7 Fun Gadgets to Use for your Next College Years – 2024 Guide

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Fun is something essential in your life, especially now that you are in collegeIt can be made possible by the use of various gadgets like cameras, smartphones, laptops, photo printers, and many others. Fun refreshes your mind and also increases your creativity; thus, it is worth investing in. If you make great use of some gadgets, your college academic years will be lively and more enjoyable.

Apart from fun, some gadgets could combine both social and economic college life. Others will aid in academic excellence. Furthermore, to excel in college, visit bestessayhelp and check their services.

Here are seven fun gadgets that you can use in the coming college years to transform your college experience;


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This is the most apparent gadget for most college students, but if you haven’t included it on your budget, then you must have it in the coming years. A smartphone can help you in many aspects as a college student.

Most college study materials are always sent in the form of PDFs, and you need a smartphone to access them as you revise for your exams. It would be best if you also had a smartphone to play different tutorials that help you boost your revision.

Of course, you need to get in touch with your friends through social media platforms; and a smartphone will aid in this. It can accept different communication applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap Chat, and many more others. You can customize your communication with your friends through customized messaging groups, audio, and images.

This is the essential gadget you need in the coming years in your college life.

A Computer/ Laptop

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A laptop/computer is also necessary for you as a college student in the coming years. It serves almost similar functions as a smartphone, but it helps these purposes more efficiently and on a large scale; if its files you want to store, a laptop gives a prodigious memory for storage.

Most course works are uploaded online, and you need a personal computer to easily access them without visiting a library or cyber cafe from time to time.

You can also agree with me that after your studies, you need to refresh your mind by watching your favorite movie and listening to the music you like. A laptop gives a beautiful and bright display screen you can enjoy watching your favorite movies.

Mophie PowerStation Mini

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This is an accompaniment to your smartphone. You may be at some point in college, like going out for a field trip study. Here it would be best if you carried your smartphone along to take pictures and take study videos, and your smartphone battery may run low in the process.

You need to worry less in this situation because the Mophie PowerStation Mini has power stored in it that will help charge your smartphone. It has an additional 3000mAh battery that you need to charge while in access to power so that you can use it to charge your phone out there or in case of a power shortage.

Mophie PowerStation Mini will give you the confidence to use your smartphone without limiting yourself because of the battery running low.

Evernote Smart Notebook

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Carrying books from one class to class may be bulky and so demanding; thus, you need a way to convert the handwritten notes to soft copy by the use of a smart book. In the coming years, you only need to have a smart notebook, a pen, and an Evernote app installed in your smartphone with a good camera.

After taking handwritten notes, you need to use the Evernote camera on your smartphone and take photos of your notes and convert them to pixels. The notes now in the form of pixels will be stored in an application with organizational options that allow you to customize and search them. You can access your notes from any smart device, and you can still easily share them with your course mates.

I am sure your classmates just like hanging out with you to simplify their studies in college.

A Hard Drive

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Now that currently, everything is moving in a digital direction, you need a safe way to store your course works. Some of the tech devices like a laptop may break down any time, and I am sure you don’t want to lose your academic essays, notes, and assignments.

During your college years, you need to have an external hard drive and even more USB stick drive to back up your data. Don’t lose your data again because of cyber smoke and the failure of your laptop.

Coffee Maker

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I know you need to study fuel and fuel to move around the college to accomplish your study. You cannot survive and achieve your aim in college without getting food to rejuvenate your body and keep you going.

Because you have limited time as a student to take preparing your food, you need automated gadgets that will help you make food without consuming much of your time. It would be best if you had automated devices like a blue-tooth enabled coffee jug that you can command from your smartphone and get the coffee made in seconds.

Apart from a coffee maker, it would help if you also had gadgets like an electric kettle that you can use to boil bathing water, a gas cooker that you can utilize in preparing your meals. As you plan to study, food must be on top of the list. Your body needs food to fuel your brains for easy study and running of college elands.

A Backpack

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While in college, you may be required to carry along some gadgets like your laptop, books, power bank, and more devices. Some of these gadgets are fragile, and you cannot carry them on your hands. Having a backpack will help you in an organized way to carry your devices around college safely and comfortably.

You can opt to buy a charging backpack, which is equipped with an extra charging battery that you can use to charge your phone. With a backpack, your gear carting is leveled up.


Set your priorities well on the gadgets you need to depend on your location and the nature of your course in college. The above devices, though, are essential and universal to any college student—only your studies today by choosing the right gadget.