12 Classes to Take While Working at Home in 2024

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Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work. What used to be considered a luxury for when you have a doctor’s appointment, working from home is the new normal for us all.

The biggest difference, of course, is how much more time we have on our hands now. For most commuters, they have gained back those roughly 3 hours each day that they used to spend in a car, or on a bike, bus or train. So what can we do with this extra time? Sleep, watch TV, spend time with our family and friends and – learn.

With enrollment in online classes and courses increasing over 900% on average over lockdown, there’s never been a more popular time to take an online class. Whether you want to work on personal or professional goals, here are some ideas that you can do whilst working from home.

Taking an online class can be a great way to break up the monotony of a workday, not to mention helping you to develop a new skill that could benefit your career. On the other hand, if you’re after an escape from all things work, taking a creative class during your lunchtimes or breaks can improve your mental health, creativity and give you more energy to devote to your work.

1. Creative classes

Devoting time to creative activities is not only a proven way to boost productivity at work and happiness but also a great way to unwind and develop new skills.

2. Baking

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For a break from work and a tasty treat too, why not take a cake baking class? Work on the basics of baking all the way up to how to decorate a cake like a pro. Your culinary creations make great treats for you and your family, or even as gifts for loved ones. And you never know – you could even start a new business venture or side hustle. You can find more details on rosalindmillercakes.com.

3. Photography

If you have a camera tucked away in the attic somewhere, or have an eye for photography, then an online class in the science of photo-taking could be the perfect creative activity for you. Whilst many people underestimate the skills it takes to be a photographer, in actual fact, it’s quite a tough skill to master. Online classes in photography offer a comprehensive introduction to photography, cameras and more so you can get snapping in no time.

4. Art

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It can be said that art cannot be taught, that it takes a level of talent to start with. However, with online classes, you can learn techniques and art theory to inform your practice. Perfect for beginners looking to start a new hobby or try their hand at painting, art really is for everyone. From watercolours to acrylic paints and abstract to still life, you can learn how to use any type of paint and style.

Art is a great way to process our emotions, take a break from screens and technology, and practise being present. So for those with highly technical jobs or high-stress roles, art can be a real escape and rest from the pressure of your working day. Try taking a break at lunchtime to do a little painting to ease any stress.

5. Lifestyle

Whatever your interests, from healthy eating and crotcheting to scrapbooking and interior design, there are online classes available for pretty much any hobby. If you need a break from work or something to keep you busy on your lunch break, then delving into something you love is the best kind of break.

6. Productivity

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If you’re looking for ways to maximize your productivity during the workday, then taking a class in doing so is the perfect way to get everything you want to get done, and then some. There is a whole range of tips and tricks that we can implement into our routines to make us more productive, and there are a lot of classes that can teach us them.

7. Professional classes

Depending on your profession, there are different classes that you can take online to develop work-related skills and expand your current skillset. Doing this can give you an edge over others in your industry and even help you work towards a promotion. You might be able to implement a professional skills online class into your workday if your manager approves it as a training exercise.

8. Finance

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Aside from keeping up to date with the latest in the financial industry, you can take advantage of the plethora of free classes available online on subjects such as economics and fintech. With the industry constantly changing, stay at the forefront of knowledge by updating your research and skills.

9. Marketing

The marketing world, much like the financial one, is driven forward by technology. With online classes covering everything from social media to data-driven marketing, agencies and marketing professionals alike can make the most of these free resources and classes.

10. Web development

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If you work in tech or design, then learning a thing or two about web development is a great way to expand your current skillset.

11. Entrepreneurship

For those looking to change careers, or make your side hustle your main hustle, then taking a few classes on entrepreneurship with your newfound free time could be the boost you need to take the plunge into a new venture.

12. Psychology

Psychology classes are a great way to keep your knowledge topped up if you work in the field. But this is also a great opportunity for those working in other fields to learn about the thinking processes behind a lot of what we do and think about. Psychology is one of the most transferable skills and fields that link to pretty much any professional field. Here are a few examples:

  • Marketing and sales – understanding how customers’ minds work and how to solve their problems.
  • Design – psychology can inform designers about what users need and want to see.
  • Banking – learning about psychology can help brokers and financial advisors persuade and sell their services better.
  • Teaching  – understanding the intricacies of your students’ minds can help you to teach and support them.

Overall there are so many opportunities in taking an online course. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to one now!