Floral Stores Online: The Most Popular Flowers in Riga This Summer – 2024 Guide

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Summer is the best time to present flowers. This gift may be really affordable, unexpected or planned, but always exciting and enjoyable. Favorite bouquet arrangements are an individual choice. Someone loves luxurious expensive flowers; some prefers field flowers; some of us love tender white bouquets the most.

However, we will try to identify the most popular and demanded flower arrangements during this summer. You can find such compositions in floristic boutiques or online flower shops. The assortment is large so you can choose appropriate bouquets for proms and weddings, dates and birthdays.

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Roses are the leaders of the rating

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Roses are the most sought-after flowers around the world. Every day millions of people in love, wives and girls, birthday people and anniversaries receive bouquets of these beautiful plants. And the result is always great.

One of the advantages of roses is not only the luxurious appearance, but also the design of the bouquet. You can give one long red rose and it will be a wonderful gift. You can order a bouquet of 11, 33 or even 101 roses – and it will be an exciting gift that will surprise and delight anyone. Roses do not require accessories and decorations, they are beautiful in themselves. It is mostly impossible to make a mistake with roses – they are always desirable and hoped-for.

The most popular roses in the summer 2024 are believed to be red classic bouquets, delicate white roses, and unique blue and black roses.

Carnations for Mother’s Day

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Carnations are a traditional flower given on Mother’s Day in the United States and Canada. In Europe, carnations can often be seen in bridal bouquets and groom’s boutonnieres.

The advantage of carnations is a large selection of shades, lush petals, and a pleasant aroma. To add, carnations are inexpensive in the summer, and if you want to surprise someone, you won’t spend a lot of money.

Lavender is the sweetest flower

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Lavender is a famous purple flower that grows not only in gardens, but also in mountain meadows in the south regions. Lavender bouquets live a very long time if you take care of them. If the lavender has dried up, it will still look beautiful. The scent of lavender bouquets is one of the reasons why they are so popular all over the world.

Sunflower – a symbol of a summer

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The sunflower is a symbol of sunny weather, summer and province outdoor walks. Choose decorative sunflowers – they are small in size. On the other hand, farmed sunflowers are exotic and large flowers. If you want to surprise someone, you can find them at farmers’ markets. Decorative sunflowers can be found in any floristic boutique.

Orchids – oriental and exotic

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If you want to surprise your girlfriend, spouse, mother or colleague – give him or her an orchid. This exotic flower is truly beautiful and unusual. There are many types of orchids – large and small, in all colors and shapes. Orchids are usually given in pots, so these flowers will last long if you don’t forget to add water

Lilies – royal flower

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Lilies are a delicate, light, beautiful summer flower. Lilies are also called the royal plant, as they are depicted on the coat of arms of the French monarchs. Lilies are aristocratic and sophisticated. Like roses, lilies do not require bulky accessories – they are beautiful on their own. The best way to present lilies is to give them to your girlfriend.

Hydrangeas – small but beautiful flowers

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Hydrangeas are not a very popular flower in the US. But they look great. Their advantage is pastel, pink and blue colors. Hydrangeas bouquet will delight you for a long time with its appearance. They are also believed to be a universal decoration of the province interior. The best time to present hydrangeas is a morning date.

Peonies – flowers from Holland

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Holland supplies not only tulips, which are considered to be the symbol of this country, but also peonies. Dutch peonies are flowers with large buds, interesting shades, and delicate aromas.

A bouquet of peonies is a wonderful gift if you are looking for a floral arrangement for birthday or graduation. The more peonies are in composition – the better.

Gerberas are the best plants for composition

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If roses are beautiful without company, then gerberas are a flower that looks great in compositions. Gerberas are bright, positive, joyful plants. The most popular are red, orange and yellow gerberas. But you can find more exotic colors as well such as dark gerberas, blue or purple gerberas.

Wildflowers – varied and positive

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Bouquet compositions of wildflowers are the best gift to present in July and August. They are always individual, unique, fun. This bouquet brings joy and good mood, smells great. What else do you need?

Contact a professional florist and he will make for you a beautiful bouquet of your favorite wildflowers – poppies, daisies, cornflowers, bells. Buttercups and forget-me-nots are the hit of the summer season. What something unusual? Add some fruits and berries into the floral composition.

Where to order summer bouquets?

Summer is the season of flowers, but the weather in the summer months is hot and dry as you know. Find an online service or market store that guarantees the freshness of your floral product. Do not buy flowers in advance.  The bouquet should be presented within 2-3 hours after purchase. Remember – high temperatures kill the freshness of live flowers really quick.

After receiving the bouquet, make sure that the flowers receive enough moisture and do not stand in direct sunlight.

There are online floral stores which provide their clients with remote service. You can buy ant summer composition online and send and to your girlfriend or mother being 1000 miles away just by several clicks.