How to Choose The Best Blog Name – 2024 Guide

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Isn’t that cool when you come up with a great blog name without spending countless of hours scarping your hair?

As we all know, choosing the right domain name is very crucial for the success of your blog. If you choose the wrong domain name and later you decide to change it, then it would be like cutting a tree with a dull knife. It will cost your branding as well as your search rankings. So it’s very important to decide the right domain name of your blog and for its success. But keep in mind, your content is what really defines your blog, not your domain name. However, if you mess up with any one of them, you’re in trouble.

So this is what I mean by messing up with your domain name and how to avoid it.

Lesson 1: Dot com (.com) domain name extension over everything

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No matter how good your name is, if you don’t have a (.com) extension in your domain name, people are not going to take it seriously. It’s sad, but this is what human mentality has been for the last couple of decades.(.com) extension exudes more trust and legitness in your brand.

However, there is plenty of new domain name extension available today like .net, .co, and even .whatever. But we recommend you guys to have a .com domain name extension. This is the most trustworthy extension of a domain name today. But keep in mind due to this factor .com domain name extensions are actually difficult to get. Most of them would already be taken.

So consider a name that has not been taken with .com domain name extension.

Lesson 2: Try adding your focused keyword in the name

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Keywords play a vital role in your domain name.  By having your focused keyword in your domain, it gets a lot easier for search engines like Google to know what’s your website is about and what kind of contents are being put. But it’s even more difficult to have your focused keyword in your domain name, which is not already taken, but trust me guys; this is worth considering. For example, we have a blog that is based on blogging.

How do we launch a blog? How to increase the traffic of our blog? What’s the best way to monetize a blog?

All these questions and more are answered on our blog.

So we picked the name for the blog, for example.

See the word blog is there in the URL of the website. This is what we’re telling you guys.

This is a little thing, but trust us, it will give you a big opportunity, speed, and momentum to rank higher on SERP (search engine results page).  It will also increase the brand authority of your site. So you will need to get your creative juice flowing and try to come up with a name having your focused keyword in it, which will also make your domain name stand out.

Lesson 3: Make it short, which is easy to pronounce, spell, and memorize

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We all know what word of mouth can do to your business. This is why a WordPress plugin named Pretty Link is the most favorite plugin of top bloggers and online business owners.
This plugin can make your links pretty, short, and memorizable so that you can share it with your community hassle-free.

But what if your main domain name is short, pretty, easy to pronounce, spell and memorize? This will be great. So consider having a domain name that is not difficult for people to remember and type.

Lesson 4: Avoid Hyphens and doubled letters

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Never create a domain name with Hyphens. Period.

Hyphens can be a sign of spam domains which you don’t want all to be associated with your website. It will be a total misunderstanding among your potential readers and customers.

They may forget to type the hyphens and land on spam websites in the name of you, which you don’t want all. However, very few people type the exact domain name in the URL bar, but still having hyphen and doubled letters in your blog doesn’t look crazy amazing worth visiting and bookmarking.

Lesson 5: Research, Research, Research

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You need to research a lot while creating a perfect blog name for your brand new website. Some websites, such as can be useful in this research.

What I mean by research is having plenty of words in your mind that are relevant to your niche and topic. There are plenty of tools online which you can use for keyword research such as and here; you will be given many related words and keywords for a perfect name for your perfect blog, which will exude trustworthiness which is the most important thing a business owner looks for.

For example – You can add some slang words for fun, descriptive verbs, related adjectives, and at the end mix and match and see what you come up with.

Once you find a few that you like, try to see its availability on whatever domain registrar hosting company you like. If it’s not available, then you should try a few other domain names, and if you get it, you should register it before anyone else.
And then you will be ready to go.

We hope now you know how to come up with a great blog name without making deadly mistakes, which cost the branding, trustworthiness, and, ultimately, your blog’s success.