A Complete Guide to Every CS:Go Game Mode

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Generally speaking, CS:GO has two teams that play role of terrorists and anti-terrorists and fight in a couple of different game modes. Speaking of which, new players can easily become оverwhelmed when it comes to choosing a combat mode for playing. So what we have done for this matter is to produce a list of some of the most popular game modes designed by Valve. With this help, you can learn plenty of things before diving into the game. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Different Ways To Play CS:GO

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Since the last update of the game, which can be found on Steam, players can access different combat modes, which allow them to implement different strategies and improve their abilities as they gain more skills.

Below we present the top six combat modes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with brief characteristics of each format. You can choose the one that suits your needs most.

Competitive Mode

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It is the main game mode where players face each other in teams of 5 members each in games with a specific objective. In traditional competitive settings, winning or losing a game will affect your CS:GO ranking, which is assigned after successfully winning ten competitive matches. One game (depending on the team’s expertise) takes 45 minutes, more or less.

There are a total of 18 ranks, where Silver 1 is the lowest rank to play, and The Global Elite is the highest rank to achieve. We recommend you to make a suitable team of 5 members if you want to try to cultivate your skills individually as a team in this mode.

In professional competitions, there is a built-in competitive ranked format, where people compete 5v5 up to 30 rounds and the team that wins 16 rounds wins the game. More info about such tournaments and matches you can find at https://cover.gg/.

Besides, there are also other options for playing this mode, including:

• Short competitive match (available in the Operation Riptide operation), where players fight 5v5 up to 16 rounds, the team that wins 9 rounds wins the game.
• Unranked match, where players skills are taken into account, but skill groups are not visible for others.


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In casual mode, 20 players can play together, making it possible to 10 against 10. Whoever wins 8 out of a total of 15 rounds wins the game mode.

It looks a bit like the competitive mode, however, includes such discrepancies:

There are up to 10 players per side.

• The casual mode is not so strong since the system equals the teams and will not finish the match until each side manages to win 8 rounds.
• There is an option to switch sides during a match.
• No classification is applied to the casual thing.

All in all, the casual mode is played for fun and can be a good level of training.


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Dеathmatch or Fight to the death is a modality that allows players to experience the game at ease and that helps them increase reactions at the same time. The format includes 16 players who appear randomly on the map with facilities to acquire weapons and score some fragments of the game. Consider playing this mode for warming-up before competitive games since it implies the fast-paced nature that usually takes 10 minutes. The player who scores the maximum number of deaths wins the game.


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Wingman combat mode is very similar to competitive format with some alterations:

• This modality is done in small portions of the map.
• The game is played 2 against 2.
• Each round lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds.
• There are up to 16 rounds and the one who wins 9 rounds wins the game.

It should also be noted that you need to acquire your rank before gaining access to this game mode. Unlike competitive mode, it is a lot easier to achieve the highest CS:GO rank, The Global Elite.

Arms Race

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In this game format, players fight in a 6v6 format, and they receive a specific weapon that is changed after each death. The final weapon is the Gold Knife. The player who eliminates the opponent by stabbing finishes the game and wins this mode.


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Demolition is similar to competitive pairing, but it removes the team economy, which means that players can’t make any purchases in the game. The only way to receive a different weapon is to eliminate opponents. Besides, if you manage to eliminate more than one opponent, you will have additional utilities in the subsequent round. Whoever wins 11 rounds out of 20 maximum wins the entire match.


Choosing a suitable model is, without doubt, one of the most thrilling parts of the game that allows you to gain success in the format you find the most appealing. For starters, we recommend you choose the casual side of things to practice your skills and have a less stressful mode at the same time. Once you have cultivated your expertise individually as a team, you can jump into competitive matches.

Smart Link

How many cartridges are in the lying AK-47? The game always gives information about the current player, and some sections of the game state contain more information than displayed on the screen. So, in the lower right corner, the ammunition of the current weapon is displayed, and unequipped equipment is hidden. In the heat of the battle, the cartridges quickly end, and the weapon that has fallen from the enemy may be a chance to catch the enemy by surprise.

Nevertheless, in the game you need to raise the weapon and switch to it in order to understand the affordable ammunition. If the number of cartridges is close to zero, then switching back, to additional weapons, can give the enemy a tactical advantage. Please note that the described below can be considered a technical doping and punishable in tournaments.

Be honest! Here is a simple, but practically applicable idea: to display the full state of the player’s weapons on the phone screen. Although I have never been developing under Android, such a task looks like an excellent warm -up for the brain, and in case of lack of RAM or place on the drive, also for the nervous system. I tried to start with MIT App Inventor – solutions for visual programming.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the HTTP server on Android is a rather rare case, so I had to return to traditional programming: Android Studio and the emulator. I did not work out with existing Web servers, but I took this problem as an occasion to remember the HTTP format and write my own parser, especially the game does not make strict requirements for the HTTP server.

The template is the main and only Activity in the application. For the prototype, I limited myself to displaying three types of weapons: tactical knife; additional weapons (gun); main weapons (assault or sniper rifle). The highest text field displays the tag of the clan and the name of the player, the text fields near the pictures are ammunition. To simplify the development of the weapons icon, you can extract from the iConlib.swf file, which is located in the game resources.

Please note that, according to a license agreement, you can use these files only for personal non -profit purposes. When shooting from a machine gun, the application is slightly lagging behind and passes cartridges, however, it displays more information than it is on the game screen.

The prototype is good, the API game is interesting, but there is a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey. Underwater rocks Detailed player’s statistics in the recording of the match Despite the sufficiently large amount of information transmitted by the game, some points remain unclear.

So, recently, Valve has introduced a short competitive mode, which lasts up to 9 victories in 16 rounds. At the moment, through game integrations, there is no way to find out how much you need to win the team to win in the match. It can be argued that the matches at the competition are always long, that is, up to 16 victories in 30 rounds.

However, the competition usually does not have the concept of “draw”, and the match is extended for additional time: another 6 rounds in which 4 victories need to be won, which is also not taken into account in the information issued. Nevertheless, the game gives the fields more suitable for large competitions: for example, the number of victories in the series and the required number of won matches for victory.

At the winner competitions are usually identified by the number of victories in three or five matches (BO3, Best of 3, or BO5, Best of 5). Also in the game there is detailed statistics of the match on rounds for each player, but in messages – only the total statistics for the match.