Is Fur Making a Comeback in the Fashion World – 2024 Review

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We witnessed a debate about whether wearing fur is a cruel or a good thing. This is a question that’s been asked for a really long time and for some time, fur wasn’t as popular as it was a couple of decades ago, for example in the nineties. The moral dilemma behind this question is the slaughtering of animals who are sacrificed for their fur to be used as clothes.

Even though these sacrifices cannot be denied and people being completely aware of this fact, we can see that their popularity has managed to comeback recently. For a really long time, Fendi was pretty much the only fashion company that held a fur exclusive show. But we can prove fur’s popularity with the fact that roughly 73% of almost 450 shows are organized in London, Milan, Paris, New York, and other big fashion centers in the world.

We can see that the main force behind the recent comeback of fur into the world of fashion was the profusion of fake materials that didn’t satisfy the needs of the customers. It goes without saying that natural materials are the best ones. But we can see that today’s fur standards are not the same as they were back in the day. However, it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. In case you would like to check some of the models, be sure to check Aria Moda.

Not only that we are able to see that this is a somewhat different approach than what we were used to backing in the day. It could be argued that we are talking about an improved version of the previous version of the trend. Now, let’s talk about fur as a part of the fashion industry and what can be said about the comeback that we’ve recently witnessed.

Fur in ’80 and ‘90

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Wearing fur was not considered trendy back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, it should be said that there were two countries where people wore these with joy. At the same time, we can see that some people who’ve worn even a scarf were attacked on the streets of other major cities like London and Paris. According to the narrative, wearing fur resembled some kind of elitism that wasn’t as popular during that time period.

Plus, it was considered cruel to kill a high number of animals for a piece of clothing. We can even see that organizations like PETA were highly involved in, let’s say, cancellation, of this brand. IT doesn’t matter how massive this was during that time, we can see that didn’t manage to completely cancel it. So, we are talking about it making a comeback during the late 2010s and no one should be surprised that we are witnessing its comeback.

Procuring of the Fur Industry

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We can see that the fur industry has managed to play a significant role in the rising popularity of this material in the world of fashion. It should be said that they’ve used a plethora of different tactics that helped them to achieve this status.

We can see that these tactics are not as honest as people would like them to be. At the same time, we don’t believe that this is something that can be crucial for the future of the trend and its potential in the world of fashion.

Can Faux Fur be an Alternative?

Because a lot of people from all over the world are concerned about the animals and their wellbeing, we can see that some alternatives can be used in order to have similar products, but not exactly the same source of material, let’s put it that way. We can see that one of the most serious alternatives is synthetic faux fur.

We can see that a lot of different experts from this field advocate for the use of this material. At the same time, we can see that many people consider it to be toxic since there are some chemicals that are used for maintenance. Plus, some of them say that it produces a lot of unusable waste, which can damage the environment.

As you know, this is not characteristic of the real material, or real fur. However, we can see that the fashion industry has a strong need for fur, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace it at all. Therefore, we believe that this is the fact people are not against the renewed interest in this kind of material that emerged practically from nothing in the last couple of years.

We can see that there are some doubts about Faux Fur, but we can say that they are not as serious as the ones who are aimed towards the real one. Therefore, we don’t believe that they should be considered as serious as those we’ve discussed earlier. The time will tell what will happen and where will these movements go after this point in time.

There’s Still Hope

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Even though we can see that there is a steady rise in popularity, there hasn’t been any kind of rebellion against it. In fact, we can see that pretty much all the designers who are working with this material haven’t experienced any kind of problems. But that doesn’t mean that all the designers are prepared to use it.

Some of the biggest names are not prepared to use this material. We can see that one of the biggest fashion companies in the world, Hugo Boss, has decided to commit itself to the future when there no fur will be used as a material for their products. The start of this program occurred back in 2016 during the winter collection.

Even though there are so many signs that we will not have this material present in fashion, in the future, we can see that there are many designers who are still interested in using this material for their products. So, we can see that there is still hope that we will enjoy it in the future, despite all the problems that could potentially arise from all the other trends.