The 7 Most Important Pieces of Gear Every Motorcyclist Must Have (and Wear)


When you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re much less naturally protected than you are in a full-sized vehicle. Due to this, the nature of gear meant specifically for riding your bike becomes incredibly important. If you’re not wearing the proper safety gear, you put yourself in danger. To help you ensure you’re as protected as humanly possible on the roadways in 2024, here are the six most important pieces of gear every motorcyclist must have (and wear):

1. Helmet

Helmets are the most essential piece of gear you need to wear every time that you ride. Serious, deadly injuries can happen in even minor accidents if you’re not wearing a motorcycle-appropriate helmet (and in many states, you will find yourself fined if you fail to wear one). There are a ton of styles, fits, and molds available, so finding the one that best fits your style and needs is essential. Here are a few of the most popular types on the marketplace right now: open-face helmets, half shell helmets, dual sports helmets, modular helmets, dirt bike helmets, and off-road helmets. Smart helmets are even available these days!

2. Riding Boots


Your footgear is critical to your ability to both control your motorcycle and for being able to ride comfortably. Boots can keep your control over the pedals and perfect your ability to stop your motorcycle after you slow down. Having boots that are durable enough to last you more than a few weeks is crucial as well (unless you have an unlimited boot budget). A few of the most popular boot styles for riding are as follows: adventure boots, touring boots, dirt bike boots, sport track boots, street boots, and leather boots. Find the right fit and material, and you’ll be riding more effectively than ever before. Even if you wear all your gear, others can cause you to crash. If you need legal help to navigate your options, RosenfeldInjuryLawyers can help you understand your options with ease.

3. Motorcycle-Specific Pants

Knowing what type of pants to wear when riding can save you a ton of grief, and make your ride much more comfortable. If you experience even a minor fall, the chance of you getting a serious road rash from a fall is greatly increased if you’re not wearing pants that are appropriate for riding. Leather pants, mesh pants, riding jeans, and full-textile pants are all well-made for motorcyclists. Find riding pants that have enough breathing capability as well, as this will help you combine style, efficiency, safety, and comfort as effectively as possible (and this will ensure your rides are as dreamy as can be).

4. Gloves


Many beginner motorcyclists forget about the importance of proper riding gloves. Similar to boots, gloves can give you the proper control over your bike and ensure you do not develop painful blisters from handling your bike. Slippery hands are a frequent cause of motorcycle accidents, so it’s important to wear your gloves at all times, even if your hands will be sweaty underneath the gloves. Finding the right style and material for yourself is important, so here are a few of the more popular glove types you can consider: street gloves, moto-cross gloves, fingerless gloves, winter riding gloves, off-road motorcycle gloves, and gauntlet gloves.

5. Riding Jacket

A jacket becomes your best friend anytime you find yourself in an accident, or suddenly riding under inclement weather (whether it be hot, cold, raining, or snowing). There are a few key types of jackets that are popular and proper for riding your motorcycle. Bomber jackets are a more casual style that’s popular with riding clubs, and other leather jackets are also incredibly common for bikers. Additionally, moto jackets and double-rider-style jackets are guaranteed to keep you safe and comfortable when riding your motorcycle. Finding the right style, fit and material for your tastes and safety needs becomes critical when choosing a riding jacket.

6. Eye Protection


Many helmets have eye protection built-in, but if your helmet lacks this element, you must find some goggles or sunglasses that will keep your eyes safe, and the sun out of your eyes, as your ride. If you’re riding at high speeds, the wind alone will make it difficult to stay comfortable and safe while you’re riding if you do not have proper, motorcycle-appropriate eye protection on. Thankfully, it’s easy to find a large variety of fits and styles for motorcycle-appropriate eye protection. Your eye health depends on you finding the perfect choice, so make sure you take your time to find the right eye protection for your unique seeing needs.

7. Ear Plugs

While not as fancy as the other pieces of gear we’ve discussed, having quality ear plugs in at all times is crucial when riding your motorcycle. The intensely loud noises that both the bike and the surrounding environments you’re riding in, will throw at you can easily damage your ears if you do not do your best to protect them. Car horns and other loud noises can cause you to become distracted if they are too overpowering to your ears, and this can quickly throw you into a dangerous situation. Even if you’re wearing an excellent helmet, wearing ear plugs remains essential, as you never know when a loud, dangerous, or invasive sound might sneak up on you. Once you wear ear plugs on a few rides, they will begin to feel completely natural, so make sure to make the change immediately if you’re not already wearing ear plugs when you hop onto your motorcycle.


Gear Up in 2024

By staying geared up at all times, you’ll keep yourself and others protected on the roadways in 2024. As a motorcyclist, you’re at a much higher risk of serious injury (or death) if you fail to wear your gear, so doing so is a no-brainer. Keep your wits about you, pay attention to the road, and avoid dangerous riding conditions, and you’ll have a fully safe and exciting year on your bike.