resonance. We exist for opposites,” explained in one interview, Thea Juliette Stevenson, a member of this popular band.

When they were asked how they all started, the members of the Fox Violet gave answers in one interview very similar.

”I started singing and performing at age 12 and songwriting 10 years ago,” explained Thea. 

”I started playing the violin at 3 years old because my mom was my teacher and singing and playing in plays not long after. Was just a lifetime, but only created music were my path and passion about 6 years ago,” said Phoebe.

”I’ve been singing in choruses and choirs since before I can remember, but picked up a bass and fell in love with music when I was 13,” said Max.

”I started playing guitar after watching AC/DC live when I was 12,” added Tito. 

A mix of grit and distress inspired by Radiohead, Nirvana, Lana Del Ray, Leonard Cohen, and Pink Floyd; their sound is a mix of beauty and melancholy pervaded by fire, or some emotion just waiting to come to light.

”Massively inspired by Portishead, Daughter, NIN and Phillip Glass, I would say the music is visceral, raw and visual. We are storytellers first and foremost and want to encapsulate an alternative reality that is not afraid to be dark and real,” said Thea about their sound.

”The Cranberries meets Radiohead with a little touch of folk, very melodic, atmospheric, lyric-driven, cinematic, dark but colorful and layered,” added Phoebe.

”I would compare the Fox Violet dark ambient sound to Deftones / Radiohead and try to lend tones influenced by Justin Chancellor of Tool,” added Max.

”I like to think guitar wise I’m somewhere between Incubus, Bob Marley and Johnny winter,” explained Tito. 

Although they have been living and working in Los Angeles for three years, London has had the greatest creative influence on the music of Fox Violet because Thea spent most of her life there. Audiences who are happy to attend their performances in Los Angeles notice their performances are full of energy and fans are inspired by their gigs.

Their song Freak is a mesmerizing blend of noise, color, and melody that bridges between organic and electronic elements, synthesizers and rhythm. With no band or musician on the music scene that we can match Fox Violet with, they are unique.

”Freak is written from the perspective of a girl who feels like she is not ‘good’ enough to be ‘saved’ (it is not religious but rather it is unpacking that notion of why we want to be saved) because of self-hate/self-sabotage and the impact that it has on a person’s psyche.

It’s an anthem for the underdog, the person who feels they don’t fit in, belong, to say none of us to, and it’s ok to be on the outskirts. It’s a current theme running through Fox Violet,” explained Thea and Phoebe in one interview.

The vocals of this group are simply marvelous. Listening to the music of Fox Violet you will feel the depth of meaning of the lyrics through the vocals and all the intensity of the emotion.

If you want to get acquainted with the music of this amazing group, be sure to listen to the Freak songs and the latest Trenches.

When asked about the future of the band, they said similar things.

”We want to do it all, tour, develop a live show that keeps people talking and feeling long after going over, record and write. Oh, and they have lots of fun,” said Thea and Phoebe.

Max said that he wants to create and perform as much as possible, and ”the full band process, write, record, tour, repeat,” were the wishes of Tito. 

We hope that this text has brought you closer to Fox Violet music and that you will listen to it in the future.