Types of Caravans and Reasons Why You Should Get One

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Everyone wants to have a good time with their friends or family and just relax for some time. Hotels and nice villas are a good option, but for people who want an authentic experience, a good adventure and freedom, trailers and caravans are the better option.

Camping trips are a great way to bond with your friends and family, but safety should always be in the first place.

With the trailers, you will be able to have a great, unique experience while you are camping, and still be protected from nature, wildlife and be comfortable at the same time. If you want to buy a caravan, but you are still unsure, these tips and information will be good for you.

Different Types

Here are some common caravans – let’s get right to it.


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They feature several rooms and built-in equipment. The length can be different and it ranges up to 10 meters. Depending on the size, they can come with one or two axels. Conventional caravans give you the comfort of your home without having to rely on a hotel or a motel. Autoleisure has parts for your caravan in case any break and need replacing.

Pop-top Caravans

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Pop-tops are really similar to the conventional ones. They offer the same amenities plus a roof that pops up and down. The roof gives additional headspace and it makes the experience better. They are lightweight, offer a lot of storage room and are easy to drive on the freeway.

Tent Trailers

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These are the best caravans for people who are new to this. They can be towed by almost any car and are great for families. The fold-downs come in different sizes and include a lot of equipment like fridge, hot water, showers, air conditioning and so on. Everything is easy to set up and store, so tent trailers are great for families with small kids.

Camper Trailers

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Similar to tent trailers, camper trailers offer an additional pop-up roof and expendable tent berths at both ends. Even though they are small, they have a lot of storage room and all amenities that you could need. They are easy to tow with most cars and a great choice for small groups who love to get in touch with the nature.

Pop-out Caravans

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The pop-out ones are the best choice for large families. The pop-out section adds extra space and gives more room for additional beds. You can have more people inside without having to compromise the room space.


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If you want to take a long trip and have the adventure of your life, the motorhomes are what you need. There are a lot of things that motorhomes have built-in, starting from the top-notch kitchen, a dining set and everything else you might need to feel just like you’re at home. Visit donehuesleisure.com.au if you want to find the best caravans on the market and start a new and exciting chapter of your life.


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These large caravans offer a lot of space and they are practically huge. You can accommodate a lot of people in them and you will need a larger vehicle, like a pickup truck to tow them. If you are planning a trip with a fifth-wheeler make sure the camp you want to go to accepts these large homes.

Why you should choose a caravan or a trailer before booking a hotel?

If you are used to having vacations in hotels or motels, you still may need a few reasons why you should choose a camper trailer. Here are some of the reasons why it’s better to bond with your family while having the camping trip of your life and drive with style.

They are an affordable option

Camping trips are a lot better than staying in a hotel. With a good caravan you can have the comfort of the hotel room plus the freedom to go anywhere you like. In the long run, they are more affordable than staying a few times in a hotel room.

Easy to tow

Most of the types can be towed by any type of car. They are light and give you extra storage space, plus they have built-in kitchens so you can get a snack and get some rest whenever you want to.

Can go off-road

With the 4WD camper trailers you can go anywhere you want to. They are perfect for people who want to have an adventure. They are lightweight and durable, so they will have no problem handling any type of terrain.

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They are comfortable

There is a lot more room in a camper trailer than you’d expect and depending on the type, you can fit a lot of beds in them. They are a lot more comfortable than a tent and you’d never have to sleep on a hard floor. They are raised, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet when it’s raining outside.

Easy to store

Most people are worried about the space a camper trailer will take. Unless you’re on the road a good part of the year, chances are, the camper will spend more time in your home than on the road. That’s why we have great news for you! Camper trailers are lightweight, easy to store and they don’t take up too much space.

Offer great conveniences

The ready-made beds, fully equipped kitchens and a variety of storage spaces make the caravans, great for small and big families. When you travel in a camper trailer you will be able to have the comfort of your home and bring anything you might need to have a great holiday or vacation. Depending on the size and type of caravan, you can accommodate a small family or a big group.

You will get authentic camping experience

If you are a type of person who loves a good adventure, getting a caravan or a camper trailer does not mean you’ve settled for not that authentic camping experience. You will just be safer and definitely a lot more comfortable.

Before booking the next hotel room, think about the experience you’d get while sitting around the fire with your loved ones, laughing and sharing stories. If you opt for a caravan or a camping trailer it does not mean that you are giving up the hotel vacations, it just means you are ready for the next and more exciting chapter of your life.