How To Become A Lawyer In Canada

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Law is probably one of the toughest trades you can get into since there is a lot of competition in Canada and a lot is at stake because law school is pretty expensive. If you are interested to enter the legal profession, you should be informed about everything you need to do to become a lawyer in Canada

Today we will be going through all the steps of how to become a lawyer so make sure you read until the end.

What Is A Lawyer And What Does A Lawyer Do?

Before we get into the details of how to become a lawyer, we are going to talk about what being a lawyer actually means. “What will your future salary look like”, “what is the probability of finding a job” etc. It is important to know about how easy or hard would it be to find a job in this industry and will your salary be enough to sustain you. Being a lawyer is a very broad profession since lawyers can be corporate, government or private. However, they do share some common responsibilities like researching information or evidence, prosecuting/defending in court, providing legal counsel and advice, drawing up legal documents. Based on recent studies in Canada the median pay in the law profession is about 114,970 (US) dollars. However, even though job growth is much faster than average, the competition in this industry in Canada will be very high since the number of law graduates every year is much higher than the number of new job positions available.

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Be Excellent In High School

With so much competition in the law industry, it is best that you take your academic performance seriously even from an early age, according to law student Peter Dalglish. Focusing on bettering your chances to get into a better university or college is one of the main things you should do if you want to be successful in this field. The better your grades in high school, the better your bachelor’s degree which will result in a better college and in the end better chances to get a job in the law industry. Law is on the few profession where it is very important where you go to school. Attending any of the top law schools in the world does not guarantee that you will surely end with a great job in Canada, but it certainly helps.

Get Into A Good College And Ace The LSAT

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You will need a bachelor’s degree if you want to get into a law school. Once you get into college it is very important to keep your academic performance strong since most law schools in Canada require a minimum GPA of 3.0, but higher will always equal better.

The LSAT or Law School Admissions Test is an exam every law student must take. It is a standardized test for admissions to most law schools in Canada. It consists of about four or five sections of multiple-choice questions which are scored between 120 and 180. If you want to get into one of the top 25 law schools you must score well over 160 points. Keep in mind that most people take about 150-300 hours to properly prepare for their LSAT exam.