High-Tech Explainer Videos – What’s the Fuss About?

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With so many techie terms out there, for business owners, it can be hard to stay on top of them all. Then there’s the fact that not every one of these terms is going to apply to all businesses, or even be relevant to them.

One term you may be coming across on a more regular basis as of late, especially if you happen to be a business owner so are making that conscious effort to stay up on tech tools and processes, are explainer videos. They can pack a real punch, and be a driving force behind a business’s success.

Whether the term is new to you or not, it certainly doesn’t hurt to brush up on what’s currently trending. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what these styles of videos are, and why it can be helpful for businesses to use them.

What is an Explainer Video?

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First things first, what exactly is an explainer video? As its name suggests, it explains something – that could mean a new product, service, concept, design, technique, process, etc. An explainer video is typically short, concise, to the point and comfortable for the audience to understand and grasp. They shouldn’t walk away with any additional questions. An explainer video can also be a whiteboard animation where you can see the concept being drawn out in front of you. A whiteboard animation production company like Moon-Man.com can tell you that whiteboard animations are one of the best ways to convey a difficult subject to an audience.

Typically they are used when the content is hard to understand or grasp. It is meant to be a more thorough way to discuss or introduce a concept or item.

Explainer videos are a pretty broad category, as they don’t even have to be used by businesses. They may be found in schools, training sessions, and also for personal use. As long as it stays true to the concept of explaining something, it falls into this category.

Why Would a Business Use an Explainer Video?

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So why would a business use one of these types of videos? Believe it or not, they can be a massive benefit to their digital marketing efforts. Some of the largest companies and brands out there have not only embraced but heavily rely on these types of videos to introduce new products and services. When done correctly, they can make anything seem simple and easy to understand and help to sell a product or service to customers.

Let’s take, for example, an existing product that a company already has in its line-up. Now let’s say the business has made some changes and tweaks to how the product works or looks. Simply pasting the words “new and improved” on it doesn’t say much. The customer is left asking what is new, what is different and why to invest in this updated product? With an explainer video, you can go into much more detail, highlighting all the critical aspects of the product.

Of course, it’s also incredibly handy when introducing a brand new product to the market, especially one that isn’t commonplace.

Tailor the Video to the Target Audience

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Now whether you are a business who is looking to use an explainer video as part of your digital campaign or it’s for personal use – explainer videos also provide people with the luxury of tailoring it to a specific audience. You can speak to viewers in a way they can relate to and understand, based on the audience demographics.

What this means, of course, is that you need to do some target market research in advance. Identify who your target market is, what their interests/needs are, what their buying and spending habits are, and how you would best appeal to them individually. Trying to create an explainer video that works for everyone isn’t going to get you the same positive results, so you’ll want to be sure you hone in on that target market. Learn more about these videos in this article on videocaddy.com.

Ensure the Information Sticks

Because these explainer videos offer so much detail, many people find that they are also able to retain the information much better. How many times have you seen yourself reading a newspaper article, blog, or even book only to forget what you read about a short time later? Information retention is a big thing, and if a company’s messaging isn’t sticking with potential clients and customers, then it won’t be helping with sales.

Boost the Effectiveness of a Sales Pitch

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Businesses are also finding that these handy little videos can also boost the effectiveness of a sales pitch. Even the best, most experienced salespeople out there can have a hard time generating interest and business, so any tool that can help with messaging and drum up attention is usually worth adding to their arsenal. Explainer videos are being used to hammer home points, liven up a sales pitch, and ensure the messaging is clear.

A Professional Production is Key

Of course, for these ones to indeed hit the mark, and accomplish what they are meant to do, they need to be produced professionally. That means taking all the most effective creative steps, and then high-quality filming and editing that speaks to the company’s brand image.

Professionals such as Spiel Creative can deliver just that to its customers, offering many years’ worth of experience when it comes to engaging animated explainer videos that hit the mark every time. You only have one chance to resonate with your audience so it needs to be done correctly.

A High-Tech Solution for Many Businesses Out There

Explainer videos may sound high-tech when you hear the term, but in reality, they are about making ideas, concepts, products, and services simplified and easy to understand. Its uses are quite endless once you start thinking about the many ways you can use this style of video.