How Cannabis Can Help You to Relieve Mental Stress

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Mental stress is an energy draining feeling that almost everyone can relate to. It has a substantial effect on the society and individuals. Mostly brought about by daily milestones, mental stress sums up as the after-burn effect our brain experiences after subjection to challenges.

However, there are no limits to it. Mental stress when untreated becomes hazardous to our overall health and in extreme conditions results to:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart ailments
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Stress can have minor effects like change of behavior, lack of motivation, insomnia, anxiety and a lot more to the list. Humans try to counter stress by exercising, changing dietaries and even mind energizing activities. However, there’s an ultimate solution that works perfectly when indulged in mindfully; cannabis.

As controversial as it is, through numerous scientific studies in leading labs across the globe, cannabis has proven to be medically fit for consumption when administered rightfully.

Cannabis changes your mood and puts you in a blasé chilled mental state. It inspires epiphany and promotes self-correction especially when winding down after your long days.

For anyone considering cannabis as their remedy as a stress reliever, they need to keep some factors in mind:

Dosage Amount

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Excessive amounts of it lead to paranoia and other health issues which result to fewer benefits from the adorned herb. While some enjoy large amounts of it, others find little dosages helpful and much effective. Biphasic substances as cannabis should be taken in small amounts or else they aggravate symptoms.

Set and Setting

After a cannabis session, one’s environment and mindset affect their psychoactive experience. Setting refers to the environmental state that will accommodate you while you’re medicating or high.

The set is your mindset as you indulge. These are factors that greatly affect the herb’s effectiveness in your system. You can either reap the best or the worst experiences through these factors. Some of the best ideas to customizing your setting and mindset on cannabis are:

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  • Listening to interstellar soundtracks while in a quiet environment.
  • Visiting a library and going through random interesting books.
  • Rest in a dim lit room as you listen to your heartbeat.

As long as it is an activity that brings about peace of mind and calmness.

How to Treat Stress Using Cannabis

  • Try CBD

In cannabis usage, CBD unlike THC doesn’t have equal psychoactive levels. It has been poised as the main stress reliever as it has anti-inflammatory properties and a calming effect to it. In hospitals, CBD is administered in treating seizures and spasms and that evidently shows its effects on one’s nervous system. As much as it is a painkiller, it’s a strain and stress reliever.

  • Smoke Free Usage

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For health oriented users, they prefer non-smoke consumption of cannabis. With less to little effect on their lungs and health this method ensures you’re not getting in the way of your health which triggers unwanted ailments or situations.

Smoke free usage means that you’ll vaporize the plant’s contents and extracts, ingest in foods and beverages or take as capsules. These are rather the safer methods where you’ll still get the best out of the plants but at controlled and regulated amounts. Smoking really doesn’t account for how much cannabis you take into your system. You can go here if you are looking for smoking accessories.

Such a method helps in discretion for private users as well as odor control. This in return controls stress and anxiety for those with fears of getting caught or discovered.

  • Start Out With Little Amounts

Micro-dosing is the best way of introducing cannabis into your system. In cannabis usage, intensity does not require an increase in quantity or intake. The right amount of dosage will give you the perfect high that arrests your stress levels. If you’re not after feeling too high then micro-dosing would work for you. Not everyone wants to end up oblivious and in an altered state of mind.

As much as the choice is subjective and personal, it is advised to first consult before that first time try. After that, your next several encounters will have shown your body’s tolerance and how much it requires for a noticeable and minimal effect.

  • Take Note of Terpenes

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In its bud profile, just like other flowers, the herb has aromatic oils called Terpenes. The Terpenes responsible for stress management are Linalool and Caryophyllene. Doing more research on the type of Terpenes responsible will help you know what to seek after and what not to.

  • Keep a Journal

It might sound absurd but having your cannabis journal is essential. This helps you keep track of experiences and effects in relation to the quantities taken. Noting down the different stress levels as well as your kind of settings at the moment of usage will help you curve out the perfect remedy for your mental ailment.

As well, the journal will help you keep track of the different strains and the amounts used and the type of high they provide. This practice not only keeps your usage standardized but also educates and keeps you mindful of the herb’s properties. Also there are lots of positive health benefits with cannabis which can check by clicking here.

Cannabis Strains That Fight Stress

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Cannabis with high level THC is known to bring relatively higher levels of anxiety when smoked. CBD as stated earlier is responsible for the calming effect on the body thus termed as medicinal. THC on the other hand is responsible for that euphoric feeling that makes you sky high. In stress management, you require both, one to cool your nerves and the other to bring in that mellow vibe. The following are cannabis strains that have been prescribed for stress management:

  • Green crack
  • Royal jack
  • Super silver haze
  • Grape god
  • Sour diesel

With the numerous positives we take from cannabis usage, it’s hard to shun its good and medicinal purposes. Its legalization and usage across different states has raised the curtains for research especially for medicinal properties. In addition to it, if you’re subjected to lone stressful moments your first step to redemption is embracing the cannabis culture.