Ensure You Bet and Gamble Responsibly Online – 2024 Guide

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I want to give out a timely reminder to everybody out there today that does enjoy betting and gambling online that you should always gamble responsibly, for there has sadly been a very noticeable increase regarding the number of people over the last year or so that have reported they are experiencing problems when gambling.

To ensure that everybody that does choose to sign up to and gamble at for example a UK gambling Commission licensed betting site, that regulator has instructed each of its license holders to have in place on both their online betting platforms and additionally too on their mobile betting apps a range of different responsible gambling tools.

Those tools are there to help everyone that does gamble at those sites and apps stay in full control when betting, and as such you are going to have a range of different settings that will allow you to seamlessly be able to do just that.

They include all customers of such sites and apps having the option of choosing their own deposit limits, a time scale those deposit limits will be in place on their accounts, and if a customer ever wants to stake a break from gambling and betting at those sites and on those apps, they will now be allowed to select a take a break option as well.

So are there any ways that can tell whether you are gambling responsibly or not? You can analyze your game by paying attention to these points;

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  1. You should keep a record of the amount of time and money that you are spending.
  2. Are you seeing gambling as a source of entertainment or a money-earning game?
  3. Only bet the amount that you can afford to lose, do not bet more than that.
  4. Learn to know the odds and accept them.
  5. Do some analysis and analyze your winning chances.
  6. You might not have too much to invest. So never get jealous of others who are investing more.
  7. If you lose a gamble, do not go back to get your revenge and win more. You will be sentimental at such times. Therefore, there is a high possibility of you making a mistake.

The wish to earn easy-money is always there, humans have greed for money. Therefore, they tend to lean towards the areas that can offer them good rates. And gambling is simply playing games and earning large sums of money. Although you have to invest some of your amounts but the outcomes are much more.

Gambling is all fun until to begin to lose more and it gets on your nerves. At first most of the people start from simply enjoying the game. But once you get addicted to winning jackpots, the greed increases. Furthermore, currently, there is a rise in the number of online casinos. So it is always in your hand. You can play games on your smartphones. Consequently, the risk of gambling addiction also increases. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself under control while enjoying gambling, you have to take care of certain aspects.

If you do gamble and bet online, then my advice to you is to always make use of those tools to help you stay in control.

The GamStop Service Taken Up by Many Gamblers

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If you are serious about giving up gambling, and there is a good chance you are, then always take full advantage of the many free services that are available to you, for collectively you are going to find the help and support they can offer you when you are on your journey to a life without gambling can be extremely valuable.

As for where you should be looking for help and support well there are plenty of places to start, including the Gamblers Anonymous website and the GamCare website too.

However, another service that I just know is going to help you and rather quickly to give up gambling, is the GamStop self-exclusion register, for once you add your name onto their register, they are going to contact all UK licensed gambling sites on your behalf and get those sites to close your accounts with them down.

Plus, just to ensure that whilst you are on your non gambling journey you do not attempt to try and sign up to any UK-based and licensed gambling site each of them will also additionally block you from being able to open a new account with them.

As that is another service that is completely free of charge and extremely effective and quick too, then I do urge you to get on over to their website and sign up for their service right now.

Finding Bookies Not Part of the GamStop Scheme

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Let us make no mistake about it, giving up gambling is a difficult journey, but it is one you should stick to no matter what. However, I do need to let you know that there could be times during your journey that you may be tempted to start betting online again, even if you are on the GamStop register.

Many people do find they cannot give in to the urge to bet and gamble and will go hunting for non GamStop betting sites on portals like www.onlinecasinoukhelper.com and sadly there are going to be a lot of them available to you if you go looking.

It will be a long task if you set about locating such sites with the aim of then contacting them one by one asking to be self-excluded, but there is actually a way that you can block yourself instantly from access those websites, and that is something I would urge everybody that has decided to stop gambling online to do.

Just how you do so is by downloading onto each and every single device that you can connect to the internet by, such as your smartphones, laptop, tablet device of the home computer a gambling site blocker.

That is a simple piece of software that does just one thing when installed on your devices, that being it will block you from accessing every single gambling-related website online, so make sure you look into getting such a software package and quick is my advice.

Some tips to follow

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Whether you want to gamble responsibly or you want to get rid of your severe addiction, we have some tips. You can follow these tips and enjoy playing and winning through your favorite games.

  1. You can gamble for entertainment but never think of it as a way of earning money. Once you start considering it one, you will become more eager to win and hit jackpot. Thus, your chances of getting addicted will increase.
  2. Make an analysis of your income and the amount of money that you can use for the game. For instance, if you have a total of $100 and you want to invest it. Firstly, spare some of the amounts for your basic necessities. Afterward, spend only $10 or less but not the whole amount. If you lose the game, you will be left with nothing.
  3. Set your limits. Both your time and money are worth everything. Therefore, you should set some limitations for yourself. For instance, never spend more than 2 hours on daily basis and a certain amount. You can limit the spending amount based on your earnings.
  4. Take quick breaks. This is the best trick to get rid of any addiction. You will feel bored if you take a break after every half an hour.