How to Use Dating Sites Like a Pro: Find Your App, Be Realistic, and Communicate in Video Chat


Today, on the Web, you can find dating sites and apps for every individual based on their taste. The number of dating apps has exceeded eight thousand and continues to increase. On the one hand, this is a plus. After all, it provides you with a lot of options and choices. Nonetheless, here lies the disadvantage; in such an abundance, it can be very difficult to find what is right for you. As a result, you are only wasting your time surfing through different platforms and trying to find a particular dating application that will meet all your requirements and wishes.

In today’s article, we will try to break the established stereotypes about online dating a little, and at the same time, share some tips and tricks on how to make online dating more successful for you.

Let’s get started!

If classic sites and dating apps aren’t working, try video chats


Dating sites and apps are not suitable for everyone. This is a rather specific format that cannot be called universal. Also, if you feel that this option does not suit you at all, you need to look for alternative options. In such a case, we recommend that you consider random video chats.

A prime example of a random video chat is Omegle. This is a platform that connects random interlocutors via video links, allowing you to communicate on almost any topic. You can filter by language and interest to refine your search. If these settings are not enough for you, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • CooMeet: This is a great alternative to Omegle that gives you the key benefit of a flawlessly working gender filter. This is an ideal option for men who want to meet and communicate with ladies only. It has mobile apps and a built-in message translator for your convenience. Additionally, it has excellent moderation and support service which you can check at
  • OmeTV: This is a functional video chat where you can use geographic and gender filters, a built-in message translator, and official mobile apps for iOS and Android. True, the gender filter does not work as accurately because the profiles are not checked and moderated thoroughly.
  • Shagle: This is an alternative to Omegle with a geographical filter (operating in more than 70 countries) and a search for interlocutors by gender. According to the developers, the site is very anonymous and confidential. Otherwise, this is quite a classic chatroulette with all its advantages and disadvantages.

This is not the entire list of popular video chats that you should try. The choice is quite large, and if you pay enough attention to your search, you will definitely find a video chat for yourself. We recommend paying attention to the available paid and free features, search filters for interlocutors, the number of active users, the availability of mobile applications, and the quality of moderation.

You need to change your approach to web dating: take a complex approach and follow the advice of experts


Let’s say, for some reason, you still prefer classic dating sites and apps. In this case, to increase your chances of a successful and promising acquaintance, you should follow the tips below:

  1. Choose your site/app wisely: The biggest mistake many users make is using too many different online dating services at once. In practice, this does not increase your chances of success but only contributes to a waste of time. The fact is that the same people are often sitting on different sites. Therefore, having multiple accounts has almost no effect on the success of online dating. Consequently, you will spend more time maintaining and updating them. Focus on 1-2 dating services; that’s more than enough.
  2. Be realistic: Many people greatly overestimate their requirements and set completely unrealistic requests for a potential partner. By doing this, you only drive yourself into the frame and reduce the chance of an interesting acquaintance (if any). Try lowering your requirements a bit, and you’ll be surprised how many more potential partners will appear in front of you.
  3. Use built-in video chats: Users of dating services, out of inertia, communicate exclusively in text chat quite often. This is normal for the first acquaintance, but later, when you want to know more about the interlocutor, you should go to video chat to see and hear them and read gestures, and facial expressions. This is the only way to know a person better and understand whether you are ready to transfer your communication offline.
  4. Don’t create a fictional image: Sometimes, it can be difficult to overcome the urge to spruce up your biography, personal accomplishments, list of interests, and hobbies a bit. Let’s not even talk about editing photos and applying all kinds of beauty filters; this is found everywhere. Our advice is that you should be honest with your potential partners. Don’t try to create an image that you don’t fit in real life. Otherwise, your new acquaintance may end up disappointed. You definitely don’t need such unnecessary attributes.
  5. Get acquainted with people you can meet in real life: Internet dating erases any boundaries and distance, and that’s great. However, you need to keep in mind that if you have far-reaching plans, you have to look for new acquaintances in a relatively small radius. Most modern dating apps and video chats have had geographic filters for a long time. Your soulmate may be in your city or maybe next door.
  6. Do not share personal and confidential information unless you are 100% sure of the person: Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on the Web. Especially in dating apps. If a person is trying to find out some personal and confidential information about you, they may plan to use it for their own benefit. Be careful, follow the basic rules of Internet safety, do not click on suspicious links, do not download any files that you are not sure about, and do not let emotions overshadow sober thinking.
  7. Be active and take the initiative smartly: Passive search for a soul mate does not work; remember this! It’s not enough to simply create a profile on a dating site or app and expect to be flooded with offers to date or start a relationship. Your initiative is the only key to success. Take action!

We strongly believe that you already know that these are quite simple tips that are easy to follow. However, they can significantly increase your chances of successful online dating. Most importantly, don’t stop. Not all meetings on the Internet will be successful, and this is completely normal. Move on, experiment, and expand your horizons! You will definitely meet the right person soon!


Let’s summarize

Internet dating has become an integral part of the lives of millions of contemporaries. Additionally, the number of “Internet couples” will increase every year. So far, their share in the world is only 20%, but in the future, the figure will certainly increase.

At the same time, you must remember that the dating industry does not stand still. New online dating formats are emerging through well-known sites, dating apps, and random video chats are improving. To keep up to date with all the innovations, follow the updates of popular sites and do not miss the most interesting ones. As long as you follow these steps, you will definitely achieve success in dating!