How Long Does Cannabis Stay Fresh When Ordering Online – 2024 Review

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As the online sales of cannabis products are becoming a thing all around the world, helping people get their flowers, seeds, oils, and edibles with a few clicks, a lot of questions are popping up and should be answered. Knowing that ordering and shipping depend on the different laws in different states and countries, the next thing is to be informed about these products’ shelf life, and the way they are kept and preserved, so everything can stay fresh until it’s delivered to the customer.

The expiration date for different types of weed products depends on so many things, including the product by itself, then the way it’s packed and preserved, and of course, the way it’s shipped to the customer. The producers should pay a lot of attention when they pack these products because if they are exposed to oxygen all the time, they will lose the aroma and all the substances that are beneficial. The storage is also important because it should be away from direct sunlight once it’s harvested, it should be protected from the airflow, and also away from additional moisture. There are a lot of environmental factors that can affect the quality of the product.

For example, in order to last longer, a weed flower should be packed and stored with some moisture content, and it shouldn’t be too dry. Opposite of the popular belief, CBD product shouldn’t be packed in transparent containers and wraps, because the light can shorten their shelf life. Sometimes, they are packed with some nitrogen, in order for the weed to stay fresh until delivered.

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Sadly, once you open the package, it doesn’t mean you have unlimited time to spend it. As long as it stays exposed to the air, no matter how well you think you covered it, it will lose the freshness, moisture, and recognizable aroma. If the oil is kept open too long, some of the beneficial ingredients will disappear in a month or two.

When it comes to the moisture around the bud, it’s usually around 6% or 9%. Everything above that can cause mold, and less than that will dry up the plant, and it will lose the taste and aroma. For these products, there isn’t an expiration date, and you should trust your guts, but also follow the freshness of the product you have. Also, when stored and kept properly, in a dark and cold place, your buds can stay fresh for up to six months, and if the piece is high-quality, it may last up to one year.

When you are buying a drugstore available supplements, oils, and edibles, then you know exactly when they expire, and how long you can use them, so you can get the important substances. The expiration date is pressed on the package surface, and you only need to store it, as it’s written in the instruction.

The durability depends on the quality too

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This is too obvious, and it’s normal that the affordable plants will last less than the quality products. Click here to learn more about how to recognize the differences between these types of weed. Just a simple example, the one that you were getting at the college, without knowing the background, probably was a low-quality bud, because you don’t know the origin, it doesn’t come with a certificate, and it’s packed in a piece of newspaper or even a plastic bag, and then stored in someone’s pocket until you get it.

But now when you are an adult, and you live in an area where marijuana products are legal, there is nothing that can stop you from ordering the best high-quality flowers, buds, oils, and edibles for you. That’s the only way you can be sure you are getting the best ones, and that you can properly store them at your home for more than a few months, and they still be fresh next time you decide to take them again.

Even when stored properly, CBD products won’t last forever because of their organic origin. When you are buying them, you can contact the seller for more instructions on how they prepared them to ship, and how they recommend you to keep them. As we said, a well-preserved bud will last up to six months, and in exceptional conditions, up to one year. If it happens to consume it later than that, it won’t kill you, but it won’t have any benefits too.

According to some researches, even when nicely stored, after six months the product will lose about 20% of the active ingredients. After one year, we can say that the product you have will make you at least sleepy, but nothing more than that. So, we are debunking one very common myth related to cannabis products – they won’t get better through time. It’s not the same as for the alcoholic beverages that are getting better when older. They have a short life once they are harvested, and many people are turning them into oils and edibles, to prolong the expiration.

How to properly keep it?

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We can conclude that transparent jars, plastic bags, and paper covers are not good to keep your weed, because the air and light will affect the plant immediately. Wooden storages are also not good, because the wood is a breathable material and it lets the air get in and ruin the product. So, the best way to keep your weed is in a ceramic jar or opaque glass jar. Don’t put the small buds in large containers. Don’t cover them in the paper, because it will collect the moisture and natural oils, and it may lead to spoiling.

We hope you find this article useful and informative enough, so you can know what to do when you order your marijuana-related products next time. We tried to cover every possible aspect of ordering and storing your CBD products. Our bonus tip is not to order huge quantities at once, because you won’t have a chance to use them until they are still good.