Some Great Tips for Focusing on Classes and Studies – 2024 Guide

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Due to this pandemic, and implementation of lockdown in almost every country, schools, universities, and colleges have started teaching online. Online classes might seem like a good idea as you can attend classes from your own comfort zone and it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to walk all the way from your house to a school or college.

It’s not simple as it sounds, many students struggle with maintaining the same level of focus they had in offline classes. It’s very easy to get distracted at home as you have no boundaries or teachers to stop you from doing anything or using your cellphone during a lecture.

Regardless of how interesting you find the subject, giving your full focus for an hour or more, in a room that might be too warm when you might not have slept and with a teacher who might not be as inspiring as you thought they would be is hard. You will not get any benefit from your online lessons if you can’t pay attention to them.

Don’t save your studying for the night before your exam or any sort of test. Try to set some daily goals of how much you should study when and where. This will help you establish good habits and you’ll be able to stay focused and get the grades you deserve.

Many people try to avoid online studying because they are unsure of how they will focus on studying at home. You don’t have to worry about leaving online classes as I will be listing some great tips which will help you stay focused on your classes and academic studies;

1. Find a good suitable area to study

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First thing’s first, finding a place where you work the best is essential. Studying or taking classes in your bed is not an option, it will make you feel lazy and drowsy. Bed is made for people to sleep on it, not study.

For some students, a library is a way to go, but for others, a cafe or a coffee shop can be just the right amount of background noise to stay focused.

However, whatever place you choose to study and take classes, they should have these few essential things that are, a flat and clear surface, this will help comfortably hold and put all your study material and laptop. The place should be comfortable, pick a place that has good furniture to promote good posture for prolonged and sustainable studying.

Don’t include your kitchen or dining table as your study room. Instead, pick a quiet workspace where you no one will disturb you.

An established study area is a big step in getting and staying focused for an online class.

2. Use your webcam when attending an online class

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Turn on your phone camera or webcam so that the teacher can point it out if you’re getting distracted. This is not a thing you need in an offline lecture as the teacher is standing in front of you.

Look at your professor when attending a lecture, your teacher is not just standing there, they are there to teach and educate you. Give them the respect they deserve and try not to waste their efforts. Show them that they have your full attention and ask them questions if you are facing difficulties anywhere.

Be alert at all times, if you feel that your eyes are averting to something else or someone in the classroom, catch yourself and focus back on your teacher. Your teacher should always have your full attention during the whole lecture.

Try to record yourself with the webcam, this is to create accountability. There will be a camera watching you do everything while you’re attending your lecture. Just when you are about to get distracted, you will remember that everything you’re doing is being recorded. This is basically a commitment to study well.

3. Maintain a routine

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I am quite sure many people wake up 2 minutes before their class and attend it from the comfort of their bed in their night suit. You will lose your focus as soon as your teacher starts speaking.

It does not matter that your classes are online, you should always maintain a proper and healthy routine. Start your day the usual way such as taking a shower or going for a run, keep doing this every day, this will help you get into the habit of waking up early every day and attending your lectures with full focus.

Maintaining a routine will help you keep your energy levels high and help you stay focused throughout the day.

4. Get rid of the distractions

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Many people use their phones scrolling through social mcedia while they’re in a virtual class. Just because your professor can’t see you, it does not mean that you should distract yourself.

Even if it’s an audio lecture, you should not be allowing yourself to get distracted. The solution is to eliminate your distractions. Social media is the number one to eliminate first while studying or taking a class.

Moreover, if you’re staying with your family, it is important to establish boundaries so that they know not to disturb you when you’re studying or taking an online lecture. Make sure to tell them your class schedule so they know not to walk in on you at your class time.

5. Ask for help

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Just because everything is online nowadays doesn’t mean you can’t ask for paper help from your friends and professors. Don’t be afraid to message them online and in fact, this is a very fast way to get help. If you have a question or you’re having difficulty understanding something, you can always check out paperhelp.

If you like studying in groups, you can ask your friends to make a virtual study group online where you and your friends can open their webcam and study together. This makes learning enjoyable.