4 Horse Racing Strategies for Beginners in 2024

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If you have done your research, you’ll see that horse racing is a popular sport in terms of betting in the US, even though it is placed low in viewership compared to other sports. In reality, horse racing is popular among the people in the US because they don’t watch it for the thrill of the sport itself, but because they want to bet on it.

Almost everyone in the stadium has wagered money on their preferred horses, but for some, winning isn’t really important as they wager money for the fun of it. That said, not all of them win anything at all.

That doesn’t matter much for some people as they want to bet as entertainment. However, for the people who are determined to win, they are there with their research, money, and a little bit of luck to go home with some sweet cash. That said, the amount of time and effort these bettors put in the game is not a joke; they take it very seriously.

As a beginner, you will also need the required time and effort to win money from your bets. That said, you will need to formulate a plan or strategy for you to win and get back your money. With these strategies, you will be raking in tons of cash from both short-term and long-term profits.

1. Do Your Research

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One of the essential things a lot of beginners should do but often forget is to do research. Without research, you will be at a huge disadvantage and will lose huge sums of money in the long run. An excellent way to start researching is to look for necessary information available for you on the internet.  That said, you can always evaluate the results at www.tvg.com.

Yes, this will be intimidating for a lot of beginners, and to be honest, some ignore researching altogether and bet on pure instinct or rely on their gut. By doing your research diligently, you are already at a significant advantage ahead of most of the other bettors. With the use of different websites on the internet and the experience you get from betting over time, you can see that you can acquire a lot of data that you can use to base your future bets.

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One thing you could study is the racing forms or the form guides. These form guides show you all the needed information about the race and the horses competing. It doesn’t necessarily tell you which horse you should bet on, but the data it presents is a necessary tool to make a potential bet.

Researching is intimidating since there is a lot of data that you can search on the internet. It is hard to distinguish which information is valuable and which isn’t, especially if you’re presented with a lot. This is something you should get a feel for as you will be getting data from online and by watching the games first hand.

The many aspects of horse racing show you the importance of studying the games, which is why jumping straight into betting without prior knowledge is foolish. Instead of betting on your first day, you can take it slow by watching a few races first and see which number is less significant in terms of the winning horse. You should also consider the jockey, bloodline, and trainer of a particular horse. With that data, you can compare them to other horses to choose which is more suited to winning the races.

2. Diversify Your Bets

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The most common and crowded bet is the win bet, where you essentially bet on which horse will win the race. This bet is straightforward and easy to learn. Many beginners are enticed with the win bet. However, there are still a lot of bets you can wager on other than that one. Have more chances of winning by trying to learn the other bets and incorporate them into your strategy.

One thing you should learn about is the betting system. The betting system is used to calculate the payout of the winning bettor for each kind of bet. However, the betting system is different in each country, so learning how the betting system works in your country is important.

Having a basic understanding of the different kinds of bets in horse racing is essential if you want to diversify your bets. Placing multiple bets gives you a higher chance of getting a big payout; however, always check if your budget can shoulder all bets. If you have done your homework and are sure of your bets, you’re good to go.

3. Evaluate Regularly and Consistently

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In horse racing betting, nothing is ever the same. This means that there will always be a new winner every now and then. This is why veteran bettors consistently evaluate results every race, and that should go for you too. Remember that your bets are based on your astute observations and research, but results change very often.

It would help if you kept in mind that re-evaluating results are constant. Adjustments of predictions and prioritizing statistics should also be constant. These are what influences your horse racing bets, so you should always be serious about it. There are two things you should always remember: Weigh every vital information by determining the factors you should focus on and see if you can fit them to your predictions.

In conclusion, you should always be on the lookout for any significant changes and be flexible enough to adapt to the changes and adjustments you need for success. This way, you will be learning new knowledge that will eventually give you a big payout in the end.

4. Shop the Odds

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A simple way to increase your overall payout is to shop your odds. This strategy can be applied to all sports betting, including horse races except pari-mutuel betting(a bet where all types of bets are in a single pool) because you can’t control the size of the pool. However, this is very useful when you are using fixed odds.

After picking out a horse and the type of bet you want to wager on, check a variety of bookmakers online and offline, and see which of them is the highest in terms of payout. This might be quite a chore, but winning an extra buck is always worth the extra effort. Yes, it might be only a few dollars worth, but when you do it regularly, that money will add up eventually to a more significant amount.


With the strategies listed above, any beginner can start his/her career without significant losses. Remember to use all of the resources available to you and use them to your advantage. Just remember to always choose the bookmaker with the highest payout, and with a little bit of luck, you will be raking in more money than you expect. To add one more thing, if you need future horse fixtures to check out HorseClicks.